The Ultimate Blog Party – Use Me and Abuse Me Days!

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Welcome to all of the new followers of the Wild Ride!  Here’s your chance to meet some of my friends. This virtual blog party always lasts for days.

Bring a link from ONE of your blog posts and paste it in my comment section. Then the party will begin. Click on a few. Check out their place. Tell them “Susie sent me!” Hang out for a while. Maybe you’ll like what you see and will subscribe. They’ll click back to check out your digs. Some may subscribe to your blog! See? It’s so much fun!

Only leave ONE link or you’ll end up in my spam filter. That can be so embarrassing.

If you leave a link, then click on a few. You wouldn’t go to a party with a doggy bag, fill up on food and take off, would you? Of course not. The more links you click, the more fun you’ll have!

DJ Ksmash in in the house and he’ll be spinning all day and night. Help yourself to the buffet and the bar. Rather have coffee? The barista is chillin’ and just waiting for your order. You might want to drink a Red Bull with me!

Have fun mingling and don’t forget to dance!

I’m going to take a few runs and will come back and read all of your posts.

Don’t forget to enter the caption contest! 

The more the merrier so spread the word on Twitter and Facebook!

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131 responses to “The Ultimate Blog Party – Use Me and Abuse Me Days!

  1. Pingback: I Had a Little Adventure While You Were Dancing! A Photo Essay | Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

  2. plot121

    just got my new book ready to be marketed and wonder if you know any bloggers I can submit my link to for advertising please let me know thanks 

    here is the link

    Robert Niswander Aka plot121

  3. I hope I’m not too late for the party! :) I love finding new blogs to read though, so I’m sure it will be fun!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Help yourself to the buffet and the bar. Click on a few links and tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place! Have fun and don’t forget to dance!

  4. Way way too late this time Susie. But hello anyway!

  5. Um, am I too late for the party? I never really go to them. This is a brilliant idea. Here’s my link: Thanks.

    • Loved your fun stories about growing up! It reminded me of a few of my own!
      It’s never to late to join in the fun! Just click on a few links and tell them, “Susie sent me.” They should click back to your place! The more you click, the more fun you’ll have meeting my friends!

  6. Whew! I’ve been held captive by two truly wild riders for the past few day. They are just 4 and 6 years old so I didn’t bring them along to your party even though they love to boogie! When I saw you on the slopes up there I wanted to jump into that shot and take a run or two with you. How much fun would that be? I’m sure you’ve been glued to the Olypmics’ coverage like I have. I wanted to share the love about the amazing Bilodeau brothers in my blog on Friday.
    It’s a story the whole world should enjoy, dont’cha think?

    Now I’m off to mingle with the hangers-on here! I did notice Phil had lost his pants … again! You have the best bashes, Susie ~ no question about that!

    • I would love to meet the little nubbins and ski with you!
      Loved your post and your French connection! Nice would be a blast to visit for the French version of where Mardi Gras came from!
      Thanks for coming. It’s always a rager!
      Let me know if you find Phil’s pants…. :)

  7. I just love stumbling into an open party. Hope you guys are fun…

    And what’s a good party without something tacky?

    Now let’s see what I can rummage up from the rest of you.

  8. Cool! You host the BEST blog parties, you realise!
    My link’s yesterday’s history snippet on the time a (future) US President came under NZ command in the Second World War. I won’t spoil by saying who he is. Suffice to say, he’s been well done over in Futurama …

  9. Hi Susie, in the pic above you look right in your element. Looks like fun.
    Thanks for hosting the party and I’ve got some Irish Soda Bread and a keg of Guinness here just in case the part lasts that long. Hugs to ya. Have a great time on the slopes.

    • I just got back. It was a bluebird day! Thanks!
      I’m still laughing. You got me on this one Paul!
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! Love the soda bread. It’s my favorite since I am a McCartan after all. :) We tapped your keg. There are a lot of thirsty dancers!

  10. I don’t know about sharing Red Bulls. Oo la la. But hey! It’s snowing in the mountains. YAY!!! Good for skiing, good for summer. Hope you’re flying through powder. I love the billboard link above! I’m sitting out the white-outs with popcorn and hot tea and good books:

    • Love your recommendations! It has been a long winter for a lot of folks! I’m headed out skiing again today. You can’t beat the conditions in Colorado this year!
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! It’s so great to see you. Help yourself to the buffet and have fun meeting the guests!

  11. Wish this had come up a couple of weeks later so I could reference my post in the BOAW blogfest. Instead, read my post on love at

    • I love this one David! It will strike a chord with many!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun clicking on links and introducing yourself to new faces! Tell them, “Susie sent me!”

  12. Hi Susie! Happy (late) Valentine’s Day! I’m catching up on my weekend reading today, and here everything is, gathered in one spot for me!

    I’m sharing a guest post by Amy Shojai, pet expert and thriller writer. You can get great Valentine advice for pets and learn about her newest book with bite, Hide and Seek. Happy reading (myself included)! ;)

  13. Hi Susie! Thanks for the invitation. Sorry I’m a day late. But I’m not a dollar short… I already visited an awesome blog and started following. I post a variety of content. Here is a nearly wordless one for quick perusal.
    Santa Cruz Lighthouse

  14. Turnabout- as per the nasty weather- was fair play for me this weekend. I attended a party on Friday night, dropped in on one Saturday and am slated for a birthday party this afternoon. Three parties in one weekend . . or three more than I have attended in forever. And I’m gonna consider this my fourth, if you don’t mind.

  15. Here’s a Flash Fiction I wrote on November 8, 2013. I’d love to read your comments.

  16. Sounds like a happening party … here I come bringing some sunshine and bottle of wine. Ready to check out your dance moves in the snow Susie. :)

    Brought a special story today … you know about the one guy nobody wants to sit next to on the train or plane but he finds you … he finds you. Hope you get a laugh.

    • Yup! I, too, learned the headphone lesson the hard way. :-)

    • What an annoying guy!!! Funny how the people we meet make the greatest characters in stories. I met one of them for the second book in my series on a plane back to Colorado. What a totally creepy guy! I made a comment that he blew off, but he was all over the flight attendant. Even she seemed nervous around him.
      Thanks for coming to the party! Lots of new faces here. We drank your bottle of wine, but there’s a lot more where that came from! :)

  17. The Regular Guy NYC

    I swear I was roofied at your last party Susie. I still haven’t located my pants and I’m not to thrilled with the new tattoo. Especially in the spot it was placed – ouch!

    Yet, who am I to pass up one of your great parties? I’m back for more abuse. Here is a little warped take on Valentine’s Day from my twisted mind. Enjoy and thanks for the invite!

  18. Hey Susie. Always a pleasure. Here is a story from Wednesday your readers might enjoy.

  19. Hi Susie! As you know, my posts can be super spicy or tame. Although I’ve got my first book on sale this weekend, that particular post has a heat level that not everyone in your audience is comfortable with, so I thought I’d leave a link about learning to love your imperfections instead. :-)

  20. Hola people! Not only am I bringing Mojitos to the party but I am also bringing hand warmers, mink coats and a sun lamp for those of us who are suffering from SAD! Woot, woot! I love that you love winter and that you are having us over once again for some snowpocalypse fun! Here’s an oldie post that I thought I’d share.

  21. So cool that you decided to do one of your great parties. Since I’ve been housebound lately with my recuperating hubby (hip surgery two weeks ago), this is the only kind of party I can attend right now.

    Here’s my Valentine’s post from yesterday on the subject of marriage vows. I suspect you will be able to relate.

    Now I’m off to visit some of these great blogs. So many posts, so little time.

  22. Hi Susie, read the blog, clicked and found some interesting places. Tomorrow I’m posting a kind of emotional purge and instruction for those of us who’ve suffered from unrequited love. Check it at Thanks.

  23. Susie, what fun on another frigid, snowy day in Central NY. BUT…big game tonight: SU vs. North Carolina! It gets us through the winter. Anyway, thanks for this terrific format for meeting other bloggers and sharing their imaginative, entertaining work. Kudos to you.
    In the spirit of winter themes, here’s a semi-fictitious account of an afternoon at Panera:

    • Love it! I’ve been there too! Good thing you had some self control with those scarves!
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! Have fun meeting the guests and don’t forget to dance!

  24. Thanks, these are always fun! In keeping with the snow theme, I found my only post with a snow picture (I live near the coast in California, sorry!): . It also happens to contain links to several other blogs, so it’s kind of like crashing the party with several uninvited guests. Hope you don’t mind.

    Enjoy the powder.

  25. Thanks for the party, Susie, and enjoy the skiing! Now, where’s that hot tub? :-)

  26. Hi Susie! I write so I can to remember, especially the small, unplanned, great moments that just happen.

    • Those are wonderful stories! A very different lifestyle from my own very wild one!
      Thanks for bringing them to the party! Have fun meeting my friends and don’t forget to dance!

  27. Thanks Susie. My first time “using and abusing” you. Thanks for the opportunity. Have a great time on the slopes. You deserve it!

  28. The chairlift opens in 10 minutes and Danny is antsy. I’ll take a few runs and check back in to read more of your posts! Keep on clicking, mingling and dancing!!!

  29. Hey Susie, love your bloggy parties! So in honor of the day of love yesterday and the love that bloggers have for one another I thought I would share my most recent post, Are You the Dog Breed You Love? I’m curious what others will come up with!

  30. I’m so glad you did this on a Saturday, Susie! Like Elyse, I haven’t really been able to participate when they were on weekdays because of work (that darned work!) Here’s my latest post for this week’s WP photo challenge – a shot I took of a Hawksbill turtle while diving in Bonaire in December. Have fun on the slopes today – the snow should be awesome at Breck – almost 100″ base!

    • That is such a gorgeous shot Cathy!
      Breck was mighty fine today. Super soft snow and temps around 34 degrees! We skied all morning and skated this afternoon! It’s been such a long time. Now it is nap time….I mean coffee time! Gotta read all of these posts!
      I will have these parties on Saturdays from now on! Glad you could make it.

  31. I loves me a Susie par-tay! While she’s out on the slopes, let’s figure out where she hides the good liquor! I was kidding, people! Speaking of kidding, here’s a golden oldie nugget from the time when I was reblogged by a guy who didn’t appear to speak my language. Thanks Suz!

  32. Thanks for the invite, Susie. Previous ones have always coincided with days when I couldn’t play because of work (it’s not fair to post and not read other folks stuff). So here’s my post:

    Now, I’m off to check out your other bloggin’ buddies!

  33. Dancing, mingling, and heading straight for the Irish Coffee. You give the best parties! I’d come just to warm up by the fire.

    Here’s a link to the cold facts of my castle life.

  34. This is always fun, Susie. Thanks for the invite. Here’s a silly little post about dealing with all this annoying snow…

  35. I always enjoy this post. Thanks for doing it. I look forward to meeting some new people. Here is a true story about me becoming a man.

    Note from Susie: This has an R/X-rating.

  36. This is a great idea, Susie! Thanks for the chance to share and discover new blogs!

    FYI: My blog is Rated PG-13, so if you have young kids that can read, heed this “advisory”! :)

    Goofy Signs & Billboards —>

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