The Boob Report III – Post-op


When life sends you obstacles, start hurdling!

First of all words cannot, nor ever will express my deepest gratitude in the support you have given me the last few weeks. The blogging community is amazing and all of you are the absolute best! I can feel your prayers as I write this on the night before surgery. I just wish I could physically hug each and every one of you. The words, “thank you,” will never seem like enough.

If you are reading this, my bi-lateral (fancy-like name for double) mastectomy is over. Yeah! I am on the good drugs and most likely kidding around with the interns.

My husband Danny will give you an update on the surgery and my lymph nodes. The sentinel nodes were removed during surgery and tested for cancer. If they were clear, then my surgeon didn’t touch the rest of them. Thorough testing in pathology will give conclusive results by Wednesday.

The breast reconstructive process was started. A tissue expander was placed behind my chest wall and sewn into place. I am sure when the drugs wear off, my chest will feel as tight as a drum. It will slowly stretch out again as saline is added over the next few months to give my new “girls” some shape.

Here’s my rock, Danny, with the update! Geez…. I hope it’s good news..

This is Danny speaking:  Great News!!  The lymph nodes are clear! She is doing great (except for the pain).

A Note From Susie:  As you wild riders know, I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and prayer.  Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.  I’m kicking “C’s” Ass.  I will write a proper thank you and post in a few days.  Love Susie

Danny again, I cut her off, more news later.

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165 responses to “The Boob Report III – Post-op

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  4. I see you on my site which means I can hear you feeling better! That makes me smile from ear to ear. Be good about…doing what needs to be done.

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  7. Hey Susie, it’s been so long since I’ve been on wordpress I had no idea you had such a big fight on your hands. Like a lot of the community says rest up and give yourself time to heal. I hope the pathology results (When they come back) are encouraging.


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  9. Thinking of you my friend. I’ll keep sending you the positive vibes, glad they are helping out. :) Stay strong girl, we’re all pulling for a good recovery.

  10. Electric buzzing alive joyful juicy warm positive thoughts headed right at you.

  11. I just heard about this, Susie. It sounds as though things went as well as they possibly could, and you’re tapping into your own strength and the support of a lot of people who care about you. I’m glad about that. I hope you’re feeling better every day.

  12. It’s such wonderful news that your lymph nodes are clear! YAY!! Hope you are recovering and know that we all miss you. Sending lots of positive healing energy your way…

  13. We haven’t met but I want you to know that your courage is spanning the globe. I look forward to revisiting you blog before you take off to become a movie star and marry Brad Pitt. Best of luck, Mike.

  14. I went through what you did – mostly. Mine was in my left breast, and grew so fast it was 7cm within a month, from finding it myself to getting to the doc. I had a double also, but I didn’t go for reconstruction, so I am a REAL ‘flat chested broad’! LOL I am so glad you have Danny – having someone with you for support is wonderful. And all your friends online! You are truly blessed, and I am so glad you are feeling better!

  15. Been out of pocket today at a med center, but wondering how you were doing.
    Glad to see you’ve been wilding around blogland today.
    Sometimes it’s hard to remember as well as things are going, the body still says WHOA – major trauma cuts, here. (Don’t worry. Won’t blow your kick it to the curb image).
    Smiles to ya! Hugs to family for their great job, too

  16. Sending you good vibes and healing hugs!

  17. you can say for sure – what a ride! Your journey is amazing. Way to go!

  18. Anonymous

    Susie, I have seen you liking my posts the last couple days! Hooray! I think of you browsing the blogisphere and clicking likes and it makes me so happy.

    I was telling my husband today as we were walking that now I know I could face a double mastectomy or any other procedure because of you. I used to fear it to the extent of not scheduling screening tests but now I am scheduled for the tests my doc wants me to do, including mammo. I want to live too, no matter what obstacles are thrown in the way, and if I have to face an obstacle, I want to be strong like you. And I also told him about our plans to ski together in Colorado. He’s up for it. And you guys can come to California for a sunny beach break some looooong winter, too.

  19. I leave the wordpress sphere for a short while and come back to having missed the opening song at your Boob Party. Do forgive me for my lateness. I think boobs are over-rated anyway, so just pop them on the shelf. They perhaps deserve some rest by now. Well, it certainly is a Wild Ride with Susie, but always a pleasure! I like your positive, creative and pro-active approach to the situation, and as such I will keep in motion with you, so rest assured that I will not visit your blog with sympathy, but with the same mind-set as I always have done… hehe :)

    Energy, light and harmonic blessings to you and your family during this time Susie.

    Stay blessed and keep dancing!

  20. Susie, so, so relieved to hear you are doing better and you absolutely DO NOT have to answer everyone of us!! You will exhaust yourself. We love you. We know you’re grateful for our support. Now get back to resting and healing!!! :D

  21. Thank you Austin! I finally feel like I am coming out of the fog. I really appreciate your prayers and I believe they helped! Who knew this roadblock was ahead of me? Sheesh!

  22. Praying for you. Your story is encouraging, and I believe your positive spirit has encouraged many to keep up the fight against cancer. Waiting for more Wild Rides

  23. Great to hear the good news, Susie and Danny. All the very best for the recovery… we’re cheering you on!

  24. I’m so glad everything went so well, Susie. Take care of yourself now and get your strength back. Hugs to you and your family!

  25. Wonderful news! Well, it would have been better news if you hadn’t had to go through any of this, but under the circumstances it is great! Still a distance to go back to your ‘normal’ life, but the big hill is behind you!

  26. Whew! So, so, sooooo, sooooooo glad the nodes are clear.

    Stay strong girl. We’re here for you. Prayers are flying around like crazy.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  27. Woohoo! Good news indeed! Keep resting now! I’m so glad all went as smooth as possible.

  28. ciao! just the best news. you rock…in every way. stay strong. sending you love, and my best thoughts go to your heart.

  29. Just checking by to let you know we are still thinking of you! Rest up – it is so not fun but go ahead and let them wait on you hand and foot for a bit. Smiles for that Susie of the Mountains

  30. Glad the surgery went well! Sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery…and awesome new boobs! I love how positive you’re being, it’s beyond inspiring. :)

  31. Sending good mojo for speedy healing and good drugs!

  32. You go girl! Stay strong!!!

  33. Thrilled for you! Keep the good news coming!

  34. Such great news! Glad that the outlook is good. We will keep you and your family in our prayers for a continued and thorough recovery.

  35. Oh wow I only just heard – my thoughts are with you, great news the op has gone well, sending you lots of love!

  36. We’re here #SusieStrong! Onward!

  37. Thrilled to hear the great report! Kick C’s ass indeed!

  38. Fantastic news! I cannot wait to hear about your next set of triumphs.

  39. So glad the news was good. Look at how many people love you, Susie.

  40. Hi Susie and Danny. Any chance you can send me your address? cheers!

  41. I’ve incorporated this entire post into my latest message to the masses, Susie and Danny. All the best to you both. I’m sure we’ll talk soon.

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  43. So glad! I couldn’t comment earlier, no internet. Sending gentle hugs!

  44. I have been thinking of you and sending good wishes, thoughts and prayers sweetie (((((virtual hugs))))):) Now thinking about you in the recovery process – you are a wild rider and I know you will kick butt! I am glad to hear the nodes were not cancerous – great news. Take Care & Take It Easy!

  45. Great news Susie and Danny. Wishing you all the very best.


  46. It is well with you. We love you.

  47. It’ll be ok, Susie. My very best wishes for..whatever you want yourself. A double mastectomy is stinky but maybe has two potential upsides?? you don’t have cancer, and you can have new boobs!

  48. Don’t you dare respond to all of us individually, Susie. I’m still {HUGGING} you and haven’t stopped for an instant. The news Danny posted news is so good. I knew it would be. Deep down inside me I knew you too would be a survivor. Signing off now with tears of joy streaming my face.

  49. Blessings and good tidings are always moving in your direction. Today even more so. Peace and love, guys.

  50. Rest, Susie, rest. That goes for you also, DH. The hardest job of all is that of caregiver. I speak from 28 years of experience. Trust Susie when she tells you it’s okay to grab a shower or whatever the case happens to be. It’s obvious to the whole world that you have unconditional love going on there and that’s the best cure of all.

  51. Wonderful news! Take care xxx

  52. WOO-HOO!! WOO-HOO!! WOO-HOO!! Clear Lymph nodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We’re thinking of you both and praying for you both and sending you both love……GO TEAM KICK ASS!!

  53. Great update. Keeping you in my thoughts. You got this.

  54. Susie, this is all good news and I wish I could hug you!! May your recovery be smooth and swift. And may the nipple tattoos be fabulous. :)

  55. Keep smiling Susie. Hoping you have the pain under control. Take it easy.

  56. We’re thinking about you! Try to take it easy a day or two, OK?

  57. So glad to hear the news!!! Your courage is inspiring.

  58. Spinster

    Reblogged this on Spinster's Compass and commented:
    This is a timely coincidence. A loved one, related to me via my late grandmother and whom I’d not spoken to on the phone for a long time, sent me a social media private message yesterday saying that she had to tell me something and asked me to call her. She informed me that she was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, and she’s only telling people who are near & dear to her. Not only am I glad that her treatment is going well so far, I’m also truly honored that she holds me in enough esteem to tell me, even after all these years. I love her.

    So for the blogger who’s dealing with this now, I wish you the very best. Take it easy & take care. Bless.

    P.S. Hat tip to Philosopher Mouse Of The Hedge for bringing this to my attention.

  59. Fantastic news! My wife and I join hands with the entire community of “Wild Riders” as we cheer you over this hurdle and the next…


  60. Excellent news! And let the healing begin!!

  61. I am thinking about you Susie, a firm believer in positive thoughts too, are the key to life!

  62. Glad all went well. Just heard about your situation via Kristen Lamb’s blog and wanted to pop over and wish you well. Also wanted to share something very touching from my sister’s experience with a double mastectomy. One day when I was changing her bandages, her husband came in from work, walked over and kissed her chest so tenderly. What a wonderful moment that was. I thought of that when I read your comment about your concerns over your sexuality following the surgery. I have a feeling your Danny is as supportive as my sister’s husband. That is a blessing.

  63. Susie … I’m glad that you’re doing fine after the operation – You just make sure that you take it easy and recover in a nice and comfortable pace.
    Danny, thank you so much for keeping us posted. I don’t know if Susie follows me … here is the shortlink, – for my letter to Susie. You both will be in my thoughts. Danny, be close to her, give her the time and space she needs. We will be here whenever there is any minutes leftover.

  64. I’m glad to hear things are going well! Keep it up!

  65. filbio

    This is terrific new and wonderful to hear that you are doing well. All us bloggers here were thinking of you and sending our thoughts and prayers. You are a brave and inspiring woman!

  66. Susie–I have the deepest admiration for your unbreakable spirit. You’ve been in my prayers, but I’m not sure you needed them. Long may you run, girl.

  67. Good work – both of you!
    Seriously, Susie, my wife and I have been pulling for you.
    Your journey mirrors our own to a point, and we respect and admire your courage and perseverance.
    You’re the best, Susie Lindau. The very best.

  68. Melissa Lewicki

    wonderful news!

  69. Glad to hear you’re doing well, Susie. You’re in my thoughts.

  70. Wonderful news!! I woke in the middle of the night last night and said prayers for your recovery and strength. I’m thankful the surgery went well!

  71. Good to know you are doing so well. We are all trying to share this with you.

  72. Great to hear Susie! You’re doing great.

  73. Fantastic news!! And thank you Danny for the work to update us! :-)

  74. I’m so happy for your good news, Susie. You’re an absolute inspiration, and so fortunate that Danny is making sure you don’t overdo the blogging. Hugs to you. :)

  75. Praise God for the negative on the lymph nodes….Prayers for all of you on your incredible wild ride that you are sharing with all. Such an inspiration to others.

  76. Wonderful News, Susie! You’re faith in prayer and positive, humorous approach will carry you through. You are an inspiration!

  77. This is very very good news. Thank you for including us. I am praying.

  78. I’m so glad everything has gone well and great news on those lymph nodes… keep taking those pain meds and joking around, laughter always helps!

  79. Good news. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen the strength and spirit of women as they faced down health issues or potential health issues. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  80. Thank God, that’s the report we all wanted to hear. We love you Susie!

    Deborah >

  81. As you can tell, we’re all sending those positive thoughts and prayers.
    YEA you! So far so good! Now rest up. There’s exercises to do (mental or physical not such a reach for a determined gal like you!) Try grab a giggle when you can. That view on your deck is waiting – we can’t wait to see those toes there again. Star dust to you and Danny – and all your family!

  82. Yeah!!!! *pops cork* To you, Susie!

  83. Val

    Glad all went well – continue to heal. You’re in my thoughts.

  84. Thank you for the good news, Danny. Tell the truth… she snuck an iPad into surgery, didn’t she?

  85. Wooo Hoo…GREAT news…We ARE praying and thinking of your speedy recovery! Let the healing begin!! Love, Karen

  86. SUCH good news, Susie!! I am so happy to hear it. I had no doubt that you would come out of it clear and safe. I hope you have a quick recovery and are back up and blogging soon. Your fans demand it!! :)

  87. So happy about the lymph nodes! We have all been patiently and anxiously waiting for the post-op report. I hope you get some good meds to take care of that pain. Make sure to ask for a handy hand held pump so you can self medicate! :) More prayers going your way! Susie Strong! :)

  88. I am so very happy you are okay and clear!!!
    That’s very exciting. I have a friend who is a cancer survivor and he is always happy when his retests are clear.

  89. So thrilled for the good news. Thanks, Danny for the update . Rest, heal, hold on to each other.

  90. Susie/Danny! I’ve been away from the blogging community and computer-land in general for awhile and am just catching up with all this! I wish you and yours good, healing thoughts. Susie, your strength and spirit are a testament to who you are and an inspiration for all of us. Get well and my thoughts and prayers are with you. xo

  91. Susie and Danny, So glad things are progressing in the right direction. You both inspire and we all wish you the best.

  92. I can’t believe you’re up and writing! Yet, I can! You are amazing! What great news! Now you need to rest and heal. You are in my prayers. Every day.

  93. Hurray! Delighted for the positive news and prayers continuing for uneventful recovery.

  94. Thrilled to hear the good news! I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery for you!

  95. Great news! Have her do her exercises…. arm mobility is now her goal.

  96. Anonymous

    Wonderful news!! You are in a lot people’s prayers – mine included!!

  97. Danny, thanks for the update. Suze – rest and focus on getting better an inch at a time – it’s a long process and won’t be rushed. We’ll be here cheering you on.

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  99. That’s fantastic news! Rest and stay positive, you’ll be wild riding before you know it! My thoughts and prayers are with you :)

  100. Yes!! Now go back to sleep, Susie and start healing! Thanks for the update, Danny.

  101. Great News! Susie Strong Rides On! I will continue to hold you in the light for healing, strength & peace. I am sooooooo happy : )

  102. Oh, gosh, that’s great news, Danny. Susie said clear Lymph nodes were the Next Big Thing in kicking C’s @$$.

    Echoing Renee, tell Susie we’ll be here. Rest, Susie, rest! [Talk about a tough assignment. You have your work cut out for you on gaining compliance with that sage counsel.]

    When I read this post — the back-and-forth between the two of you — I realized how much you need a ton of hugs from Susie’s Wild Riders. I suspect you suffered as much (if not more) angst and worry over this as Susie. Sometimes, standing on the sidelines when part of you wishes you could take on her burden is the hardest cheerleader/spectator role of all.

    When I ping hugs from the stars over Texas to those over Boulder, I’ll pick out a second one for you.

  103. Lyn

    All the best Susie! May you have a quick recovery and may God bless you with a long and joyous life.

  104. Yea!! For the lymph nodes!! Boo for the pain. But you’ll soon feel better. Thank you, Danny for the update! Big Hug xxx

  105. “Thank you Lord for answering our prayers… and Susie seems to be in good spirits… the pain is one thing she will overcome.. and it is good to hear of another who is taking on the big C and kicking its ass out of here.. you go girl”… This is from Linda my wife, a triple cancer sufferer now in remission… another ass kicker of C

  106. That’s great news. What a team the two of you are, working together to update the blog this way. Now you take your time and heal proper, Susie. I’m praying for you..

  107. So so glad for clear lymph nodes. Prayers of thanks going up, and more prayers and hugs winging their way to you. Have some good giggles with the nurses, and sleep well.

  108. It’s great to hear you doing so well. My thoughts are with you :)

  109. PMOTH sent a shout out that I couldn’t resist. I didn’t have to look far to recognise the spirit and humour she admires. The thoughts of many are with you. No less mine :)

  110. I wasn’t expecting an update quite this soon but….yay! You got the best possible new, and we’re all so glad to hear it. Thanks to Danny for letting us know. :)

  111. Tearing up here for both of you. You make it sound so damn easy but I know that it isn’t. Susie, you are incredible! Danny, you are the best ever! You are there for your woman, through thick and thin.

    There will be low moments and tears but you are both so strong. You will come through this! We WANA’s are so with you #SusieStrong! We love you both!!

  112. Prayers and all the good vibe for your recovery, your new follower and fan, Alexandra

  113. Great news! My thoughts are with you and the family

  114. Great news! Take it easy and heal, Susie

  115. Thanks for the update. It sounds good, all things considered, and you’ll get through this tough time. You’re an inspiration.

  116. Why did I think that you’d be posting ASAP. Relax, with all the positive vibes going out your way should carry you for at least a month or so. By then you’ll be back. One thing, if you can get the hubs to bring you outside food it’ll help a lot. Hospital food sucks, I know.

  117. Sounds like you’re doing great, Susie. You’re a winner and you’re already winning this battle. Stay positive, stay strong. I’ll be waiting for you in the winner’s circle.

  118. Sheila Luecht

    Thinking of you and happy for the good news. Best to you.

  119. Fantastic news, Susie and Danny! Thanks for keeping us updated… Been thinking about you all day. Keep on riding wild, rock star!

  120. Squee from Canada! Good ol’ clear lymph nodes! Yahoo!

  121. Dear Susie,
    As I told you a few days ago, with so many people praying for you and your amazing attitude nothing could ever go wrong. I’m very happy for you and hope you’ll be back with us soon enough. The ride is not half so wild without you!

  122. Danny….Well done!
    Susie…Well done, indeed!!

  123. Excellent news! Hold hands with Danny. Sleep. Heal.

  124. Great news! Enjoy those good drugs and get some rest you can hurdle again tomorrow.

  125. Julie Catherine

    I’m so glad to hear this news, and many thanks for the update, Danny! Susie, you’re such a great role model, and I’m thrilled to know you came through the surgery so well. I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you all day. Sending lots of positive thoughts, love and gentle hugs, Julie xoxox

  126. Susie, I’ve read your blog for several years and have followed your adventures and family, so I seem to know you, although we have never met. This is your greatest adventure yet. So glad your are recovering and keeping such a positive attitude. Keep it up.
    Your OpenSalon friend,

  127. So glad the lymph nodes are clear. I think that’s a wild enough thought for now. Take care :)

  128. Awesome news! Take care and we’ll continue to pray for you. You’re an inspiration – such a positive attitude.

  129. Amen! Great news Danny. God bless you two and your family. :)

  130. Yay for clear lymph nodes! Thanks for the update Danny. Great news all around. Keep those nurses laughing, Susie. We love you and are thinking about you as you heal and recover.

  131. I’m so glad! That’s great and very welcome news!

  132. Yay for good news! Hang in there, Susie.

  133. I’ve been thinking of you all day, wondering how you were doing. So happy to know you came through it with your amazing sense of humor in tact. Take care of yourself!

    And thanks for the update, Danny. Hugs to both of you!!

  134. Dearest Susie and Danny,
    Wonderful, wonderful news. The lymph nodes are a HUGE biggie. Awesome. The new “girls” will develop over time. Sending healing and light. Keep focusing on breathing, Susie.

  135. That’s a relief. This is great news Susie. Thanks for the update Danny.

    • Thanks for all your support V! I am just now breathing easy after treading water in the deep end for days! It will feel good to get some sun on my face. Okay maybe just metaphorically since it is pretty stormy outside. :)

      • The sky will eventually clear and the sun will return for you to have an opportunity to bask soon, Susie. Continue to work on recovering and don’t rush anything (too much). Meanwhile I’ll continue to keep my fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you — New Yorkers can get away with all kinds of oddball behavior.

  136. Thank God the lymph nodes are clear! Thanks for the great news, Danny. Susie, you’re a super star! You’re all over the cyberverse today and so many have rallied in support and love for you, it’s amazing and uplifting. The comments left on your blog today touched me deeply. Have been teary-eyed thinking about you today. I hope the pain eases up soon.
    Love, hugs, and prayers to you and your family.

    • Lynn, you have been such a dear friend. Thank you so much for everything. As I come out of the fog, I am overwhelmed by the incredible support. I could feel every bit of it!!
      Thank you so much for the prayers. I plan to do everything I can to heal up fast so I can get back to my Wild Life!

  137. Danny! Thanks for the update! So glad to know the nodes were clear. Tell Susie not to worry about us and to just focus on healing! We’ll be here when she’s feeling better.

    I told her this on the phone the other night, but please reiterate!

    In the meantime, take care of our girl!

    • Thanks Renee! This is my first hour without the purple haze! Whew! Talk about a wild couple of days. I am feeling stronger and look forward to catching up in between long naps.
      Thanks for all of your super support! I am so grateful for the shout outs and prayers. I truly believe they all worked!!
      I am feeling stronger!!

  138. I am so glad to read this and thanks to Danny… Susie. you are like me.. but you need to rest and this made me cry– you got through this.

    • I sure did get through this! It is already becoming very hazy in the rear view mirror which is exactly how I want it. Thanks so much for the prayers and friendship Linda!!!

  139. Bless you both and hugs from far away. Get lots of rest and keep breathing!

  140. Glad to hear all is going well so far, Susie/Danny. Hang tough !!!

  141. Yay, this is the best of news! So happy things went well and that Susie, your children, and you Danny survived all this todayThanks for the update and please continue to give Susie our love!

  142. Great news – now get some rest and let your body heal. Prayers for you and your family.

  143. I’m saying a prayer for you every night. Be strong! Stay positive! Keep inspiring us!

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