The Bright Side Top Ten List

Most of you come to the Wild Ride for an upbeat quirky post and I don’t think I have let you down yet. This is Boulder, Colorado’s eighth, yes, 8TH week of snow in a row. Talk about quirky!

My husband, Danny, and I enjoyed summer-like weather last weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon and evening on Pearl Street taking in all the sights and sounds of spring in gorgeous 75 degree weather. I walked barefoot on Sunday. I should have known it was temporary.

Pearl Street Mall

Our never-ending winter cycle continued when another six inches dumped from the sky. Instead of a traditional Maypole dancing kind of day, we got a picture postcard of Christmas in May.

May Day 2

Being a hopeless optimist, here are my

Top Ten Reasons Why I am Still Welcoming the Snow:

#1 – West Nile has not been reported in our state.

#2 – The ants I slaughtered last year at this time, are still deep down in their little ant apartments where they belong.

#3 – After realizing I am allergic to yellow jackets, I am happy to report not one buzzed around in the snow today. My traps are locked and loaded.

May day 2013

#4 – I can’t mow the lawn, weed, trim hedges, or deadhead (dang!), so I have more time to write.

#5 – With all of this amazing moisture, we won’t have to start the sprinkler system for at least a couple of days. Our bill may stay in the two digit range this month.

#6 – No wildfires have been reported in our state for the month of May.

#7 – Prolonging my hibernation means wearing cozy Smart Wool socks and eating fresh bread and homemade soup. My Dumb Ass cotton socks will have to wait a few more days.

#8 –  This crazy weather gives me lots of fodder for social media posts.

May TweetMay day 3

#9 – I have another chance to make a snow angel with Roxy.

#10 – I will appreciate spring so much more when it finally arrives, even if I have to wait until July.

Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?

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96 responses to “The Bright Side Top Ten List

  1. What a great sense of humor, combined with beautiful photos. So glad I had time to stop by. I feel like I’ve been out for a relaxing afternoon hike!


  2. Those are some good silver linings you’ve found.

    Barefoot one week, and buried in snow the next… crazy! We’ve not had it like that here in Utah. In fact, it’s been an unusually dry Spring. However, I notice that this time of year I’ll sometimes run the heater in my car going to work in the morning, and the air conditioner going home in the afternoon.

  3. filbio

    I still can not believe you all are getting snow out there still. That is nuts. The optimist in me says that Spring is here and it will all be over soon. The realist in my would be ready to go postal on someone!

    • It is cool here this week, but no snow….so far….
      But I wouldn’t be surprised! I think they’re getting some above 10,000 feet. The grass and trees are in shock from the cold and I spoke to a landscaper who said it may be weeks before everything leafs out! Crazy yes!!!

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t know if I’m an optimist, pessimist, or a realist, but you always wake me up to something New and Fulfilling! Thanks Susie :) Love your Wild Blog!

  5. In the last week, I have dealt with a preview of the summer fun (i.e. mosquito bites) in Northern California and then faced the harsh reality of evacuation due to brush fires in my own Southern California neighborhood. From my vantage point, the snow doesn’t look so bad and I applaud you for seeing the brighter side to it. :) Enjoy those bug-free days, Susie!

  6. I love wool socks too, and soup is my very favorite snow day thing. And I LOVE going to the aquarium on a snow day. It’s like being inside a snow globe, really it is.

  7. E.

    All in all, I’d say I’m a realist. But having grown up in Florida, after a longer-than-normal winter in DC I was turning into a downright witch. Good thing we finally got some sunshine, because I believe my fiancé on the brink of leaving me for someone, anyone whose personality is less dependent on the weather. Sounds like you’re much more pleasant in cold weather than I am, so thank you for the tips!

    • I grew up in Wisconsin with parents who stuffed me in a snowsuit and threw me outside to play when it was way below freezing. I went ice skating after school every day. Colorado weather is so much milder since we are a mile high and the sun is always intense once it comes out!
      Not getting any sun for a while can be a real downer… I hope the sun shines brightly for you today!
      Thanks for coming by!

  8. You are indeed an optimist. I don’t know if I could manage that much positive thinking if I was getting snow in May. :)

    • Welcome fellow optimist!
      I am a weather hound and love a good storm. These crazy once a week snow storms will have to end at some point. It will get too hot!!! :)

  9. I triple-heart Boulder, but the never-ending snow thing you’ve got going is a little crazy.
    Kooky mountain weather.

  10. You NEVER let us down, Susie!
    Well done!

  11. I’m an optimist but there are days when the weather tries its best to affect my disposition! Snow in May would definitely do that! It’s one of the reasons we are glad to be at a point in our lives when we can escape to the south and return to the great white north when Spring has truly sprung! Fingers crossed it happens in your neighbourhood by your next post. *sending sunshine and warm temps to melt those last snow angels*

    • Thanks Patricia!
      I really don’t mind the snow. Just look at all the blog fodder and photo ops I’ve had… :)
      I can feel the warmth already. The sun is shining and the birds are singing, the grass is greening up. It’s all good. Thanks for the gift!

  12. Suise – I wish you a weekend full of sunshine and spring … and I would love to pass this award on to you – “I am part of the WordPress Family” –

  13. I am definitely an optimist. But snow in May? That might tip me into the pessimist camp!

    • I have been really torn. Never have the trees stayed in bud this late. but if they had leafed out, there would be tons of limb damage and no fruit this year. The cold has given them the heads up that it isn’t time yet.
      Our reservoirs went from the 70’s to 98% full so that is a huge relief!
      I just can’t wait until everything blooms. I plan to sit in a chair and just take it all in….. in a month or two… :)

  14. I am optimistic now that there might be a place with worse weather than Maine! I’m sorry to report I’m out on the porch, in shorts, enjoying the warmth as I type this… :)

  15. Some days I’m an optimist-some days not. You are so lucky to live in gorgeous Boulder and I love snow so I would be thrilled with the weather you are having.

    • You would love it! There is nothing like a good snowstorm to slow everyone down and they are always so beautiful here with the mountains in the background.
      I think fear is the only thing that gets in the way of optimism. I work really hard to banish it!!!
      Thanks Chris!

  16. I go the extra step and say that I am: “A person who believes the glass is half-full with the potential to be full.”
    That’s me!

  17. I’m an optimist, but mother nature is menopausal and something tells me we out one hot flash away from seeing triple digits. I hope your toes get to make an appearance sometime in the near future.

    • She is menopausal. She has been unleashing her fury for a while now. Maybe someone should take her to a meditation class so she can calm herself.
      Is it hot where you are already?
      My toes peeped out from sandals last weekend, but not this one. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s… I still appreciate this weather since last May we hit the high 90’s!

  18. In CT today 4/2 it’s 76 degrees out. Am I optimistic? Heck no!! There’s a snow storm or a day or two of nasty cold rain in the offing.

  19. Optimist, pessimist, or realist? A lot of the time I’m a fantasist! But maybe when the current book is done I’ll try out one of the others…

    That’s a gorgeous photo of the trellis covered with snow, but I’m just as glad I have irises blooming today instead ;) (On the other hand, over here on the east coast the ants are awake and exploring. So enjoy your extended winter, I guess.)

    • No ants so far is a huge positive to all this winter weather!
      Thank you!
      I had one tulip bloom last weekend. The daffodils were decimated by an early storm while the hyacinth endured the frigid blast. I will really be happy when our landscape bursts into color after seeing February for such a long time!
      I love the fantasist idea. It must be a fun world to live in! Good luck with your book!

  20. I’m a pessimistic leaning realist a.k.a. the life of the party especially if the occasion’s a wake or a skin graft. I’m very grateful to not be visiting Colorado right now, even though your spring dump of all this white stuff does merit inspired blog posts. Airline travel must be a lot of fun by you this week.

  21. HA! I had forgotten about your battle with the killer ants! That is reason enough to appreciate the snow :) I love your upbeat style always a good pick-me-up when the morning is trying to beat me up :)

    • No ants yet. ….runs to knock on wood, hopefully not waking up carpenter ants in the process….
      Thanks so much! Whenever I am stressing, I throw myself into a writing pick-me-up. It always does the trick! :)

  22. Enjoyed your post, Susie! We’re in a similar weather pattern, high a few days ago in upper 80s but expecting record cold tonight w/ 1st ever May temps in the 30s. I’m an eternal optimist. We’ll get our heat soon and hopefully not to long this summer.
    Beautiful photos again, my friend! :D

    • Thanks Rich!
      It has been weird. The city of Boulder received 5 feet of snow in 5 weeks!
      I am an optimist too and am hoping for a milder summer than last.
      Enjoy the sunshine Rich!

  23. The seasons pass by quickly but our minds tell us another story. They are hooked into comparisons of things that matter little like temperature, precipitation and wind. I recall many snowbound prairie and mountain winters and the feeling of safety and warmth are with me when I do. In my memory winter is are the season of hospitality, storytelling, creativity, music, great food and good times shared with those I love by a crackling fireplace.

    • Those are wonderful images and I do enjoy crazy weather coming from Wisconsin where it is common..
      Our season is skewed this year. Mild dry temps set in when snow usually filled our reservoirs. Just when panic started to strike and so many predicted drought, we have gotten feet upon feet of snow!
      There is no predicting it.
      Thanks Timethief for your proselike comment!

  24. Anonymous

    Since you sent it – the weather has been wonderful Susie!

  25. It’s getting harder and harder to tell which season you are in in April anymore anywhere it seems. I don’t like winter at all come February but have come to enjoy it’s last little snowstorms, they seem so unthreatening. And before you know it we are bitching about the heat lol.

  26. I’m a realistic optomist, Susie. One other unnumbered benefit…, you now have some really neat pics for next year’s Christmas cards. I feel the pain (cold) you are experiencing. 83deg here yesterday and will be neart that again today and through the weekend. Love it!!!!! (sorry, didn’t mean to be bragging – yeah, I did)Ha! Happy Thursday !!! Stay warm.

    • We had beautiful weather last weekend as you can see! I thought this storm “Achilles” was coming your way…. Maybe it will dip south…
      The weather has become my muse lately Paul! Thanks!

  27. I interviewed for a job in Longmont about 20 years ago. Always felt bad that I didn’t get it. Looks like beautful country to me.

  28. Colorado is lucky to get the snow due to the drought and wildfires. Nevada not so much snow and rain, so have my fingers crossed. I just try and go with the flow with the weather here because it can change within 5 minutes to a few hours. I do not care for the 55 mph to 110 mph winds though! Stay Warm and Have a Great Day:)

  29. Bummer! Its 73 and sunny here!

  30. I don’t think about what comes around these days. I just roll with the punches– but weather.. Ontario also had a late Spring so I was glad I was here in Northern California because I was getting sick of it big time. Not that I go out here much– but at least I know it’s at least 60 outside..:)

  31. I think #1 and #6 are my favorites, hehe. With all the snow, nobody is “bugging” you. I hope we don’t get any unexpected cold weather. We just bought more plants for the patio. They’re very nice and I want to keep them. I’m excited to see if the Swedish Ivy grows as fast as promised.

    • I hope they aren’t anything like last year. Those ants finally left the house about this time last year after a month long battle!
      Where are you in the country? It is hard to tell if we have seen our last freeze. I did buy 8 beautiful annual bowls last weekend, and they are inside safe and warm!

      • I’m in central Texas. Guess what. Got the new plants potted in their hanging pots last night, and then all day today it was cold with fierce winds. Blew a lot of blooms off. We held off until we thought the hot/cold/hot/cold cycle settled down. I guess it’s not done yet. *sigh*

        • You are getting a lot of our weather this year. I am going to wait for a few more days to put mine back outside. The wind can be the worst for desiccating plants and we are on a hill so we really get hit hard.

          Here is a little optimism for you. I had been taught to pinch off the blooms from my annuals when planting, so they can put energy into their roots. It seems nature did it for you!

  32. I try hard to be an optimist. It depends, though, on how tired I am. ;-)

    Love your list, Susie!!

    • And hormonal right? I can always tell when mine go a little haywire. :)
      Thanks Mary! Like the others, I hadn’t planned on posting about our weather, but it is making national news!

  33. I hear you on number 3 and fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at, the little buggers are coming out in full force where I live. Maybe it’s the cherry and apple blossoms. :) Sorry couldn’t resist.

    • Now that would be a normal spring here. I am curious if the ant army will be small in numbers after this crazy ice age we have weathered. I can only hope!
      Enjoy the blossoms for me! Our’s are just now barely leafing out. Most trees are still hiding their leaves…

  34. Realist for sure. Snow? That’s crazy. It’s been perfect weather here all week (don’t hate me) sunny every day, but people are already complaining we need rain. I say, hey, at least I don’t have to mow the lawn. Yet.

  35. May be, snow use complaining! In Boulder, chilling out still rocks! :)

  36. Realist. And if you think snow in May is OK, you’re really nuts. ;)

  37. #11– You don’t have to deal with the mammoth amounts of pollen flying around assaulting our nasal cavities and eyes – yet! :)

  38. Excellent blog! Still no snow in our town… never since human memory in fact…maybe this winter?

  39. When it comes to the weather I’m a pessimist. Having said that, the weather is gorgeous up here in Ontario, Canada right now. The sun is shining and it’s a balmy 60F and rising steadily. Beautiful pictures though. :)

  40. i’ve heard that it can snow in colorado in july–is this a truism?

  41. *laughs* It depends how much coffee I’ve had! Or how much wine. I suppose it also depends upon time of day – come to think of it. One can’t have wine in the morning… I digress. I love the photos. So beautiful. Hmm? I bet it wouldn’t be so beautiful if it were outside my window. Of course here in Central California we’ve only read about snow on Wikipedia.
    Thanks for sharing, Susie!


    • Thanks Jimmy! It is melting in the sunshine.
      I bet you are right, given the time of day, we have our ups and downs. You might even find me a little pessimistic in the middle of the night!

  42. I’m an optimist and I’m thinking it’s the last one!

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