Another Birthday. Thank God!

It’s my birthday! Last year, I looked forward to being a year older. I couldn’t understand why so many people loathe them when we all want to live a long life. That’s the goal, right? We all want to live to be 100! To get there, you have to attain all the numbers in between.

Christmas,  CC birthday, and decor 2009 019

Five days after my last birthday, I had a routine mammogram. I was shocked when I learned I needed an immediate ultrasound. I thought I may not see another birthday. After recovering fully from boobectomies and reconstructive surgery, I still can’t believe I was diagnosed with cancer. I have never gotten used to saying that word.

As I hunkered down with close friends and family to heal, I reassessed. I looked honestly at my life and how I was spending my time. Now I surround myself with people who enjoy my company and support me. I’m excited about my projects and am working hard. Yep. I’ve got another one in the works. I’m sending my book to a professional editor on Monday. Whew!

I don’t feel any different about my birthday this year. I’ve always felt that life is precious. I am grateful to have so many candles on my cake and I plan to add a lot more. I am not a woman who dreads being another year older. I’ve earned it!

2013 Birthday

Last year’s birthday

There are things I can’t change such as my height, the fact that I will never be a pro tennis player or a rock star, or the fact that I had cancer. But I can be a redhead! I made an appointment and plan to get pampered on my birthday.

Last year, I wrote a list of ways to celebrate. Number 1. was getting together with family. I’m looking forward to a celebratory dinner with them once again, but afterward we’re going to DANCE!


 This is from my rain dancing days with the photo bomber.

My ordeal was more positive than negative. I’ve learned a lot about myself. With adversity, and the gift of living another year, comes clarity. I know who I am, what I’m capable of, and where I’m going. That’s my birthday gift to myself.

Getting older is a very good thing! 

Do you look forward to your birthday?

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138 responses to “Another Birthday. Thank God!

  1. Happy April Birthday! Sorry this is belated but the rest of the year will have good wishes passed on from me to you! This was so wonderful of you to respond positively in a truly scary time. I had a father who had cancer and I have a young daughter of 28 who was diagnosed with JRA early in life. I think that being grateful for another birthday is the way “I roll,” too! I am so sorry that it took me awhile to wade through all my emails to find that you were here! I am so glad to get to know you and I do know one of your good friends, Jill! She is a sweetheart! Looking forward to more weekend reading, my new friend! Smiles, Robin

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  3. Happy Belated Birthday Your Awesomeness! :)

  4. I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Susie! Such an inspirational post to those who don’t realize each day is a gift. Living with a chronic disease, I do treasure every day and pray the birthdays keep coming!
    Love the hair!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you are battling health issues. I hope spring arrives and brings with it renewed energy, (unless you have allergies!!!)
      Thanks so much! It was a blast! I am wearing a wig in my gravatar, but got it cut in the same style afterward!

  5. What a wonderful celebration, Susie! Congratulations on your birthday, and a substantial round of applause for being such a positive light! You really do remind us all to be grateful for every year on our way to 100! I just had a birthday in March, and I never once complain about my age. I have lost too many friends, way too early, and some from Cancer, to ever be a whiner about my age. I think of them often, and realize what a blessing my wrinkles are. But I haven’t faced what you have and the positivity means even more coming from you. ox

    • Awwww! You just gave me shivers! I had a blast! Thank you.
      I agree that too many are taken too early. Looking older is part of the getting older package. Back when my mom was my age, they didn’t have many options for anti-aging other than a full face lift. Now there’s so much pressure with the full range of products, injectables, and surgeries out there.
      My plan is to live to be 100 and I’m sure I’ll have more than a few wrinkles by then!

  6. Wow. Okay– I’m feeling kind of like an arse, but humbled– in the best way. I’m one of those who frequently complains about birthdays or approaches them with fear and trepidation. How foolish of me. Thanks for reminding me to get out of my silly little head and open my eyes! Happy Birthday Susie– your hair kicks ass!

    • Thanks so much! I cut it just like the wig in the photo and put a few red streaks in it on Friday. :)
      Yep. I’m over the whole “I’m depressed because I’m a year older.” I faced the alternative last year!!!

  7. Looks like I’m a bit late, but Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Whoo hoo! Happy belated birthday. You have a great attitude, Susie – you’re an inspiration to an Eeyore like me.

  10. Happy belated birthday. I don’t mind birthdays in general, because I share the same view as you. However, there have been tough ones when I reflected upon the year and realized I wasn’t close to where I wanted to be at that time in my life. In particular, with my writing career. But, I usually can turn it around and use it as a learning tool or a stepping stone.

    • Thanks so much!
      Kindred spirits! I am in a much better place this year than last. It’s weird how life and cancer put everything into perspective for me. What a gift!
      I often feel like writing is such a slow process for me. I get really anxious and feel like I’ve been climbing up the same mountain for a long time. It won’t be long now….trudge….trudge….

  11. Woot woot! Congratulations on the birthday, the book, everything! Yay! This best be a weekend of solid celebration!!!

  12. My husband turns 50 next month, Susie, and it’s hard to believe! He doesn’t know it, but we’re celebrating with a family gathering at a local restaurant. Everyone is coming in from out of town. Every single guest. I’m thrilled that they are all helping me give him this wonderful surprise! Happy birthday to you, too. Your outlook on life is inspiring.

    • Thanks so much Gwen! 50 is a big milestone and it sounds like you have a great celebration planned. Danny has a big one this year too and I’m planning on surprising him as well! That’s what birthdays are for!

  13. Happy Birth Day! :D … it’s kinda like your 1st Birth Day all over again!

  14. Happy Mirthday to you! And many more joyous ones to come! Dance on among friends and flowers!

  15. Glad to have you around, Susie.
    Keep up the good work, babe!

  16. As far as I’m concerned, my friend, you ARE a rockstar! You inspire me every time I find the time for a visit. I just wish it were more often. I hope you had a very good birthday.. I’m fairly certain you did.
    Rock on, my dear. Rock on!


  17. Hope you had a super day, and Many Happy Returns!

  18. You really are wonderful!

  19. Happy Birthday, Susie! I’m very glad you got through that very rough patch last year. Good luck on the book. You’ve done the harrowing wild ride. Now I hope you move onto a more rewarding one with your masterpiece this year.

    • You must be clairvoyant! My next project has a “masterpiece” in it! :)
      Thanks so much! I still can’t believe that happened to me. I’m one of those people who was always telling others to eat organic and to use organic cleaning products, avoid plastic, blah blah blah and here I am. Life said, You can’t protect yourself from every environmental carcinogen and there’s no sure fire way to prevent cancer.” I get it now, life! GEEZ!
      Thanks so much for all the support and birthday cheer V!!!!

  20. I do not look forward to my birthday much the same as I get sad when reading a book that I love and realizing there are only a few chapters left. However, I love your story of reaching beyond the number to the life, the joy and the possibilities in between.
    Best of luck for continued good health and the happiest of all birthdays!

    • None of us know how long we have, so I just live in the moment. I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish and just knowing what I’m striving for is a gift in itself! I think it’s silly to be depressed since so many don’t get the luxury of celebrating a birthday. Young and old are taken too soon. Birthdays are the celebration of LIFE!
      Thanks so much! I am working on it!

  21. NH

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and revel in all the things that make you happy!

  22. Happy Birthday, Susie. Many many more.

  23. You’re a gift, Susie Lindau. A very happy birthday to you, and we wish you many more joy filled years to come! This is my month, too… I have to admit, I have been less than joy filled about it, but hey. You remind me that there’s plenty of good things to celebrate! Cheers to you xox

    • Thank you so much! That is so sweet. I am so glad we met here in the blogging world!
      You have to celebrate it Alarna! Becoming a year older is a part of life! I am so glad to be around for another year. Cheers!

  24. Happy birthday. What a beautiful perspective. Yes, I look forward to my birthday ( and everyone else’s). I lost my mom only 108 days after a cancer diagnosis, so I know how precious and shockingly short it can be.

    Every day is a gift. :)

    • It is a gift. I’m so sorry about your mother. I am so lucky that I skipped going to my mammogram the year before and not last year. The cancer wouldn’t have shown up on that screening since it was lobular (long and skinny) and then I would have been screwed this year when going in! I don’t know why they tell women to go every two years.
      Thanks so much Lori!

  25. Happy Birthday Susie! Another candle on the cake couldn’t happen to a nicer person. :) Age is just a number.

    Congrats on sending your book for editing! That’s a huge step.

    • Awwww! Thanks so much Jackie! You made my day. Age is irrelevant when you think about it.
      I am pretty excited to send it out! It’s my first so I figure it will be good to get professional eyes on it before looking for an agent. It’s cheaper than taking a 3 credit course at CU and I know I’ll learn a lot!

  26. Another birthday … how hideous! :) I see you went ahead and baked a cake. Love it! It’s great to be able to celebrate your birthday with the people who love and support you. Get your groove on girl! I love that Wild Rider mentality and I’m so glad I got the chance to meet you through the world of blogging. I know you’ll have fun in whatever you do!

    • Thanks so much Guat! I’m so glad I met you too!
      I went out with the family last night and had a blast! We even hit the dance floor. Good thing Danny bought me exactly what I wanted this year. An exercise bike! After last night, I realize how much I need to get my knees in shape! OooooO! OoooO!

      • Bikes are definitely the way to go on that one … it’s hard to buy you a pool. Seeing how you have winter snow and freezing temperatures in winter and spring. Bike is definitely way to go for your knees. Nice gift. So glad you had a great time :)

  27. Happy Birthday – here’s to many more.

  28. Happy Birthday Susie! I’m looking forward to my next birthday too!

  29. Happy Birthday, Susie! Yes, thank God for another birthday. You are awesome and inspiring and we need you to live to 100, for sure! Cheers!

  30. Happy Birthday, Susie. Mathair and I wish you the best and many years to come. I’ve never felt one way or another about getting older. Of course, Mathair would say that’s because I’m 27, but another year means I’m a bit wiser in all aspects of life, so I take it as an upside. ;)

  31. Happy happy birthday Sweet Susie. I hope you have many, many more with lots of celebrating, dancing, and family and friends. May you never stop living life to the fullest.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Thanks so much Patricia! That’s my plan! Luckily I have a low risk for it showing it’s ugly face again. This will be a great year! I hope yours is too! You just had your birthday!

  32. Happy Birthday Susie! You rock life! Go and party hard!

  33. Anonymous

    Celebrating with you in spirit Susie. have a wonderful day! Love ya!!

  34. Happy Birthday, Susie! Here’s to years and years of dancing, laughing, and loving wildly! You’re a rock star in my book!!

  35. I’m turning 50 this month. There will be live music, cookie buffet, elephants, snakes, jousting, canoli, hot-air balloons, exploding toilets, and a parade.

  36. Happy Birthday Susie!!!!! So glad you made it. I want you stay around for another fifty or sixty or more years. Just one thing, C is a sneaky b****ard. Keep seeing the doc because the bugger might try to pop up somewhere else. Love ya.

  37. I don’t dance, Susie, but I’ll roar with Pat to celebrate your birthday. You’re an amazing woman and an inspiration to all of us.

  38. Happy Birthday, dear Susie! This year has certainly been a wild ride for you and we are so glad you took us all along with you. We’ve all learned a lot, thanks to you! Celebrate in your own special style and … listen … can you hear all of us celebrating with you? * R O A R! *

  39. Happy birthday!! You’re right. Another birthday is another way of saying you’re one of the lucky winners. Hurray! Balloons and flowers!

  40. I was celebrating a friend’s 93rd birthday and I asked her what had been her favorite birthday. She said each birthday she sees is her favorite!

  41. Susie – You DANCE Girl and CELEBRATE Your Birthday Sweetie – Enjoy Your Cake and Special Day too!!!

    I do look forward to my birthday and cannot wait to turn the BIG 4-0 this year – I have been shocking people with that announcement because they do not think I am even 30 – so ROCKIN my age – love that! I have a lot to celebrate this year including my 10 year Wedding Anniversary in a few months too – going to Ireland in the Fall to Celebrate that Milestone. We have traveled somewhere every anniversary so far and not stopping any time soon – tradition.

    Happy Weekend – Happy Doing the Happy Dance!!!

  42. Happy Birthday Susie! Glad you earned another number on your tab to a 100years.

  43. Wonderful … I wish you all the best with every day that is coming your way from now on! Happy everyday to you, Susie. I like your dancing style .. keep on dancing.

  44. Amen and have a blast Susie!!

  45. Happy birthday, Susie! Have a wonderful day!

  46. Gosh, what a year you have had! I can’t imagine going through what you have, my friend. Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Susie!!!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks so much Kathy! I really feel like in a lot of ways it was worth to be where I am right now. Some people are able to take stock throughout their lives, but I’ve always been too happy go lucky and optimistic to see that I needed to make some changes. I am so very psyched for this year! :)

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  48. “Redheads are made from sugar and lust,” taken out of context from Tom Robbins’ Still Life With Woodpecker, because it’s nigh on impossible to put a Robbins novel in context.

    So, anyway, happy birthday! No comment on the sugar and lust. ;-)

    • Hahaha! That’s right baby! I’ve been almost every color except blue or purple, so red seems like a fun choice! We’ll soon see. I’m under the hood right now!!!
      Thanks so much Karen!

  49. Happy Birthday, Susie!!!! :) You will rock red hair!

  50. I don’t anymore. I just get through the day so I can take on the next one.
    It is what it is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!
    I am so proud of you!

  51. Go Ginger Susie! Many Happy Returns…

  52. Happy Birthday! What a delightful post–a great reminder of how wonderfully fortunate we are to get to spend another day, week, year above ground! Cheers!

    • Isn’t that the truth??? I really feel like celebrating! It’s gorgeous here and will be 75 degrees. I plan to live in every moment!
      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so glad we met!

  53. Happy, happy birthday!! I’ve always loved to celebrate birthdays. Any excuse for a party. I know you’re going to have a fun and fabulous time. I’m plotting and planning my birthday this fall, as it’s one of those milestone ones: five-oh. Cheers to you!!!

  54. Happy, happy birthday Susie!
    I couldn’t agree more about being confused why people dread their birthdays! I threw myself a big party when I turned 40!
    This is one of my favorite sayings about growing older “Age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” :-)

    • That’s a perfect expression. That is so cool that you threw a party for yourself! Danny threw me a HUGE one for my 5oth! I plan to keep on celebrating! Thanks so much Denise! :)

  55. What a happy day! I am dancing right along with you, Susie!!! I am so grateful to have found you here and think the world of you!! Feliz Cumpleaños Amiga y muchos mas! xoxoxo

  56. Happy birthday, Susie!
    And thanks so much for including and sharing your joy with us!
    Looking forward to many more years of mayhem.

  57. Happy Birthday, Susie! We are all blessed that you are another year older. There should be dancing in the streets…

  58. Happy birthday! Love this post, love all the positive energy. Keep it up!

  59. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Susie! May this be one of your best ever!

  60. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

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