Pre-Podcast Jitters Pay Off


I met Neville DeAngelou through blogging. He has a podcast on Blog Talk Radio called The Journey. In 2012, he read parts of my blog post about the ten little secrets to a happy marriage. I was thrilled. He has one of the most beautiful voices perfectly suited for radio. Back on April 15th, 2013, he emailed me with a request to come on his show. I responded with a nervous giggle, but never followed up with him. The very next day, I was pulled into the vortex that is breast cancer.

Flash forward one year. I’m back and living the Wild Life! Neville and I reconnected. He asked me to THREE shows for the Author’s Round Table Series. Sheesh! I had to catch my breath as my nerves set in. I agreed and chose Thursday, May 1st, to be recorded through Skype. I’d never Skyped. He wanted me to talk about my Boob Reports, secrets to a happy marriage, and give some blogging tips for a third show. *gulp*

blog talk radio

My daughter Courtney became violently ill on Tuesday afternoon. I picked her up from her apartment and drove her to Urgent Care. She convulsed her innard skinnards so hard, she tore her esophagus. Youch!

Dr. McDreamy, (with dimples no less) prescribed anti-nausea pills and a powerful antacid. Courtney came back to the house to recover. It was great timing for me since she helped me with Skype. I planned to postpone the interview if I developed any suspicious symptoms like puking my guts out. Her stomach upset must have been caused by contaminated food or I was extremely lucky.

The big day arrived and I hadn’t even looked at my old blog posts. I figured I had until 10:00 to review, assuming my husband Danny could drive Courtney home. When I peeked downstairs, Danny had already left for an early meeting with his Mastermind group. I call them “Masters in Their Own Minds.”  Dang! I’d lose an hour.

At 8:00, I drove my recovered daughter to Boulder. When we arrived at her apartment, she discovered she’d left her purse at my house. Oopsy! We both had commitments, but I assured her I could practice in the car and she could get ready while I drove back home. I rehearsed what I could remember and rambled on for the 45 minute loop. I discovered the problem wouldn’t be that I would run out of something to say, but Neville may have to cut me off!

I returned home with twenty minutes to spare. I decided to take a shower. Crazy, right? I dressed and threw on some makeup just in case we video-Skyped. At 9:55, I spread peanut butter on raisin bread and gulped down a glass of water. At exactly 10:00, I heard a funny little sound that meant Skype Time!!!

Holy geez! I sat down and accidentally hit the “voice” instead of the “video” button. Neville welcomed me and said he prefers to record without video to get a stronger signal. That was a relief since I worried a plump raisin could be attached to one of my front teeth. I admitted to my fear of babbling on and on without taking a breath. He laughed and assured me he loves that kind of interview. The most insane thing happened. Neville put me at ease.

THREE HOURS LATER, we said our goodbyes after recording two shows! In my defense, the second topic about happy marriage secrets had to be re-recorded since the computer failed to save it. Good thing too! I looked up my old blog post while Neville struggled. I think it was funnier the second time around. We are working with some dates to record the third one.

Looking back, I was strangely comfortable. I didn’t blank out or lose my train of thought. Later that night, I recounted my experience with Danny and then it hit me.

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed, “I sang!”

The first podcast airs tonight. Will I listen in? Pshh! No way. It’s too weird to hear my own voice. I’ll keep you posted about the airing of the second show. In that one, I have a foggy recollection of singing…

Click HERE to listen to my first podcast.


Have you ever been interviewed? Would you be nervous?

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93 responses to “Pre-Podcast Jitters Pay Off

  1. way to lay the smackdown susie. podfright, pfshh.

  2. Speaking as a perpetual loser, you’re my hero, Susie!
    Keep up the good audio work!

  3. Oh, how fun! And scary. I actually had an email this morning asking about doing a skype interview. I haven’t replied because I’m utterly terrified. I need to take a cue from you!

  4. I love how your thoughts immediately leaped to blogging – under the circumstances, I’m not sure that would be my first thought. Maybe second ;) You have a great, conversational voice Susie (and sound just as I imagine you!).

    • How sweet of you to listen! Thanks for taking the time!
      It is weird how I thought of blogging right away. At that time I was on a roll and I didn’t want breast cancer to biff it. :)
      Thanks Alarna! :)

  5. How exciting, Susie! Congratulations on the podcast!!! Each one will get easier. Pretty soon you’ll be a pro. ;)

    And your daughter, she’s doing better? That was so scary.

    • That was the crazy part! It was really easy!
      Courtney is all healed up. It was scary. She graduates tomorrow!
      Hey. I may be coming your way very soon!

      • So glad to hear it, regarding Courtney.
        I know you said it was easy. You’re a natural. Pretty soon you’ll start your own, like August. Then we won’t be able to shut you up. LOL!

        Awesome about coming our way. Keep us posted.

  6. Woo hoo! You surgeon of the mind, you! It’s been an amazing year. Glad you are flourishing and joking around. Congratulations on your first podcast!

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate your support through my Wild Ride!
      It has been amazing. I honestly feel like I’ve benefited in all kinds of ways from breast cancer. :)

  7. Congrats Susie!! Woohoo! indeed a wild-wild ride darling! think if someone asked me about a “happy marriage secret” and I’ve been with Mr. Bond for 7 years.. i’d answer “not being married!” ; )

    love you xoxo

  8. I have been interviewed for radio on a wine event and was so NERVOUS – not a fan of hearing my voice either – just does not sound like me – ha!

  9. Thank you, Susie. You are fantastic. One St. Lucian listener said of you today, ‘Most refreshing.’ We’re inspired. I hope you listened to it. You are needed out there. Cheers. Thanks much.

  10. Wow, how exciting, Susie. Gonna scroll back up and listen. Congratulations and merry May to you, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Merry May Kathy! Did you have a Wild Freshly Pressage Ride? Wouldn’t it be great to get views like that every day??? Maybe you do!
      Thanks so much! It was a fun experience. I have one more to tape. At least I know I won’t get nervous and blank out. Or black out!!! I felt like I was having a very one-sided conversation with a friend! That’s exactly what it was. :)

  11. Glad to hear Courtenay on the mend Susie – enjoyed the blog post to – perky indeed!

  12. Congrats on the podcast! Excellent. I’ve been down that interview track myself in New Zealand, on radio and TV – all attached to book writing or the supposition that I have obscure historical trivia in memory. (‘You’re a historian, you must know…’ ‘No, that’s what Google’s for’.)

    • How cool are you??? That is wonderful that you’ve been able to promote through that huge media outlet.
      I think I would be undone by TV. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity to find out!
      Thanks so much Matt!

  13. You give good voice, Susie. If it had been me, I would have sounded like Mumbles Brando.

  14. Nice. I’m sure you did a good job. With all that busy chaos it probably didn’t give you time to think and worry and be even more nervous. Besides you’re a Wild Rider, I know you rocked it! I’m off to listen :)

  15. I have been interviewed on TV, radio, and for a newspaper article. All of those times, I was nervous as hell, with the TV show the most nerve wracking of all. Luckily, The Girl Who Soothes Me was right there every time to keep me calm…

  16. You are quite the rock star. What’s next, Hollywood?

    I’m so glad you got the opportunity to do this and that you were able to follow through. I’m sure you were and will be very inspiring to many folks.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  17. Excellent talking-ness. You sound just like you look!

  18. This is so exciting! Congrats. I can’t wait to listen to it. I would have been a nervous wreck as I hate the sound of my voice. Just talking in front of the class makes me anxious sometimes.

    • I’m more used to my voice now after doing a bunch of videos for my Use Me and Abuse Me Days, but I couldn’t hear myself during the taping. It was really easy and surprisingly fun. I am a yapper… :)
      Thanks so much Darla!

  19. I listened to the whole thing, of course! It was great to hear what you sound like. :) Good stuff you had to say! Thank you for mentioning moi in the interview! You were cracking Neville up throughout the whole thing! :) You done good!

    • My sister said that Neville chuckled through the show. I had my own laugh track! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and for promoting it! Go BrickhouseChick!

  20. Susie, you just go from strength to strength, girl. Great for you! Can’t wait to listen, and hope there are upchuckless days ahead for your baby.

    • Courtney has recovered. Thanks! I can’t bring myself to listen to it. I was almost too relaxed. I remember cracking a lot of jokes… I hope they’re somewhat funny. :)

  21. Daya

    I wanted to say that I’ve never listed to a podcast, but I have! 1:15 of unadulterated sweetheart! I’ve only listened to it twice because it’s so long, but it’s wonderful.

    I’m glad you had fun!

    • Wow! Thanks so much Daya! It was a blast to make. I did all the yapping and Neville did all the work with production! I was super relaxed. It was like talking with an old friend. :)

  22. Congrats on a good podcast! It is a bit nerve wracking, but when the interviewer can be easy going that is a big help. :)

  23. This is so exciting, Susie!!! I can’t wait to listen. I LOL’d at your plump raisin description.

    P.S. Ouch regarding your daughter. I’m glad she’s okay. Food poisoning, if that’s what it was, is rough.

  24. marcymckay

    CONGRATS, Susie! Strangely enough, I’ve been the co-host of a weekly radio show with my husband for 5 years now here in the Texas Panhandle. He’s a financial planner, so it’s a $$ show. He’s a financial whiz and I provide the “fluff.” It’s great fun, but was scary as HELL in the beginning!

    • Oh Wow! That’s so great! You are a five year veteran! I really thought it would be hard, but it was easier than writing a blog post. It was a lot of fun!
      Thanks Marcy!

      • marcymckay

        You’re right, Susie, radio is easier than writing blog posts. Plus, when you get into a dialogue, you sort of forget to be afraid and start having fun! XO

  25. Living on the wild side all the tine, Susie. Your podcast was great, you’re a natural. Looking forward to the others.

  26. Wow, what a neat opportunity!! I’m thrilled for you, Susie, and had to laugh, because I’d probably jump in the shower and eat peanut butter with only minutes to spare, thinking I had “plenty of time.” ;) Hope this is the start of new opportunities for you.

    • Thanks so much my friend!
      I set up my computer in the kitchen and knew that I would be less nervous if I was busy until the taping – the whole 20 minutes of free time!
      I was so flattered to be asked and am grateful for the experience.

  27. Very very good! How does one get to a blog podcast.. Haven’t a clue

  28. You were great, Susie! Well done!

  29. Congratulations, Susie. You rock! I’ve done several interviews over the years about my work as a Rolfer and the low level lasers that I use in my practice. I, too, was afraid I would just droll on and on, but my interviewers were really good at helping me stay on track. Good experiences.

    • That’s great that you’ve had the experience. I’m so glad I did the interview since my goal is to publish my book and promote it through all kinds of mediums and media!
      I will have to come up your way to be Rolfed!

  30. Susie, I have to wait to listen when there are not so many other “disruptions” around, but I am looking forward to it.
    I have been interviewed before but one interview always sticks with me. As a TV Producer I have trained a lot of on-air talent. One young lady I was working with was about to do her first “live” interview and she asked me if she could interview me. I was flattered and agreed to help her along. I was standing in the green room watching her on camera making notes for afterward. She started to introduce her guest. She reeled me right in with her introduction to the point that I made a comment about the woman she was about to interview. It was pointed out to me that she was talking about me. I was stunned. Speechless. Tongue tied. They brought me in, sat me down and she started talking to me. I remained tongue tied throughout the interview which shocked everyone. All I remember afterward was asking her if that was how she really saw me. She went on to be one of my brightest shining stars on-air. I never let anyone interview me again. ;-)

    • That really took you off guard! You started off embarrassedI I don’t think I could recover right away from that. I think a TV interview could be more nerve wracking too. I would be yelling to myself inside my head, “Quit biting your lip! Sit up straight!” You were thrown into the situation. I knew what was coming, sort of.
      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  31. Check you out, expanding your media mastery!

    Looking forward to listening later when I can give it my undivided attention.

  32. Glad your daughter is OK, what a scare!

  33. Even with a raisin on your tooth, you’d be entertaining, Susie! Just started listening to podcast. So very cool. :) Congrats!

    • Thanks so much and for taking the time, Coleen! I listened to Neville’s amazing introduction. I am so grateful and honored…. I just can’t listen to myself! :)

  34. Nothing can hold that Wild Child down! Extreme goofy genius trumps all. Congrats (telling dog to wait a minute while I listen)
    And whoa – hope Courtney has a much more gentle ride

  35. Another media outlet conquered by the fabulous Susie Lindau! I’m dashing out now but will listen to your interview later today … wouldn’t miss it!

  36. Hey, I’m jealous you didn’t do my podcast, but he did ask you first! See, I told you it wasn’t bad. :) I will definitely listen! And congrats on conquering another medium!

    • Thanks Michelle!
      I was still recovering from my last surgery on August 30th, so I needed to chill. Also I needed to put some distance between me and breast cancer to give me a little perspective. I am coming up on my one year mark, May 31st!

  37. Yes, have done one for Huffington two years ago but I think I am over their age limit …:) But I was like you with Skype.. Thank god Steve was there. I would rather do radio and remain faceless if I fall flat on my face..:)
    Glad Courtney is better and CONGRATULATIONS..:)

    • I never knew that about HuffPost Linda! How did I miss that??? Congrats two years later!
      Skype was easy once it started. It is such a cool piece of technology. What I learned is it’s the idea of something new that’s scary.

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