Twenty Word Wednesday – The Cotswolds Revisited

Tolkien Church

A church in Moreton-in-Marsh.

chocolatey house 1

Roaming through the village.

chocolatey house

I would have loved to peek inside.

Happy Hump Day!

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58 responses to “Twenty Word Wednesday – The Cotswolds Revisited

  1. That last pic is my favorite. Feel like I’m Gandolf is gonna come out and I’m gonna go on a Lord of the Rings adventure … which would be awesome. :)

  2. This area really brings up thoughts of Merry Olde England. We a village down the path from Bath but ran to catch the lat train back to London. I do want to go back! Cool pix

  3. I loved my visit to the Cotswolds 6 or 7 years ago. The villages are so… quaint. Isn’t that the best way to describe them? I remember walking from village to village through people’s yards (permissible, believe it or not!) Like walking through a storybook.

  4. Such great memories of the Cotswolds! I went there for the first time last spring, and was lucky enough to meet one of their most famous residents. []

    • Thanks Barb! I loved it so much! It reminded me of Ireland.

      • That’s so funny. I was just in Ireland and it reminded me of California suburbs. Only with better pubs.

        • Seriously? Where in Ireland were you?

          • I went over on the car ferry from Scotland to Glasgow and then drove around the south of Ireland and over to Kerry. Don’t get me wrong — it was gorgeous, even in the dead of winter. But it was just so dang prosperous. It’s been a few decades since I was there, and apparently those little thatched roof cottages burning their blue peat smoke are an endangered species with less than 1000 left. (But if you want to buy one, journalist Cormac McConnell has just written “Who wants to buy our beautiful thatched cottage in Clare, Ireland?”–

  5. Nice, sorry I’ve been so out of the loop!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pics, Susie. Convinces me that I do really need to see England (but Ireland first). The flowers at the top of your page ARE from your garden, right ??? :)

    • Hi Paul! Thank you so much! I agree that with your love for the Irish, you should go there first. The flowers are from the Lidcote Gardens! I wish they were mine…. :)

  7. Who wouldn’t want to peek inside? My imagination tells me we would be transported to another place and time. Wonderful photos, Susie!

  8. Great photos–they bring back pleasant memories.

  9. The sun is shining here today Susie!

  10. Terrific photos! I would have loved to look inside too. Picturesque looking village.

  11. Lovely photos, Susie.

    Here’s a good book… ‘The Storied Life of A J Kilkry’.

    • Is that top one a photo or did you paint it?

      • It’s a photo of an amazing church. There were parishioners inside getting ready for mass. It was very unadorned compared to most churches we visited, but that back door was a surprise! It was late in the day and the lighting was very tricky.
        I’ll check out the book. By the way, thanks for the breast cancer link on Linked In. I didn’t know how to respond to you on my iPad.
        Thanks Ted!

  12. Oh wow – those are fantastic photos! I’m with you, let’s peek inside. I don’t care if someone’s home. I can run pretty fast.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  13. These pics are “hideous”!! wink, wink.

  14. Love this! Wonderful photos. Reminds me of the cottages in Stratford-upon-Avon.

  15. You don’t have to wish that you can look into the row of houses. I’ve been following you and your writing shows me that your mind has a key to every door.

  16. You manage to say a lot in 20 words, Susie. Hope your week is going well.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  17. How picturesque! That definitely isn’t downtown Detroit, Susie, not that I’ve ever been there, either.

  18. Nice! You said a lot with only twenty words. The picture are just gorgeous.

  19. Beautiful Captures – thanks so much for sharing:) Makes me want to slow down and stroll and take my time exploring. Happy Hump Day!

  20. That church and, to a lesser degree, the cottage, looks like a movie set for Hobbiton.

  21. Nice! Very tranquil and old-timish.

  22. karenmcfarland

    Susie, that last pic looks like the B & B where hubby and I stayed in Stow-on-the-Wold. It was the perfect setting for sight seeing around Oxford and Warwickshire. And of course Strafford-upon-Avon. You know. A real famous bloke lived there. Darn, what was his name? William…. :)

  23. I have always wanted to visit the Cotswolds. :)

  24. I love buildings like that! Makes me pine for England.

  25. Just beautiful.. I like the idea of 20 word Wednesday.:)

  26. So beautiful. Reminds me of the chateau in the movie Ever After.

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