Favorite Photo Friday – Dancing in Paris

Dancing in Paris

While on a bike tour, we wound through the streets of Paris to the Louvre.  The City of Lights compelled us to stop and absorb the magic of the moment. The discord of modern and traditional architecture momentarily blended with the timelessness of dance.

Where would you like to travel in 2014?  

Click on photo to enlarge.

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79 responses to “Favorite Photo Friday – Dancing in Paris

  1. That looks like one unforgettable moment. And a gorgeous picture, too. This year, actually, I want to go home. To my birthplace. And spend some time getting to know it as an adult. A simple dream :)

  2. Nice shot! Bike tour sounds like a good idea. Someday I will do this one. Obviously, magic is waiting.
    (Need a mountain fix…maybe when it’s warm enough trail ridge is open

  3. Actually, Paris is on my list this year! I’m hoping to go for some research for my new novel. And maybe I’ll have a little fun while I’m there. All work and no play… :)

    • You will love Paris! There is beauty around every corner. Not sure about about the Charles De Gaulle Museum, but the rest is lovely! How romantic to write a novel in the City of Lights!

  4. England, the home of Doctor Who, is calling my name, Susie…

  5. Wild Riding to Ireland in September 2014 – So EXCITED!!!

  6. I remember touching the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London. I had my wife run interference and then I slipped under the rope. That was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my trip.

  7. Nice shot! I’d like to travel anywhere I can take surfing lessons. That would be cool. Hawaii would be nice. It feels pretty relaxed and Zen over there :)

  8. The Regular Guy NYC

    Spain, Prague, and Germany are on my list along with many others. We are hoping to get out and travel more this year.

    I like your new blog layout!

  9. I will dance anywhere but particularly in Paris! Nice. I’m afraid the only trips we will be taking in 2014 are to the bank to pay our second mortgage which will be paying for two kids in college! :) If I play my cards right and whine enough, Mr. Brickhouse might send me to PR to stay with my mom for a couple of weeks to escape these frigid temps. Where will you be traveling to, Susie?

  10. Paris. Thanks for the party!

  11. Someplace where it’s not -35 degrees with the wind chill when I awaken…

  12. 2014 – Disneyland (for my 50th!!!), probably Yellowstone and maybe a cruise somewhere tropical. Or Hawaii.

    Where do I want to go if I had unlimited resources? Ireland, Greece, Alaska, Italy – how about a world tour? Who’s with me?

    Happy traveling and happy dancing!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  13. Great photo! Paris is such a marvellous city – and the place I’d like to travel is right back to that square with its pyramid…and the ticket counter for the Louvre underneath (not Dan Brown’s Holy Grail!). Last time I was there we had 3 hours left before having to catch a train at Paris Nord and ended up scorching through the Louvre at Mach = 3…and it deserves a lot more than that…

    • It is quite a place! We spent hours there in 2001 and skipped it last summer since it was peak tourist season. Next time! I love Paris because it is a city you can get lost in.
      I hope you have the opportunity to travel back!

  14. This wage slave would most like to travel to the bank with a better salary.
    Excellent photo, Susie, but I so wish I could enter your banner image because it’s 16 degrees in the Big Apple right now — and the mercury is falling.

    • Good one! I’d like to travel to the bank after making ANY money at all.
      Paris was so hot that day too! I am about to fly back to Wisconsin where 5 degrees as a high temperature is welcomed. I think I’ll go out and play in the snow to get myself acclimated.

  15. Only interest in travel outside the US & Canada is cruises. Right now, we’re thinking about a cruise up the Norwegian coast to see the fjords.

  16. I really don’t want to travel outside the country, done that. I’ve driven to Colorado and was awed. Pretty much narrows it down to my state, Connecticut and my home town. There’s a lot here. I’m going to capture it on film or digital and post it in my blog. Keep dancing.

  17. Gorgeous photo, Susie! Where would I like to travel in 2014? Everywhere! I’d love to go back to Europe in the springtime to explore Austria, Germany, and the Eastern side. I will be making my way down to Costa Rica in the summer and that will be an incredible adventure I’m sure. Are you and the family headed anywhere amazing this year?

    • I loved Costa Rica! Make sure to hit the beach and surf! Europe would be an adventure too. Danny wants the family to go to Lindau, Germany! I wonder if we could get all of our hotel and meals comped?

  18. We have plans to visit the Dominican Republic. If all goes well, we’ll be heading back to Texas again for a Cowboys game, too. Ultimately we’d like to take a longer vacation to visit the Mediterranean (specifically Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the south of France), but we know that won’t be happening this year. :-) BTW, I just NOW made it through your party…well, until more people show up. Yay!

    • Those sound like great places to roam! It is fun to have vacations planned so you can look forward to the break. :)
      Way to go Kitt! I read every one of them too. Whew! Thanks for all the blog support!

  19. Boing Boing CW! Hopefully New York later this year Susie with also Florence and Budapest on the horizon.

  20. Cool! I’m very grateful to have been there twice. We are supposed to be going to Disney this year :)

  21. Oh that’s really cool. I can see why that’s a favorite.

  22. No trips for me this year. That will be the fifth year in a row. I’m planning on things changing … this year.

  23. I think I was on the very same bike tour, and took nearly an exact same photo! (https://plus.google.com/109574164264377835413/posts) What a romantic city.

  24. I love wandering the streets of Paris. Riding a bike would’ve been a blast. Did you rent one of their bikes they have scattered all over the city. We thought about that when we were there, but decided to just walk. have a great New Year. Love the blog header – I showed it to my son who’s doing Midwest skiing – just big hills. I watch. Take care.

    • Hi Clay! Thanks so much!
      We took a bike tour which started at the Eiffel Tower and looped through the city. When we returned, we took a boat tour as part of the package. It was so much fun!
      Thanks for sharing it! I put the Paris photo up there for a featured image just for this post. The ski photo is from Whale’s Tail in Breckenridge. Snow is coming in tonight!

  25. Susie, I not a bigger fan of Paris – been quite a few time (through work) and I have never felt for dancing in Paris… *smile – love your photo. Tomorrow I will post about my travelling plans for this year … have loads going on.
    If there is one city that I would love to dance in .. is it Vienna.

  26. I would love to travel many places. But I don’t fly. And oh I need money. :-)
    I love traveling virtually with you guys. Your photo is fabulous.

  27. We’re thinking about a dive trip to Fiji or Indonesia this year. Great shot of the Louvre, Susie.

    • I thought you wrote a “driving” trip to Fiji! Hahaha! My son’s girlfriend just got back from Bali after a semester abroad. She loved it!
      Thanks Cathy and Happy New Year!

  28. Is that the pyramid from the Dan Brown Holy Grail adventure book ?

  29. There are often people dancing in Washington Square Park near NYU in manhattan.
    Always a beautiful sight.

    I’ve never danced in Paris, but I did eat a waffle while strolling along the banks of the Seine.
    Then a bird pooped on me.

    No one likes the French.

  30. Love your new blog look, Susie, and this Friday photo idea is fabulous! I’ll be traveling back to France this summer to spend some time loving la belle France and then leading the two women’s tours in Nice and the countryside of Provence. I’m already counting the days to departure! What are your travel plans? Happy New Year to you and yours ~ we are off and riding with you for 2014′s Wild one!

    • Thanks so much Patricia! It’s a featured image just for this post! It made sense to me to try it out since skiing Whale’s Tail didn’t really work with my scene of the Louvre!
      Sounds like you have amazing plans for 2014! Danny and I are toying with the map. We are both anxious to travel this year.
      Thanks for coming along for the Wild Ride!

  31. I would love to travel to Scotland. I’ve never been and I’m dying to see the highlands and the Isle of Skye. The new banner on your website is beautiful! Love the redesign! :) Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Sophie! It’s a featured image just for this post. I have never used this widget, but the snowing scene really didn’t go with my post!
      Scotland would be a great adventure and would inspire a new series of books for you no doubt!
      Hope you are staying warm in Cali! Snow is on the way!
      Happy New Year to you!

  32. England and Canada (Toronto to be exact) are my two big trips planned for this year.

  33. Wasn’t that a wonderful sight?? We were in that exact spot last September. Did you ride your bikes through the Tuileries Gardens as long as you were that close? :) Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories, Susie!

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