A New Adventure and Something for You!

Nothing can keep this Wild Rider down for long. Yeah, it’s been two long months, but I am ready to roll! I am taking a little trip and running a contest.

Where in the World is the Wild Rider?

It’s really easy. All you have to do is guess where I am! The winner will get a souvenir from my trip. Okay. I know what you are thinking. “What if we all guess the correct answer?” The most specific one will win. Otherwise, I will pick a name out of a hat.

I have a new toy. It’s a Sony Alpha NEX-3N Digital SLR camera. Taking great photos just got a lot easier. I have enjoyed messing around with options like the macro feature for this shot.

garden01I could never get the raindrops to show up with my compact digital or Droid phone.


This is Roxy’s new friend, Pepper. My son Kelly  took this amazing shot. Amazing because of the shutter speed and this male dog’s long eyelashes!

I am an alpha male grrrrrI’m an alpha male. Really! …grrrrr…

This camera is so cool! It is super small and lightweight, but can handle a macro and telephoto lens (added to my Christmas list already). Perfect for a trip abroad. Oh. Did I give it away?

So, here’s the delio. I will post a photo with the title, Where in the World is the Wild Rider? Leave your answer in the comment section.

I will be off gallivanting in the countryside somewhere, so I won’t have a lot of time to comment. I will be too busy picking out prizes for the contest…

Are you going on vacation?

87 thoughts on “A New Adventure and Something for You!

  1. Awh that dog is so cute! Lovely that you have a new camera and vacation what a fun boost. Great to have you back!


  2. It’s great to see you back, Susie…. can’t keep a good girl down! I think I have camera envy… lol! Actually, I am pretty happy with my Nikon L810… great telephoto and macro… could be a bit smaller though.

    I love the raindrops! You’re right… none of my camera phones could capture that kind of detail.


    • I had a “analog” SLR back in the day and have relied on digital compacts, but they just don’t cut it. That’s a great camera too! I wanted one I could put in a small bag…I bet you have a lot of fun with yours!
      Thanks for coming by!


  3. Love that you’re taking a trip so we can all live vicariously through you! I’m afraid I don’t get another vacation until my honeymoon in February. Boo. I’m getting a severe case of wanderlust, but I suppose the wait will be worth it! Take lots of pictures for us :)


  4. Can’t wait for the clue pic! I might have a hope ’cause I gather it won’t be in the U S of A, about which I am sadly ignorant.
    I need to regard myself as permanently on vacation at home – the travelling kind being beyond current means!


  5. That camera takes great photos! I need a new one myself. I a sure wherever you go you will enjoy and make the most of it. Glad to see you are doing well after what you recently went through! Keep kicking butt!


    • Thanks Phil!
      I think looking forward to getting away really helped me get through all of this. I have my days, but I am still butt-kicking! I will have to play around with my new toy! It is a great little camera.


  6. That camera takes such great pictures, I thought that dog was wearing mascara. No, no summer vacations planned for over here. I’m just hoping that I don’t get hit with jury duty. Safe travels, Susie!


  7. Oh great, a vacation! If you’re going to the airport, ask for a hand-check and tell the woman you had a mastectomy. That will avoid any drama. It’s best to just cut to the chase… or whatever the term is.

    Have a wonderful time!


    • Isn’t he???? Pepper is my son’s girlfriend’s mom’s dog. That a lot of posessives!
      Looking forward to this trip really helped me through my “rough patch.” My bionic boobs haven’t set off any alarms yet. Bonus!!
      Thank you Madame!


  8. Are those pictures supposed to be clues as to your destination? If so, I’m bummed, cuz I’m pretty sure there are dogs pretty much everywhere.

    I think I remember reading in another of your posts that you were going to Europe, but I can’t remember where specifically, so I’m going to have to give it some more thought. Italy maybe, France?

    Where ever you’re heading, have a super wonderful and relaxing time. You so deserve it. And take care of yourself, you’re still healing, Missy.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  9. So glad that you’re taking a trip. After all the hospital and doctor stuff and the recoop you and your dude definitely need an escape. Can’t wait to guess your destination:) Have a wild time!


  10. Have an awesome trip! I actually just cancelled our summer trip across country because I have a recently broken foot, complete with torn tendon, and I have surgery next week. After that, I won’t be able to bear any weight on it for 4 weeks, followed by PT and the like. It’s my summer to be taken care of right here at home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


  11. Woo hoo! Good for you, you deserve it! Have a fabulous trip and can’t wait to play along. I was always a fan of Carmen San Diego so I’m feeling pretty good about winning haha! Can’t wait to hear all about your fab vacation, wherever you may be!


  12. Hmmm – I guess I am disqualified! hehe! Have a wonderful time (how can you not???) and take a bazillion fabulous photos to send back to us! Can’t wait to hear all about the adventure. Safe travels to you and Danny!


  13. What great photos! I’d love to get a new camera, but then I’m afraid somebody would expect me to read the directions and figure out how to use it. That’s something I’m planning to do with my VCR (which is still blinking 12:00)

    I AM going on vaca as well. Does the expression “Pip, pip, cheerio” mean anything to you? Yup, you guessed it – Alaska!

    Have a great trip!


  14. You’re at the French Market in New Orleans, sipping on chicory coffee and munching on a beignet. Man, do I want to be doing that right about now.
    PS- If this guess is correct, you might want to leave out the coffee part, since I’m off the stuff until Sunday. Muchas gracias Colorado….


  15. Enjoy your camera and delight yourself with it … just take photos on anything or nothing.

    Where you’re going … ???? Can’t wait for the first clue …

    Your alpha male is very cute … but it looks like he has some attitude too.

    My life is a vacation those days, since 2009 … but born of 11 September and becoming officially a Swedish pensioner – and with a win of 2 1th class tickets with BA to New York, so that is where I will celebrate my birthday this year.
    Then I always visit my old hometown, Belfast – the last week in November, so that is also planned.


  16. Hi Susie! Not sure how but I was unsubscribed from you – sucks! Glad your feeling so much better and resuming your wild life! You are an inspiration to so many – God bless you. :)


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  18. Wow, sorry to hear about your health problems. On the bright side, Boulder does sound like the place to have the surgery you had! Looking forward to the contest and enjoy the new camera!


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