Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Parisian Rave Edition

Rockin out in Paris

Rockin’ out Parisian Style!

DJ Wild Rider in the House

It’s time once again to Use Me and Abuse Me, so lets get this party started! Yeah baby! The idea is to come and mingle with the guests, introduce yourself and pick up some new followers.

The trick with building a community is finding the people behind the gravatars. They’re there. I know. I’ve met several in person! When building any relationship, communication is key to success. In blogging, we communicate through our posts and comments. I have made a lot of real friendships here on the Wild Ride and so can you!

So come by with ONE link to a blog post and paste it in the comment section. Two will put you in my spam filter and I hate when I have to stop dancing to fish guests out of my filter. It’s so embarrassing…

Include a short hook to let people know what your story is about. A post works better than your blog URL since a guest may click over to your place and not know where you keep the beer or the chips. When you link a post, it takes the guest right to the heart of your home where they can read your story.

Don’t bring one of your friend’s URLs, since they may not come by to party with us and that defeats the purpose.  Remember. This is about communication. This is about you. That is also why you should never drop off your link and run. You wouldn’t go to a party, fill a doggy bag and go home.

If you leave a link, click on a few. Tell them, “Susie sent me.” They should click back. Chat up your guests here and at your place. The more links you click on, the higher the chance your new friends may subscribe to your blog.

The bar is stocked, the barista is already pouring cappuccinos, and the tasty treats in the buffet were flown in from Paris. Nothing is too good for my friends! This is my way to thank all of you for subscribing to my blog. This way you can meet each other! How cool is that?

Spread the word. The more the merrier!

Have fun and don’t forget to dance!

My latest blog post is The Boob Report – Back to Reality, Oops There Goes Gravity 

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133 responses to “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Parisian Rave Edition

  1. Pingback: Get Ready! | Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

  2. Beyond fashionably late, but wanted to say this is a great and generous idea. If anyone is still hungover, stuffed under a couch pillow or returning the empties, HELLO!

    Come read why a barista is an important part of any good party!! “Stir It Up”

  3. Well, I promised to make it here, and I did, and only about a week late… Which gave me a lot of choice for the posts to check out, though.
    My posts have a short shelf life, so I’ll just post the latest one:

  4. Susie – I LOVE your parties and I am sorry I am late arriving. It has been a crazy week AND your package arrived! Thank you. I can hardly wait to mingle, even if it is a coupe of days late. Take care and enjoy the last few days of summer.

  5. Wow, what a fascinating party – filled with guests with something worth saying. I need to come back and visit quite a few of them via here – as soon as I stop being so darn tied down with stuff!

  6. filbio

    Hi Susie! Another late comer here but I’m bringing lots of wine!

    As always, you rock hosting these parties. Still can’t find my underwear after the last one!

    As you and some here know I blog about life in NYC, with a twisted humor viewpoint on it. Food, fun, and booze. Anyway, I have kind of a smelly post to expose everyone to – enjoy!

  7. Hello Susie – late as usual! Here is Stench McBain my Special Forces mate telling tales of life in Iraq behind enemy lines –

    Off for a look around! Great party as always – Jim

  8. Better late than never. Just got back from Australia and trying to catch up. Still sorry I missed you in Barca, Suzie and good luck with your latest op! I’m contributing about my latest release in the US. Now to join the party!

    • Your book looks fantastic Colin! I am sure it will do well in the States. Loved your fun facts too.
      Thanks for stopping by the party. It is never too late to click on a few links and say hello!
      Sounds like you had a blast in London. Our timing was off in both places. Next time!

  9. Epic Battles: Bacon Vs. Grumpy Cat

    Woohoo! Great party, Susie! Will enjoy checking these out.

    • Who will you vote for??? This is great Piper! Congrats again on your book debut!
      Have fun clicking on links and mingling with the guests. They should click back to your place. Be sure to have some bacon on hand just in case…. :)

  10. Hi everyone. I write primarily about my life experiences with the odd short story thrown in. The post I’m providing today sums up our 42 years of marriage. I hope you enjoy it.
    Nice to see you back Susie.

    • Love your story and list of tips for a happy marriage!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party. Have fun clicking on links and mingling with the guests. Tell them, “Susie sent me!”

  11. Susie,
    So nice of you to host this wonderful soiree again.
    Maintenant si vous voulez bien, veuillez m’indiquer la pizza et de la bière. Merci.

    (A Bit of Humor)
    Subject: A Homeless Man’s Funeral

    As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper’s cemetery in the Upper Peninsula back country.

    As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost and, being a typical man, I didn’t stop for directions. I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch.

    I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to play. The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around. I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends. I played like I’ve never played before for this homeless man. And, as I played ‘Amazing Grace,’ the workers began to weep. They wept, I wept, we all wept together.

    When I finished I packed up my bagpipes and started for my car. Though my head hung low, my heart was full. As I opened the door to my car, I heard one of the workers say, “I never seen nothin’ like that before and I’ve been puttin in septic tanks for twenty years.

    ” Apparently I’m still lost . . . it’s a man thing !
    Y’all come see me @ (Cead Mille Failte!)


    • Hahaha! That is a good one Paul! I just realized you are not coming up in my Reader.. Hmmmm.
      Have fun at the party. Glad you found the bar, the beer and the pizza! Your French is waaaaay better than mine…

  12. I almost slept through the Party of the Summer! Was hoping to create a special Parisian edition of AmperArt, my graphic design project that “features the ampersand as fun & fabulous art.” But that didn’t get done, so please enjoy past artwork at To get my latest piece each month, always free, please subscribe.
    Now here’s another reason why I’m late: upon entering your Party Palace I saw the very first person at the door was naked (see first comment). Being a nudist myself, I went to his blog. Then that led to another and another…you know how it is. So finally after going around the block a few times, I found your open door again and here I am. Thanks, Susie. Gotta get to the dance floor…

  13. I’m so late to this party… I hope there are still some people around… here’s why I was late…

  14. I love the clothing optional theme! Wait, you say there was no such theme announced? Then, what better way to enjoy the party than to take the pause that refreshes and read…

    • Love your list! So you lived in Colorado and moved to Kentucky and the drivers are worse???? We were just in Europe where I was amazed at the courtesy. I think drivers here suck in comparison… :)
      Thanks for bringing the link to the party! Have fun “mingling” with the guests! I hope you meet a lot of new bloggers!

      • Haha…yes, Susie, I didn’t think they could be as bad, but the drivers are worse here! That said, the drivers in Colorado, especially Denver-Boulder metro area can be pretty awful (made the painful commute from Boulder to Denver for years). I recently married (June 1st), we honeymooned in Portland and talk about a bike-friendly city–motorists actually stop to let pedestrians and bicyclists alike cross streets well in advance of intersections. The drivers are generally more cooperative with one another, too. Thanks for another great party and the chance to connect with other wonderful members of the blogging community.

  15. Yo,yo,yo! You know you make me wanna SHOUT…come on now, Shout! I hope this party is an all nighter cuz I’m a bit late. I just blew off my family while on vacation and told them I had to go to the library for a couple of hours (shhhhh). I brought some sangria and gluten free (NOT) goodies! I love your parties, Susie – your place always looks so nice. Did you save me any French pastries? I see some familiar faces and partiers, and new ones ill go mingle with. BTW, you look fabulous, girl!!!!

  16. Woo Hoo!! My first Susie party! I love a party. Here’s a post I wrote this past spring when I was doing some work on myself, using a wonderful local hypnotherapist. You see, my childhood had a lot in it that was great; and things that were less than wonderful. This was a particularly amazing session, that demonstrates what hypnosis can do.

    When I’m not writing about things spiritual and posting some of my photos, I am a mother to a wonderful, challenging, and very intuitive 10 year old boy. I write about challenges and successes in that arena, as well.

    Finally, my user name, mariner2mother is because I really, truly, used to be a merchant mariner: ship’s second officer (navigator) before I came to shore to shift life into marriage and motherhood.

  17. Wish I were in an Paris or Waukegan. I’m going to open another post. It will be a continuing story. Followers will provide input, pantsers and plotters will be welcomed. Although I hate the phrase, the more the merrier. You can catch the site by checking I’ve got the beginning sketched out and the main character is an accountant who is into something that peaks the greed in him and can endanger his family. Check on 08/25/13 for the details. If no one shows up I’ll start without you and you won’t be able to complain when something happens to the characters that you don’t approve of.

  18. Not sure what I am doing….whatever

  19. Not sure I understand how this works…but here goes!

    • Come back and leave a URL link to your site and click on a few and say hello! You may “pick up” a few new followers! If you would like people to follow you on Twitter, leave that link.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Hey Susie! So glad you’re throwing another party. Glad you got the Paris Party Vibe going on looks life fun. :)

    Here’s a story that totally required a drink afterwards. Ever take a road trip to a theme park with your family and end up feeling like Clark Griswold (AKA Chevy Chase) heading to Walley World? Yeah … hope it makes you laugh :) Now I’m off to mingle.

  21. I remember you started this Blog Party on your first blogging anniversary and now it has become a major event to meet new friends!!
    Here’s my pick for today’s event …

  22. I am always dancing and hopefully we will get to dance together.. LOVE YOU!!!
    Just because its important to me :
    Are Autistic People Now Subject to Hate Crimes?

  23. Always love your parties, Susie. Thanks for inviting me. If anyone wants to see me at my worst, go to

    Can’t believe you haven’t published a book yet, Susie. With all the loyal followers your blog has, you’d sell a ton right off the bat. Hope that day will be soon.

    • I think everyone has their dumbass moments. I love that you were willing to share yours. I’m just impressed you were able to figure out and correct the issue before money had to be forked over.

    • Thank you!
      I hope so too David! I am still rewriting, but I’m getting closer. The second one will take a quarter of the time. It’s been a learning process!
      There are many new Wild Riders here today, so have fun clicking on links and saying hellooooo!

  24. I am so glad that I finally found where that music was thumping! I write about gratitude and finding the adventure in life (which is why I enjoy the Wild Ride). Today’s post is called “Being Pecked to Death By Chickens” and it’s best line is about solar powered crockpots.

  25. Bonjour Susie! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Looks like you managed to rock your way around Paris! I’m off to mingle with your always cool guests!

    Here’s my link. I’m cleaning up my act!!!

  26. ah, Paris…
    I don’t think I’ve ever posted about my trips to Paris.

    Looking forward to seeing who comes through here today!

  27. Ahhhh….I think I missed the party. Sorry, I’m on Thai time over here.

    New to blogging, glad I stumbled across this one. Access to tons of good content in one place.

    My blog is more or less a collection of an idiot abroad stories to entertain the folks back home while I’m away.

    Thanks for sharing everyone, sorry I missed you. If you see Thailand pop up on your stats, it’s me.

  28. Hi Susie, great party! I am currently waiting to hear when we move to Singapore (from Mexico) and the waiting drives me crazy so I keep myself busy with all sorts of DIY. (The rest of my blog is about traveling and of course Mexico, totally cool country!!!) Anyway, what do you think of my new sitting area?

  29. Hey, Susie: Thanks for the party! Here’s a piece about my not-so-green thumb.
    Gotta put the coffee on, then I’ll be back to mingle.

  30. Hey Susie- A little while back I decided to share my thoughts on how boring “perfect” could be…especially relating to finding your happily ever after person. Thanks again for hosting! Here’s the link.

  31. Hello Wild Riders!
    Here’s a link to an oldie, but goodie. A list of 50 things that make me smile. Stop on by and let me know what makes you smile!

    Thanks Susie for hosting the party. I’ll try not to eat all the dip.

  32. Love your parties Susie! Thanks so much for having them! You are the best.
    Guess what? I almost punched someone yesterday. Luckily I was able to restrain myself.

  33. Thanks a lot, Susie! Still praying for your health and recovery – hope you’re doing all right.
    I love writing about things I find wryly amusing, which happens more and more the older I get…

  34. I’m here – will do better next time. A toast to you, Susie!

  35. Can I just leave a link to a post about an event that may or may not have happened that I think is funny? I like these ideas as I always meet new people. Thanks, Suzie! Hope you’re doing well!

    This post is about a time that I may or may not have really been on the Chopped cooking show and totally should have won. Or did I win? You’ll have to read to find out I guess!

  36. Thanks for the invite, Susie. Once again, I just know this will be a happenin’ party. I look forward to bumping into old friends and meeting new ones. This summer I have spent a lot of time promoting my latest book or doing a lot of reading. Rather than post one of those links, I decided to instead share the time my wife and I went on a recent getaway. It’s my way of simply sharing about who I am rather than twisting people’s arms into buying my books on the first meeting. I’m going to step out and head over to the day job, but I will be back to see how the after party is looking. *grins*


  37. Hi all. I’m an artist who won a pie-eating contest this past Saturday, got married Sunday, and am waiting for a baby to pop out of my new wife’s belly any day now. My mixed media writing is about all those things, and sometimes movies, comics, pro wrestling and other pop culture shlock. I started out by making logos from food (which were in an issue of Sports Illustrated!), got bored, picked up painting, and now I’m adding skateboard designs and collages to my list of artistic endeavors, with more ideas to come.

    Here’s a recent collage of the American flag, made of old comic books:

  38. Hi Susie, thanks for the opportunity! I’d love feedback on a few of my favourite posts and it’s always lovely to meet new bloggers!!

    Lies I Tell My Students

    Why I Love An English Baddie In The Movies

    Happy blogging everyone!

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