Meeting Susie Lindau


It’s always wonderful to meet blogging friends in real life!

Originally posted on David N Walker:

In last Friday’s post, I talked about meeting Lara Schiffbauer and her family. Another writer I’d wanted to meet for a long time is Susie Lindau. I followed Susie’s blog long before she had her double mastectomy and the whole planet started following her.

My wish finally came true on this vacation. Pictured below, Sharon (standing) and I relaxed and visited with Susie and her husband Danny on an outdoor patio at her favorite restaurant, whose name escapes me.


A grin on his face, Danny introduced himself as Mr. Susie Lindau. I guess that’s the price of having a famous wife. Well, she’s certainly famous in our circles anyhow.

The Lindaus waited patiently as we chased our GPS up and down the street the restaurant was on. For a town its size, Boulder, Colorado, has a good bit of traffic, and it grew thicker as we finally approached the…

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12 responses to “Meeting Susie Lindau

  1. You look great in the photo on David’s blog.


  2. Oh awesome! There are so many bloggers I’d like to meet in real life…it’s cool to read about people who have.

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  3. I’d love to meet Susie, and pop open a bottle of wine with her. Cheers!


  4. Everyone should meet Susie Lindau! CW


  5. Always glad to see fellow writers meet. We came close once


  6. What it is to be a celebrity!
    The meeting was obviously mutually enjoyed, though.


  7. Thanks for the reblog, Susie.


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