Where in the World? Whoa! Last Stop, Wild Riders

We had one more country to explore during the last four days of our vacation. After dropping our luggage off on the 6th floor of the flat we rented (huff, puff), we went off on a big explore. We hit the ground running. As usual, we didn’t return until the cows came home.

This is the last post of the contest. Guess where each photo was taken and win a souvenir purchased from the cheesy vendor down the lane. 

Mystery Photo #1

Mystery Photo 4-1

Mystery Photo #2

Mystery Photo 4-2

Mystery Photo #3

Mystery Photo 4-3

Mystery Photo #4

Mystery Photo 4-4

Mystery Photo #5

Mystery Photo 4-5

You have until noon on Friday to leave your guesses in the comment section of the last 4 posts. The more specific the better. I will announce the winners on Sunday. Good Luck!

Do you have a travel bucket list?

All photos taken by Susie Lindau with a Sony 3N Digital SLR

Here are three more chances to win! 

Where in the World is the Wild Rider?

Where in the World is the Wild Rider Now?

Where in the World am I this Time?

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56 responses to “Where in the World? Whoa! Last Stop, Wild Riders

  1. Stunning photography! It looks like a fairy tale :)

  2. paulessick

    Reblogged this on My Blog snuppy.

  3. Wow! Breathtaking. I can look at your photos and fall down on My Wild River inside and float. Are we there yet?

  4. Sigh. London. Last time I was there was during Easter week and despite everyone saying “don’t go there then” it was wonderful…but it is just about anytime. Recognize that tube station. Glad those wild shoes got some great travels underfoot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Even with hints all over I can’t tell, except that it has to be a fun place on wild rider’s itinerary :)

  6. Boston… to see Sargents.

  7. Ah, so lovely! I want to live in that little cottage with the thatched roof… What a fun adventure! I mean, wild adventure!!

  8. It looks remarkably like London, England to me.

  9. Oh. my. gosh. Susie, we were in the same place at practically the same time! Except that our B&B was close enough to walk to Kensington Gardens, and instead of your beautiful, beautiful pictures, I tried to capture the life and death struggle of one bird attacking and killing another one, right in front of Prince Billy and Kay-Kay’s Palace. http://wp.me/a18cBy-1yE (hope I can figure out how to embed this.)

    • I just left a comment on your photo. Too crazy! We were there on the 23rd and 24th. Now that the contest is over, I can admit my secret location .. We could have shared a pitcher of Pimms!

      • Too wild – we were there at the exact same time! We got to London on the 23rd and stayed right by Paddington Station. You probably passed me on the street – I was the one passed out in the gutter from too much Pimms!

  10. So happy to see how you’re spending your summer. This is one really extended wild ride, Susie. Looks like you had an awesome time in England in these pics. I recognize the London tube station, and the last photo looks like Hidcote Gardens near Stratford-on-Avon.

    I’m headed to England with my hubby in 11 days. I hope the weather is still as lovely as it obviously was for you. Gorgeous photos!!

  11. That last picture is great looked like an awesome secret garden picture. Somewhere in England. And yes as always I do have travel bucket list destinations and I checked one off already … the big Numero Uno — Sydney Australia. It was amazing. But I still have more travel to go just like you Wild Rider :)

  12. Yes, I definitely have a travel bucket list. Although I’ve been to several places, there are so many more places I’d like to see…some of them may be repeats, but firsts with hubby. :-)

  13. Loving your captures:) Yes, I have a travel bucket list and it includes doing more international travel! Have a Great Day

  14. Beautiful pics, and yeah definitely noticed the London Underground Bayswater stop, so um, Bayswater? At least for number 3 hehe :)


  15. I can sniff Gloucestershire in there Susie – not sure which one though!

  16. All I know if you’re not in Maine because I’ve looked around for you, and you weren’t there… :)

  17. Ah London. I love London. I will be there next week!! :D

  18. I’ve been to a couple of these places. What an amazing trip you’re on.

  19. I googled just a little bit and it’s gotta be Upper Quinton, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Beautiful garden!

  20. Has to be the UK, Londen probably?

  21. All I can say for certain is the UK.
    Great shots, though!

  22. London but not sure where… Hope you’re enjoying it over here :-)

  23. I’m pretty sure you are in Britain now. My guess would be that pic number three is the Bayswater platform in the tube.

  24. Welcome to UK …. what a fantastic trip you’re on – all my favorite cities, except Paris …. but you should have visit Berlin too – a city you would have loved. I hope that the last shot is from Kew Gardens. The London underground of course .. and could it be Brick Lane Market – and I guess Hampton Court with nice garden … the cottage I wouldn’t have a clue.

  25. Is #2 Shakespeare’s house? I went there once but it was a long time ago. And I was in a fish’n’chips food coma. So maybe not…

  26. Beautiful pictures!! You’re in England. And thanks to the train station shot, I know you were in London. The cottage shot might be in the Cotswolds, only because my brother lives out there and describes it as being so very quaint. I absolutely love English gardens, and have always fantasized about having one. Hope you had a fabulous time.

  27. filbio

    I have no clue but these are wonderful pictures! Photo #2 looks like something out of the Hobbit! Photo #5 looks like a maze I’d like to wander around in.

  28. Reblogged this on where i keep my stuff and commented:

  29. I don’t know but it looks pretty.

  30. Mystery Photo # 4 says Bayswater so that’s someplace in London. That completes my guesswork. Glad you had fun.

  31. London with the Underground pic and the English signs above the fruit, the rest of Europe do not want to speak English (or Afrikaans…:-( )

  32. As usual Susie I have no idea but so beautiful! I will guess the tunnel is the Chunnel entrance. Glad you are well! I sooo want to see England. :)

  33. It all looks English except for the Dutch gable on the little house. London underground? The green/orange/yellow/browngrocers definitely seems to have been in Ingerlund.

  34. Wishing I was more travelled so I could participate, but the real important thing is that you had an awesome time! :)

  35. Looks like you made a stop in England… I think… all I know is that I would love to hang out at what looks like a farmer’s market there!

  36. I have to say it sure looks like England, and I love the photos.

  37. 1.Hampton court
    2. Anne hathaway’s Cottage.
    3 London underground
    4. Covent garden
    5 hampton court maze

    looks just lovely, glad you managed to hit the fine weather.

  38. Oh, England!! I must be more specific but I’m too take by the gorgeous photos. I hope you’re having an amazing time! xo

  39. Beautiful photos! From the looks of it, that was a great vacation!

  40. I’m going to say Amsterdam, but it’s probably England since the sign at the food stall is written in English. Either way, these are beautiful pics of beautiful places. Hope you’re having a wonderful time.

  41. Belgium.
    Because the last stop is belgium.
    Every. Damn. Time.


  42. Definitely England. Stratford-on-Avon maybe?

  43. Stratford upon Avon– near Warwickshire, England

    I envy you… have fun for me

  44. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing these. My youngest is in the band program and this upcoming new year he has both a Hawaii and a New York City trip scheduled. We’ll be following him on the NYC trip as well. Hopefully after those are over my wife and I can being planning to see Europe. We’ll see. Until then, I will live vicariously through your photos. :)


    • Thank you Jimmy!
      That sounds wonderful! Those are two amazing places. Is your son playing for football games?

      • Hi, Susie. You sound like you’re doing very well of late, by the way – and I am very pleased to hear it. :) No, my son’s Wind Ensemble is playing in some Honolulu festival, and his jazz choir is performing at Carnegie Hall!! This will be my second visit there. My oldest played there a few years ago with his Wind Ensemble and I’ll never forget it. It’s so funny that we live in a tiny town (11,000), but are able to go on such cool trips.
        Thanks for asking and take care of yourself! *brotherly hugs*


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