Jumping for Joy! Literally…

As part of our family’s Christmas traditions, I shop, bake, decorate, and create homemade greeting cards. I am always up for adding something new to the list.

My son Kelly figured he would receive a Playstation 4, but he still expressed over the top happiness when receiving his gifts. That’s when I had an idea…

Kelly jumped for joy, but what happened to his feet? His new snow pants need a hem.

Kelly jumping for joy 1

Then my daughter Courtney jumped!

Courtney jumping for joy 1

My sister Patty joined in the fun!

Patty jumping for joy 1

Danny really got into it!

Danny jumping for joy 1

I was grateful I that didn’t fall. I said grateful. Not graceful.

Susie jumping for joy 1

It’s a WILD new family tradition!

Imagine what we’ll do when 2014 arrives.

Disclaimer:  We are trained professional leapers. Don’t try this at home.

Are your holidays hopping along?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

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89 responses to “Jumping for Joy! Literally…

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  2. Wishing you a jumping fun start to 2014 :-)

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  4. I don’t want to umm . . jump the gun by saying this but, you guys seem a little umm . . jumpy. I guess you got the jump on 2014, huh? Okay . . I’m done. Almost.

  5. Jumping of Joy – just brilliant … and you’re all very good on jumping. I wish you all only the Best for 2014!!!! Thanks for 2013.

  6. And no one was hurt? You guys are good! I love the exuberance! Happy New Year, Susie. I hope it is just amazing!

    • I was really nervous, since I had a couple of surgeries this summer. I hadn’t jumped yet. It gave me the courage to go out and play tennis today! It’s all good. I’ve healed up pretty dang well.
      Happy New Year to you! Thank you!

  7. And no stuntmen were hired? Nice!

  8. That does look like a fun new tradition! Love the santa apron and the Red Bull video! :-)
    Happy New Year, Susie!

  9. love the leaping tradition! Hope you have even wilder New Years! Gonna swim again this year? Too ccccooollllddd for me!

    • Hahaha! Me too! I think we’ll be leaping next Christmas.
      I’m thinking about taking the plunge again. It won’t be nearly as cold with a high of 45. The water temp will be the same. We’ll see!!!

  10. I want one of those Santa aprons for Christmas next year, Susie! Great leaps! I need to practice!

  11. Delightful photos.

    [Would it count as a leap if I told you that on Christmas Day I played hopscotch? It's sort of leaping... ]

  12. Ha ha, brilliant pics. Happy New Year, Susie.

  13. Looks like you had a fun Christmas! Hop your way into 2014!!

    • We did! It was the best ever! I hope yours was wonderful too. :) We are hopping right into my daughter’s birthday today!
      I’m heading down the mountains today and can get your card out this afternoon! It just might make it before New Years!

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  16. I think it’s a fabulous new tradition. It definitely gets the blood flowing and brings out the joy and inner kid… How can one hang on to all the bad stuff when you’re jumping? :-)

  17. The Regular Guy NYC

    LOL! You guys are nuts! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  18. My observation is that the gals of the house appear much more limber….hey, where the heck is my Roxy? Happy New Year!!!

    • Ha! That’s right! We got hops!
      Roxy has bladder stones and she’s okay, but I didn’t want to push her into doing anything that hurt. She’ll have them out in January.
      Happy New Year to you and your family Lisa!

  19. That last pic was the one I wanted to see. I think the girl’s got her game back !!!!! :)

  20. Anonymous

    Great new tradition…..

  21. What fun to make those photos happen!

  22. Awesome idea! You should start a WANA group on jumping lol, I’d join ;)

  23. And look at you all Clausy in your little Santa apron.

    You and your family have a lot to jump for. It’s been a scary but joyous year at the Lindau household. So glad you all had a reason to jump.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Thanks so much Patricia! Wearing the apron is another tradition.
      There are a lot of fantastic reasons to jump for joy including Kelly’s graduation last weekend and my daughter making the dean’s list. It’s all good! Thanks for all your boob support through ’13. Looking forward, never backward!

  24. One hopper was missing… or should I say jumper?

  25. Looks like a jumptastic Christmas in the Lindau house! Great idea and I LOVE the disclaimer at the bottom. ;) Now, where did you guys get that jumping training? I’m thinking of a career change.

  26. My niece, Sweet Pea, is a natural born joy jumper, Susie, but Thurber the Family Dog, is a natural born barker so if we want to keep the peace it might be too much of an Excedrin headache inducing combo.

  27. I will have to try this at my house next year. Of course, the kids are always jumping up and down all day because it’s Christmas school vacation. Happy new year to you and yours, Susie!

  28. Ha! Perfect! Did anyone hurt themselves? Never too late to add new traditions. Can’t wait to see next year’s leaps. Happy New Year my friend! :)

  29. This was fun watching you guys have fun.

  30. Maggie C

    Where’s Roxie’s jump? Love the new photo on top of your site, too.

    • Right???? We thought about getting a photo of Roxy, but the day raced by. Thanks Maggie!
      I finally got the pictures of my holiday dance and my sister’s paintings to show up on my sidebar today. They appeared on my computer, but no one else’s. Gah!
      Happy New Year!

  31. Great photos! Happy new year to your family Susie!

  32. I love this new family tradition, Jumping for joy! It is also a good way to keep warm when your power goes out for extensive periods of time.

    • Thank you! I had to spread the joy.
      I will have to remember that! Hopefully we won’t have our gas shut off again! Our whole neighborhood froze a month ago. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      Happy New Year!

  33. This was uplifting and inspir… I mean, LEVIT … ational! :)

  34. MOSH (did I spell that correctly) PIT for 2014…? Just a thought. The Lindaus All are crazy good!!! Happy New Year, Susie. So smiling……

  35. So we should say HOPPY New Year? *ducking* Love this!

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