Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Haunted Halloween Edition

Haunted Halloween UMAAD

Welcome to another Use Me and Abuse Me Day. This is a very special virtual party. I’m dressed in my Morticia Addams costume. Cousin It and Thing will be helping out. 

Bring ONE link from a blog post (the spookier the better or anything else your trembling heart desires), and leave it in the comment section. Then the party will begin! Click on a few links and say “bla, bla, I want to suck your blood, I mean, “Susie sent me.” They should shriek click back to your place. Dracula is expecting you.

The candles are lit, Lurch is playing the organ, Igor is answering the door, and the witches brew is packing an extra punch. Help yourself to the finger food. I know. They look like real fingers…

Pasting two links in my comment section will send you to my crypt spam filter. I hate when I have to stop dancing to pull screaming guests from the abyss. It’s so embarrassing.

The more links you click on, the more people you’ll meet. Some may fall under your spell and subscribe to your blog.

Like last time, this wild party will become a rager. Keep checking back through the weekend to see who haunts stops by!

Have fun and don’t forget to dance! Click HERE, then stand up and shake your bones…

Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook! More walking dead people will show up at your place!


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75 responses to “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Haunted Halloween Edition

  1. I have my witch’s hat on! And it’s a pretty fancy one. Need pictures, right? Erm… no link this time, but I promise to get better :) Just wanted to stop by and say “hi” ;)

  2. I’m overwhelmed by hordes of living zombies right now, but as always, you have my undying moral support. Thanks, Susie!

  3. I haven’t been to one of Susie’s parties for awhile… haven’t had a chance to write anything either. I can’t remember writing anything spooky, I must have, so I’m putting on a post I didn’t even write… I enlisted my 12 year old granddaughter to pen a piece for my blog… Happy Halloween, Susie!

    • You took me inside the head of a real knob! That’s good!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party Ted. I hope you have fun clicking on links and saying hellooOOoooOO to the guests!

  4. Hi Susie, I mean Morticia! I’m a sucker for ‘bad’ (as in ‘good’) horror movies. My mum had an actress friend who starred alongside Christopher Lee in a Brit horror movie back around 1970, which was kind of cool. (And now Lee, at 91, is the world’s oldest heavy metaller, which is even cooler…)

    No spooky links alas… that’s waiting on my birthday (Halloween!) – but here’s a movie-related one:

    I’ve got ‘The Monster Mash’ going through my head now! :-)

  5. Hey Colorado,
    You is one sexy Morticia. I’m gonna link a post I wrote up for the occasion. But I must apologize in advance for not sticking around to mingle. I am currently watching “The Exorcist”, which is a thing I have not done in almost thirty years time, for good reason. I’m sticking to Twitter for the rest of the night in hopes of finding some company, because Linda Blair is proving to be most unpleasant. Again.
    I will get back here tomorrow and mingle up. Much love and peace, mama.

    • Thanks so much Cayman! Your story rocked and it seems you were too…

      I hope Linda didn’t give you too much trouble. Liv Tyler’s The Strangers, really creeped me out! It was 2:00 in the afternoon!
      There are a lot of great stories here. Have fun clicking and saying hellooOOOOOooooo!

  6. Another day, another visit…., this time I really brought something for Halloween …

  7. It’s never too late to Abuse me! Leave a comment with a link to your blog anytime!

  8. OK, Susie…, time for me to go home. Other guests are starting to complain that I’m getting too rowdy and taking up too much of the dance floor. Hmmph!!! Well, it was a great party as always. Sorry I spilled that beer on the tablecloth. If you dye it yellow you could use it again next party. Take care and God bless…., and may the sun never set on your dreams.
    P.S. Here’s a little ghost story for everyone that’s still lingering around:

  9. Dang it…hit the wrong button and posted.

    In the meantime, I’ll be browsing these links, getting my spooky on. I commend all who can do scary. I’m dreadful at it…I end up hiding under the covers.

  10. I’ll come back and do mine TOMORROW, when the Writers In The Storm horror extravaganza goes up. :-)

  11. Susie, you can set a scene. Have to chop chop now…but will slide back through this weekend to pick through the bones and visit.

  12. Hi everyone! Sharing a link to my raciest … but still weirdest! … Halloween costume and looking forward to checking out everyone else’s spooky posts! Happy Halloween!

  13. Hi Susie, you look lovely as Morticia. Got two things to promote, one, myself at and . On my post don’t let the beginning fool you it actually becomes something better a recipe resource.

  14. Hi Susan,
    I just remembered I might not be able to post any links here on Halloween itself so please allow me to indulge myself and divulge my links today.

    Both of these links are Halloween related and are UNEDITED SNIPPETS from my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel whose title “I Kissed a Ghost” is Halloween theme related as well.

    In the first snippet, Mary has returned with George [the ghost in the house she lives in] from another trip to the past of a hundred years ago where she learned how children celebrated Halloween then, which included what games they played. However, before they came back to the present they went to his uncle’s house where Mary learned how to carve a real pumpkin, and had carved one herself. They then back to her house which is over a hundred years old, left the jack-o-lantern she had carved outside the front door, and went to her room so she could come back to the present. And once back, Mary went downstairs to the kitchen where:

    In the second snippet, Mary has the Halloween party she planned with her parents where her father had set up the room so things would make it appear as if the house was indeed haunted. Things include sounds of something rolling across the floor, lights going on/off by themselves, and shades moving up/down on their own. Naturally, everyone she’d invited became somewhat scared, especially with George helping a little, and actually thought her house was indeed haunted. After Mary thought her friends had enough, she explained how everything had been done, and told them their belief that her house is haunted is a lie. [Her friends kept teasing Mary about her house being haunted which is why they never wanted to come inside to play]

    However, George had overheard Mary’s friends talking about pretending to be scared if things started to happen seemingly on their own. And even though he’d promised Mary not to do anything which might scare her friends he does it anyway.

    Hope these two snippets has put everyone in the mood for Halloween. There are several more snippets available on my blog under the category of “GHOSTLY WHISPERS”, some of which also involve Mary’s ghost, George. Would love to hear everyone’s comments.

  15. Who doesn’t love a party? Thanks for paying it forward, Susie!

    This bloody, true tale is the closest I come to Halloween…

  16. Hi Susie – just back from London- sorry to be late again – here are some egg salad tips for everyone to tuck into – courtesy of Oily George!

  17. OK !!! I’m late ! …so what’s new about that ? Hi Susie, late because I had to shovel the snow out of the dirveway but…. (I’m kidding of course). We did get some snow this a.m. but light and it melted right away, but the “Snow Queen” has left a calling card. Once again, I’m looking for the beer tent – enough of this “potion and fingerfood” . Where’s the real stuff? …and thanks for the invite to the party. You da best !!!!! ~~Paul

  18. Thanks for inviting me to the party, Susie! I didn’t want to show up to this party empty-handed, so I decided to bring some hostess orange cupcakes. They’ve recently come back from the…DEAD!

    • Your post is hilarious! I think they would last another 100 years without going stale. Now that’s a frightening thought…
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! I hope you have fun clicking on links and saying helloooooooOOOOooo! It’s never too late.

  19. Hi Susie! Thanks for throwing the coolest parties. Hope you don’t mind I’m wearing a wetsuit–since my post is about me buying a wetsuit aka my ‘what was I thinking?’ impulse buy. Odd and scary how my mind sometimes works (or doesn’t). :)

  20. Happy Haunted Halloween everyone! I am a little short on scary tales. So I thought I’d throw out an older post, Six Sentences: If you drop by I can direct you to my favorite short story on the side bar ;) The Homeless Ghosts of Calcutta.

    Fang you very much Susie!

    • Love your 6 sentences. You’ve made some great word choices!
      Thanks for coming to the party. It’s still rolling! I hope you’re making lots of new friends. Keep on clicking!

  21. Susie, here I am in my Dracula costume and I’ve brought my blog on WHY VAMPIRES WILL NEVER DIE (
    It also explains why ‘vampires’ need sex thirty times a day. Poor Buffy!
    Okay now I’m heading for the bar … make mine a Bloody Mary.

  22. Always love your parties, Susie. Thanks for throwing them and inviting me. I want to invite all your guests to to see what’s up over there.

    I intended to do this when I first got up this morning so I might be the first responder, but I forgot – which I’m getting pretty good at doing.

  23. Hello Morticia! Can I tell you that Morticia’s sister (Betty) lives in my neighborhood! For real, she is in her 80′s and is a hoot! I am glad I got back from CA in time for this partay. I don’t have any real spooky posts but I can share my bizarre one about
    my body. Looking forward to sucking blood here! :)

  24. Mine is seasonal, in a different way! Conflicting thoughts on NaNoWriMo, which I’ve decided to try again this year:

    Looking forward to coming back and reading up after work!

    • I loved your post! What a challenge. I wonder if this year will top last year. Good luck to you!
      Thanks for bringing your link to the party. I hope you have fun mingling with the guests!!! Click away and say hellooooooOOOoooooooo!

  25. Hi, Susie. Thanks for the party. I don’t have anything particularly scary, but here’s my post from last year’s Halloween. Off to run errands, but will definitely be back. In just reading the comments so far, it looks like there’s a lot of great guests to get to know.

  26. But dahlink! I really vant to drink your blood. And eat your fingers, of course. My party piece is a little post for a power short prompt,

  27. You are the bomb Susie! Thanks for hosting!
    Now for a chilling tale of a different sort….

    • I’ve been there! In a big way!
      What a funny post. I could feel your frustration.
      Thanks for bringing it to the party. Have fun mingling with the guest and saying hello! Lots of great stories today!

    HI. Susie! Great idea… Crows always liven a Halloween party!
    Hope you enjoy…

    Will rejoin the party this evening! Thanks for inviting me!

  29. Hey, Suzie–Lovely Party!
    THis is a post I wrote in response to a Horror Flash Fiction contest on Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds. Thought y’all might enjoy it.

    And here’s my entry for his contest:
    “When they go hunting, I hide.
    Usually they pass me by but today one of them stops—his legs towering over me, exceeded in size only by his hunger—listening, watching… hunting, and I hold my breath, wedging myself deeper into the crevice of grass and earth, certain he knows I am here, certain his eyes—and teeth—will soon fall upon me.
    Like a flash, I strike—unblinking I watch his body twist with the burning hurt, watch his eyes go red with blood as the look down and finally find me, watch his mind break as my venom reaches his brain, swirling into its core and curdling its flesh—and when it is over I slither, fast and faster away… before the others come.”

    • Love your entry! Thanks for the heads up, tips and guidelines for flash fiction on your site! Very cool!
      Have fun clicking on links and introducing yourself! Tell them, “Susie sent me!” They should click back!

  30. Hi Susie – this was a post that I wrote about my changes in perspective on life at the ages of twenty and thirty. I’d love to know what you think! It isn’t very scary I’m afraid, although my grey hairs are!!

  31. sharing a creepy/disturbing story as my halloween gift. first draft, so it needs improvement still:

  32. Hey Susie, I’m ready for the party, you always throw the best ones! I’ve got a post that I put up last year for Howl-O-Ween that I just have to share:

  33. Ooooo…. Fun idea. Here’s my post from last week about the fact that my office (in a psychiatric hospital) is TOTALLY haunted:

  34. Susie, you make Morticia Adams look even hotter! Wowza!

    What can be more scarier than spending a week’s vacation with your parents and then going back to work the next day?

    As always, for hosting these parties you rock Susie! Don’t mind if I nibble on a few of your victims, uh, guests.

    • I can sooooo relate! After my trip this summer, I had to start fresh. I couldn’t catch up!!!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party Phil! Great to see you! Yep. Rockin’ the Morticia costume. Thanks!
      Feel free to suck their blood, I mean, make yourself at home!

  35. I will definitely be there as my ALTER EGO, I’m not going to say who/what that is, but in the meantime I’ve brought some of my friends along with some very appropriate music.
    I love getting an early start for this SPECIAL HOLIDAY :-D :-D :-D

  36. Here you go, Susie. I’ll be the first! I’ll be in the office all day, but will join in tonight when I get home. Until then, everybody have fun!

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