Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Spring Thaw Edition

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It’s another Use Me and Abuse Me Day here at the Wild Ride. This is your chance to mingle and “pick up” some new subscribers. It’s been a long winter here in Colorado and a virtual party is just what we need to thaw out.

I have some new blogger friends who would love to meet you. Bring ONE link from one of your posts and leave it in the comment section along with a short hook to entice the party-goers. Then start clicking links mingling with the guests! Say, “Hello! Susie sent me.” Hang out at their place for a while. Check out their digs. Subscribe to a few of your new friends. Maybe they will subscribe to your blog!

The more links you click, the better the results.

Only post ONE link from your blog in my comment section or you’ll end up in my spam filter. The spammers have been slipping past the bouncer lately. Stinkers!

It is better to bring a link to a specific post than your blog URL. It’s the difference between being welcomed at the door with a hug and opening it up to find no one home. No one feels comfortable peeking into stranger’s bedrooms while shouting, “Hello? Is anybody home?”

This party always becomes a RAGER, so if you want to stop back in a day or two, there will be more bloggers to check out.

Remember your manners. You wouldn’t go to a party, fill your doggy bag and leave, so make sure to read some posts if you are going to leave yours.

The food is catered from the finest restaurants in Boulder. The barista is already concocting cappuccinos, the bar is open, and the DJ is spinning.

The more YOU click on links, the more fun you’ll have!

Have fun and don’t forget to dance. It’s a great way to warm up. OooooO! OooooO!

198 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Spring Thaw Edition


    here is chapter 1 of 22 chapters, a full novel about two strangers who survive a plane crash. well, they don’t really survive, but they do become friends. when it was their “time” to go into that light that awaits us at death, they refused to go. it was that idea of “unfinished business” that kept them here. but now they must search and find what exactly is their unfinished business, otherwise they will remain on earth and never “move on” to whatever heaven might await them. one thing these two strangers don’t know is that although they have never met – their unfinished business is directly tied to each other.

    these chapters will not be up for very long. i will have to delete them very soon, so you might want to get started right away. there is a menu labelled “CF” at the top of my homepage. that’s where you’ll find all of the chapters. i hope it catches your interest. thanks. and thanks susie.


  2. You’re finally thawing out huh? Woo Hoo! So are we! Spring fun here we come but not before we have a chance to party right?

    This time around I thought I would share something that has to do with a good cause, but beware this is a total cuteness overload, maybe you and the other readers will even join in, tomorrow’s the deadline!


  3. Susie You must throw some hellacious neighborhood partays!!! love the idea!!! Hey all, I don’t get to this very often but when I do…. lol!!! I was enjoying a coffee one day recently on my first ever visit to a starbucks store and drew this pic. Enjoy, peace and I look forward to your post!!!


    • You are right about careful research. This may be a wild thought but perhaps it would not be a bad idea to include your source of information. While among your readers you will have people who are knowledgeable in a field, there may be others who read “less than 30 seconds for Otto & Gaspar’s 22 floor elevator ride” and think “that’s insane” LOL. Like me, for instance. I live on a seventh floor and the ride to the basement is 30 seconds long!


  4. Omigosh! Susie! You KNOW I never do this! But I wrote this post, and I’m really proud of it. And it’s part of this larger community called Yeah Write, which is a really nice community of writers. Like super nice. But I’d like to win. Is that terrible? If people wouldn’t mind reading my piece here:

    Then, I think you can click on the badge at the bottom of the piece and it will take you to this grid where you can vote for FIVE different writers. There are some amazing writers, I’ve got to tell ya. So read a few pieces. But after you’ve read a couple, if you feel kinda feel like, yeah, this chick can write, boy, would I love some votes.

    *hides head*

    Going to visit some of your peeps now.


  5. Hi Susie! This is sooo exciting! :D
    My blog is literally “all about translation” (including facts, trials and tribulations and lots more). I have bumped into many published authors here, so I think they will find my latest post interesting if they want to reach a much broader audience.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share and meet so many kindred spirits :)


  6. Oh Susie, I brought some mud into your blog. Should have left my shoes on the back deck. Sorry. Now I know I have been beating this horse but it is not dead yet. So for the sake of baldfaced publicity I post the entry point into the new blog I started about two weeks ago.
    I hope some of your guests like it. If so, please do follow (or I will committ hari-kari by self-flagilation with a damp sponge). Thank you for listening.


  7. Susie, love your parties and now when the spring finally has arrived to us in Sweden, but still a bit late … in development.
    Not better time for a great party where we can dance to until our shoes cry.
    I’m working away with bringing Sweden out in the big world … through the A-Z challenge, I write a lot … and I talk a lot … but my blog is mostly about me .. my past, my present and my future .. and my guilty pleasures. Welcome to knock on my door.


  8. Hey Susie! What a FANTASTIC idea. I am looking forward to “meeting” a bunch of your subscribers a bit later! For now here is one of my favourite blog post. It touches on career and life – where you are currently and where you may want to go in the future. I blog about sales, leadership, being in Toastmasters, my challenges as a stutter, music, having laughs & life in general. Thanks again…. Tim Mushey


    • Love this topic and it is exactly what I faced. I can’t believe how much my life has changed!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Stop back anytime to click on links and mingle!


      • Thanks Susie! Glad the post resonated with you and you are living your passion now! That is so important. Will certainly be mingling with your network going forward. Thanks again and have a great weekend…Tim


    • Loved this one! You never know what calamity is striking in the state of Maine! You have such a vivid imagination Austin. How do you come up with so many fun stories every day??
      Thanks for coming to the party! I hope you have fun mingling/clinking on links!


    • I added your link!! Lovely photos! We ended up with almost 48 inches in snow for April alone and it is going to be 70 degrees tomorrow! Yeah!
      Thanks for coming to the party. I hope you have fun clicking on a few links!


  9. What up Susie! I’m here to mingle and hang out. I guess having grass rise up from the depths of snow is reason enough to celebrate in Colorado. :)Nice pic!

    But as always I never come empty handed to the party. Here’s one of my adventures that didn’t turn out the way I planned, but ended up being a good one. Hope it makes you laugh.


  10. Susie, I hope you are in bed and resting after this serious bash! What a party! Your feet must be killing you from mingling so much, I know mine are! You deserve to relax in your hot tub and to take a break from being used and abused. :)


  11. Susie, these bashes just keep getting wilder! SO MUCH FUN! I didn’t know your DJ (is that your son?) was going to play Gangnam Style so often though … my feet are killin’ me!!!! I’ve already visited a couple of fab blogs and am going to dive back into the mosh pit now for a few more. I’m way behind on my blog reading but absolutely positively could NOT miss one of your partays! How is the trip planning going? (I’m leaving a nice quiet relaxing post this time … I’ve got to sit down and rest up for your next one!)


    • I love this post and your photography. There was so much serenity in each shot. I just wanted to slip inside and rest for a while!
      I am so glad you came! Yep that is DJ KSmash, my son! He has worn me out too! Hahaha!
      Still working on the trip plans. I’ll let you know!


  12. Thanks for coming by and checking me out again susie. I been working on my blog this morning so been kinda busy putting in links for the most part. But wanted to say thanks for coming by. Now that I got more time I will check out some fellow bloggers. Take care and I am enjoying this thanks again.


  13. I may have missed the deadline because I just saw the notification in my box this morning, so I am going to jump in now. This post of mine was published on the wonderful Your Life is a Trip blog on April 9. This is my first professionally edited post and I am very proud of how it turned out. I hope you all will enjoy “An American Male on the Make in Italy”


  14. Again Susie you are so cool to be doing this! I am a bit late to the party as that little thing called work got in the way. Hopew I can still grab a cocktail and shmooze a bit. I had a bit of “Elevator Enragement” this week that really ticked me off! I know you saw it, so here is the link to share.



  15. I’m back, Susie. What did you put in that coffee…, cappawhetver stuff ???
    Was that stuff spiked ??? Good lord…, I was tryin’ to sober up on that !!!
    Great party, great guests, ‘n’ I made a few new friends. Just stopped by to say thanks and warn everybody about that coffee stuff. G’nite, darlin’ girl.


  16. Ahem! (*stands up*) My name is Jackie Edwards, and I am a lurker, it’s been six weeks since my last post.
    But, I am going to reform, honest I am. I wrote a post today, and I will keep up with my blog more often.
    Joking aside, I love reading your blog, you have have such a nice chatty way of writing, I feel as if I know you personally, even though I live ‘across the pond’, and we have never met.
    So, less lurking and more interaction! these are my new ‘words to live by’


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