Snowshoeing Photo Essay – Get Featured!

After my big adventure, I had to take Danny snowshoeing. Roxy raced ahead.

snowshoeing 7

Danny followed my lead down to the Sally Barber Road.

snoeshoeing 1

Once we hit the mining trail, we cruised on the hard-packed snow.

snowshoeing the Sally Barber

We ran into a runner who suggested trekking to the mine or looping around by taking Nightmare on Bald Mountain Trail. We couldn’t find the trail, so we made our own tracks up old Baldy.

The slow and steady climb through heavy snow proved to be too much for Roxy.

snowshoeing 3

We found the trail back home and Roxy sprinted ahead.

Snowshoeing 6

Our little outing took more than two hours, but the exercise while taking in Colorado’s beauty was worth every minute.

Come up with a caption for “backpacking Roxy” and get featured on the Wild Ride!

snowshoeing with RoxyLeave your caption in the comment section below. The winner will be featured on my sidebar until next month’s contest! My kids, Kelly and Courtney, will choose the finalists.  Good luck!

Happy first day of spring!

Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

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I am a Boulder, Colorado writer and artist who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride!
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60 Responses to Snowshoeing Photo Essay – Get Featured!

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  2. She’s so cute! My Roxy caption: “Who’s the bitch now?”


  3. tedstrutz says:

    Wow… that looks like a lot of work. I’ve never tried snowshoes, but looks like you had a great outing. I like Catherine’s caption best.


  4. Catherine says:

    Okay, here’s my caption: “Mush! Mush! … Slowest human sled ever.”


  5. Wonderful photos, Susie. Hope the temperatures are getting spring-like there.

    Here’s my Roxy caption: How do I get this guy into fifth gear? :)


  6. jake kale says:

    “That dog has a human stuck to it’s feet!”


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  8. “It’s alright for you, you got boots!” ;)

    Roxy is gorgeous!


  9. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    All I know is that I have seen enough snow this winter!. Great pics but let’s see some sunny warm days!

    Roxy is saying “Take me to the beach”!


  10. So cute! Trot on captain!


  11. “I love backpacking.”


  12. Sophie Moss says:

    Happy Spring, Susie!! I love that you took Roxy snowshoeing! :)


    • susielindau says:

      Happy Spring to you!
      We had a lot of fun. Roxy collects a lot of snow on her fur. I would have put on her deluxe doggy mittens, but would have lost then in the deep powder. :)
      How’s Cali?


  13. Austin says:

    Happy Spring! I had to shovel snow this morning, but it’s still Spring!!! :)


  14. Widdershins says:

    “Mush, mush.”


  15. Wow, that’s a lot of snow Susie. But it’s so great to see that you’ve finally gotten a good dose of it. I was worried for a while. That looked like you both were having a great time. I love how Roxy gets around. The backpack idea was brilliant. Snowshoeing is something that I’ve never done, but should be on my bucket list. I have to clothes to do it in, just no snow or shoes. Sending you warm thoughts and hugs! :)


    • susielindau says:

      Thanks Karen!
      It was a lot of fun. We’ve had the snowshoes for a while, but hadn’t used them. We’ve had a record year for snow in the mountains. I bet we’re getting close to 400 inches! Yep I just checked. Breck is at 385 inches for the year!
      You would love it. When I went hiking through the snow the first time, I didn’t wear them and broke through. Snowshoes keep you on top! :)


  16. JackieP says:

    So cute…..I’m new around here. ;-) I love your blog. My caption

    “You sure this is the way to Santa’s?”


  17. Fun photos and beautiful countryside.

    My Roxy caption: “The Ultimate Iditarod – Don’t Try This At Home.”

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  18. “Backpacks are generally not 100% waterproof so let’s hold it Roxy until we get home.”


  19. tomwisk says:

    Hi Susie, my caption:”Is this Aurora yet?” Cute pets get away with everything.


  20. Now that’s my kind of exercise and gym. (and we’re fighting pollen and mosquitoes)
    Roxy: “Training them takes time, but well worth the effort.”


  21. “Move along Jeeves, move along.”


  22. The dog still eats my homework.


  23. PapaBear says:

    “Hitchin’ a Ride” (an oldie by Vanity Fare) seems to fit the scene here, Susie.


  24. El Guapo says:

    Looks like a fun day! Aren’t snow shoes supposed to keep you above the snow???

    “Worst trip to the vet EVER!”


  25. “I’m your bitch and don’t you forget it.” :)


  26. What a CUTIE! She looks a bit like my Maltese. “Just call me the ‘Hitch Hikin’ Hound’!”

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  27. Talia Hardy says:

    How about Hey Buddy, can you spare a ride? Clichéd I know. Or how about me and my Doggy bag? Last one for the cliché pot. She ain’t heavy, she’s my woofer. On that not I’m outta here before I cause an avalanche of clichés. Be Well Susie.


  28. Forget it! I’m done walking.


  29. diannefallon says:

    I’ll never turn down a ride from a handsome stranger.


  30. John says:

    Cold and beautiful scenery! Good to see you out and about again. Roxy is so cute!


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