Do You Want More Followers?

When we receive an email alerting us that someone has subscribed to our blog, it’s exciting. Later when publishing a post, we hope to see the see those new friendly little gravatars pop up in “likes” or “comments.” Most are never seen again. They disappear like Oreos at a Bronco training table.

No one wants to feel like the guy with the microphone speaking to an empty room.

“Hello?” *tap*tap*tap* “Hello?”

I’ve discovered a secret.

You need to meet people. REAL people. Introduce yourself and check each other out. Chat a while. Go to each other’s place and chill. Or better yet, DANCE!

“Where can I do that?” you ask, “I live on an island off the coast of Newfoundland. I haven’t seen anyone for days.”

At another Use Me and Abuse Me Day this Thursday, August 22nd! It’s where all my friends come to meet up, hook up and if it works out, subscribe.

DJ Wild Rider in the House

Yeah baby. Rest up. It’s going to be another rager!

Are you ready to party?

Photo taken by Susie Lindau in front of the Hotel de Ville in Paris, France with a Sony Nex 3N


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66 responses to “Do You Want More Followers?

  1. My whole life is a party, Susie!

  2. Hey Susie! Latecomer to the party here. I’ve been on my 3000 mile motorcycle trip! Busy catching up on everyone’s blogs. I’m so happy for you and your final leg of the recovery journey. Looking forward to more updates.
    Off to check out some of your party guest’s blogs now…

  3. It is sad that of the last 100 or so followers I have collected, only a sprinkling give any clue as to why they bothered. Or, are not very subtly trying to promote something.

    • I was getting a lot of spammers following me a couple of months ago, but the ones now are real. I just have to engage them. If I could just buy an app that throws confetti and hands the blogger a drink of their choice, I’d be golden. Of course some would complain about confetti in their drink….

  4. THAT is an awesome picture by the way! See you Thursday hopefully :-)

  5. filbio

    You have a great blog and terrific blogger friends. You also throw great blog parties, and I’m usually nursing a hangover from them the next day!

  6. Great picture – now that’s life!
    (and will be interested to see what you and Le Clown conspire…I mean create.)
    I agree with what you said about the “Like” button in the reader. Wish we had “approval” required for re-blogging – too many spammers and weird not-really-real-blogs doing that.
    Party countdown on!

    • Le Clown would like to make a brand new vanilla flavor, so we’ll see….it would have to be WILD!
      Thanks! New camera…
      I am working on a video from that rave in front of the Hotel de Ville. What a night! I would go back in a minute!
      I am so glad that you will be coming to the bash! There will be lots of dancing this time.

  7. Love your blog and your sense of humor. :) Thanks for sharing your journeys! And blog party sounds fun.

  8. Can I bring “Bob”? The horse, not the person…

  9. I only join if the writer’s topics style and story appeal to me.hen I “Like” something, people shouldn’t take it as a drive by. I’ve actually read it. I’m bugged by people who sign up and never return to either like or comment. Good post Susie.

  10. I’m always ready for one of your parties!

  11. Sure love more friends and boggy.

  12. I have ice cream and jelly in the fridge Susie!

  13. Hi Susie, I’m new to blogging and currently only share posts with family and friends. Mind if I join and get a feel for a blogging community?

    • That’s exactly what my parties are for! I have the best followers. My Use Me and Abuse Me Days are a way for all of them to meet. Bring a link to one of your blog posts on Thursday and mingle in the comment section. It should be a blast!!!

  14. Blog party time! Cool!

    I figure it’s too easy for people to click ‘follow’ for blogs to appear on their reader – and never re-visit – I only click it if I’m genuinely following, but reflecting on it just now I don’t think the reader is a good way to follow because the posts get lost in the stream. I;’d count ‘subscribe by email’ followers as genuine, for sure, though (- hah – I just clicked ‘subscribe by email’ to your blog.- better than relying on the reader.)

    • Doesn’t it do both? So if I click follow from the black bar, it only shows up in the reader? Is that true with the “You May Like” suggested posts too?
      Thanks for subscribing!

      • I must admit I haven’t experimented too much with the different subscription buttons – not too sure how they all work in detail (and I suspect WordPresss change ‘em, too) – but when I click ‘follow’ using the black button at the top, the posts appear in the reader and I don’t seem to get a heads-up email. There may be a setting at my end to make that happen, of course.

  15. What’s all this talk about shoes????? It’s still summertime and I’m in a barefoot mode. Shoes aren’t permitted til October!!! ….but I am ready to dance…, as long as it’s near the beer tent. See ya then, Susie.

  16. Love your parties, Susie–and that Sony Nex 3 photo! I have the same camera, after trading out my old Nikon D70, and love it especially for low light situations.

    • The camera is incredible and it fit in a little bag during the trip. I can’t believe how amazing the prints are. I thought Danny bought new ink cartridges!
      Thanks Laura! See you then!

  17. I’m just going to comment to let you know that I’m not a spam follower. I can just be very, very quiet.

  18. Cool! I’ll look forward to this. I’m all about getting to know new people. What I no longer do is attend “like” parties where we help each other out for a moment, but never meet again. Those are not worth the time…
    See you then. *waves*


  19. I just keep on writing.. some go some new come but faithful friends like yourself are always near.
    Love you

  20. Dancing shoes are on and ready to sparkle!!!! Sooooo nice to hear your voice…..!!!

  21. I love that even when you’re in a different country you find a party! Great Paris party pic, Susie. It looks like it was wild!!

  22. Followers do seem to vanish. I wonder though if, like me, people are just uber busy. I don’t mean to ignore blogs or people. But as Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast…” I’ll try to keep in touch more. :)

  23. That’s one rockin’ party shot Susie, How are ya Sista?
    sending you a big warm hug :)

  24. What I’d really like Susie, are fewer Spam-bots.

  25. Julie Catherine

    Hi there Susie – will try to come by to visit! Have a great week! :) xoxox

  26. Traffic to my blog increases when I comment on your ceremonial post however the followers disappear like politician’s promises, only to be seen at your next festive post (don’t know why you call that name!) :)
    I await this day like a major sale weekend!

  27. Sadly, many subscribers are no more than ‘like’ spammers.ggrrr

    • I think WP has made it too easy to make a passing glance at blogs. I would like to see a “like” bring the reader to the blog.

      • good idea!! WP needs to make possible the removal and blocking of specific people. Removing the Like button does not close the door to Like spam, that must be enabled in the Reader too

  28. Make sure you remind us again. I’ll forget! I’ve already got Sam Spade out there looking for my missing followers! :)

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