Cupping Balls for Movember?

I just had lunch with my son Kelly and told him about my Do You Love Boobies? post. I explained how men had motorboated (put their face on a woman’s cleavage while making a motorboating sound), on consenting adult women’s chests. The “bros” gave a $20.oo donation to breast cancer for each excursion. My reaction was a surprise to some.

He laughed and said there’s a new trend out there for Movember. It’s a reaction to the motorboating video. French women from a hand sanitizer company cupped balls to bring awareness to prostate cancer.  The women gave a 10 euro donation for each touch and raised $700.

They look pretty aware. Don’t you think?

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83 responses to “Cupping Balls for Movember?

  1. We’re for anything that brings awareness, especially when it’s creative methods like this. It gets people talking whether they find it a good or bad method, though I don’t know a person who would think 700 dollars for the cause is negative. Great post, Susie.

  2. I’m a very private person, and probably wouldn’t participate — however, I fully support creative methods at raising awareness. I think people are tired of getting letters in the mail asking for money, but most people would get a kick out of doing something like this. I bet most aren’t even thinking that they’re spending money in the midst of…well, you know. :)

    • 10 people unfollowed me the day I posted this. Uptight or what!! I think the women spent the money and the men lined up. :)
      I was just talking to Danny about how disturbed I am over Komen getting my address. It would be fine if they were sending information or support, instead they send an envelope.The more creative the better!

      Did you see Le Clown’s video in the comments? Movember 18th is coming up fast!

      • That’s creepy that Komen got your address. I hope it wasn’t from medical records.

        I think this is fantastic. I laughed so hard! Fundraising at its most creative, IMO.

        • I thought so too! We were in Denver this afternoon and I saw two trucks with big Pink Staches on their bumpers! Hilarious!
          The info was not released from my reconstructive surgeon. It had to be though Boulder Medical Center and Community Hospital. I will find out!

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  4. An INTERESTING Approach – sure gets your attention for a GOOD CAUSE though!!!

    • Right? I think a lot less people are offended by the guys getting touched than the women getting motorboated. Most men don’t know about it out here in Colorado.
      Thanks Renee!

  5. Whoa!
    Talk about taking fundraising to a whole new level!

  6. I was putting my balls in people’s cups of tea – thanks for the education on this issue Susie

  7. I’m sure that someone else has pointed this out, but to raise awareness of prostate cancer in a more accurate manner, they should have stuck a digit where the sun don’t shine, but you know those French are such helpless romantics…and to clarify, the guys paid the women how much?

    • Hahaha! I’m not sure I want to watch a video of them doing that. I thought it was an effective way to get the message out there. Not sure America is ready for it! We’ll see…

  8. It is a hell of a way to meet guys and would be a hell of a story for the grandkids on the grandparents met. “I was walking down the street and our eyes met and then she reached over and grabbed my junk. It was love at first squeeze.” What fun…and of course all for a good cause.

  9. All funny aside, what you are doing here is awesome. Raising awareness in a warm, funny and most importantly: memorable way. Three cheers for Susie! RAH – RAH – RAH! I have had two aunts with breast cancer, and my father has had prostrate cancer, all are surviving well. The unfortunate thing is that there is little actually said about it in my family. So hearing other people’s tales is enlightening and helpful and I thank you for your Movember and Boobie posts.

    • Thanks so much SF for the boob support!
      This video was such an example of the shoe being on the other foot after the motorboating video. Because it is men, I doubt people are as offended. I thought it was hilarious!
      I met with some friends today and none of them new about Movember. Got to get the word out! Danny is rockin’ a stache!

  10. Priceless video, love the cupping balls thought! Don’t know about 18th of Movember though, unless hubby grows a stache real quick ;-)
    And about your byronic boobies, have you seen this:
    Daring, but I really liked it. I’m sure she’ll be a hit in brazil ;-)

    • I will check it out. It may be a picture of the breast cancer survivor that was body painted, but others thought was a tattoo. Thanks!

    • Wow!!! I can so relate except it doesn’t upset me like it used to. What amazing tattoos!!!! She’ll be rockin the naked beach in
      I am different in that I am not reminded by them in a negative way and I like being nipple-less. Did you notice that she had the nipple surgery? I hadn’t seen what it looked like. At this point I don’t want them so I can go braless once I heal.thanks for showing me the video!

  11. Now that’s an interesting way to raise awareness for prostate cancer. One of the cool things about prostate cancer (if there is ever anything cool about cancer), is that there are some varieties of it that are not very virulent and don’t take a person down. My father lived with prostate cancer for 26 years. When he died, it was not from the cancer (which by then had spread to his bones). He was 86.

    • Same with my dad. I read an interesting statistic. There are 2,000,000 prostate cancer survivors and 3,000,000 breast cancer survivors. Cancer is on.the rise, but early detection is key!

  12. Susie, loved the post but the comments were worth the price of the ticket. Wouldn’t mind getting cupped but I can hold out hope for 11/18. Wish me luck.

  13. I wonder what the going rate would be for a de-bag first?
    Another contest could be to grip really hard and see which victim achieved the best soprano?.

  14. I wondered why I grew a mustache this month. Now, I know.

  15. A kissing booth would be nice! I would donate! :-)

  16. filbio

    I might have to think about taking an extended vacation over in France….

    Maybe I can paid for what I normally ley women do for free!

  17. Grinning here. And working on my mustache post. Love ya, Susie!

  18. I didn’t realize I could charge for that. I just thought I had to let women do that if they asked nicely… ;)

  19. Susie, you can’t even imagine what you’ve done for prostate cancer awareness with this post. Men will be lining up across the world for a good “cupping”! :)

  20. Who knew November could bring so much hairy joy to so many! The month used to be about turkey and giving thanks but cupping balls, motorboating and sex with a man with a mustache has brought it to a whole different level. :)

  21. Anonymous

    Wow. This is a great idea!
    And my Moustache is coming along nicely, by the by.
    Thanks for sharing, Susie!

  22. No doubt they raised more than money. Good cause all around!

  23. this is just great susie==sharing

  24. Susie – like your ‘stache stuff – you are becoming quite the activist. I LOVE IT! I am not certain if I am ‘up’ for ball cupping by women I don’t know or even know casually – that might be awkward. Same thing for motorboating… but who am I to instill my values on others? ROCK ON and keep doin’ watcha doin’!

  25. I showed my husband this video, and he thought it was a hoot. We were wondering if there was a correlation between grabs and age. Some guys got a “barely there” swipe, while others got a true “cup ‘n grab.” Who thinks of this stuff? We didn’t notice any of this while we were in Paris, but obviously we went in the wrong month… ;)

  26. It’s a good thing all around. ;)

  27. Le Clown

    I worked behind the scene with Movember in 2010… I loved it, really, it’s a great team, and quite the international machine. But I’m here to share another Movember related video… It’s an oldie, too.

    Le Clown
    PS: Again, thank you for your contribution to The Outlier Collective. You generated a great deal of conversation, which is what it’s all about.

    • Oh my God! That is hilarious! November 18th is approaching fast. There’s still time for men to grow a stache!
      Thanks so much Le Clown! It was a blast. I wish this video would have come out sooner… The men don’t look like they have insecurity issues to me!!!!

  28. What’s funny about that to me is that the *women* donated the money! And that a hand sanitizer company sponsored it. Hilarious.

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