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I am a Boulder, Colorado writer and artist who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride!

Getting My Creepy On!

Desiccated leaves, dismembered from branches, rot in the dying light and crunch like brittle bones under my boots. The wind whispers ghostly verses of songs sung long ago. Halloween is approaching. It’s time to get your creepy on. “How do … Continue reading

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An Open Letter From My Boobs

Dear Susie Lindau, For thirteen months, we’ve hung out in our new residence behind your pectoral muscles. It has taken us a while to get used to the cramped quarters, but we are adjusting. We understand you are trying to … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – 27th Anniversary!

It’s been a Wild adventure. We fell in love in Telluride and this shot was taken there twenty-seven years later. Life has its stormy weather, but sunshine always follows. Having someone to share a glorious rainbow makes the moment super … Continue reading

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Bike Hike to Bridal Veil Falls – Photo Essay with Altitude

Danny and I fell in love at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival twenty-seven years ago. We hadn’t been back. It takes seven hours to drive to this very special Colorado locale. It was worth every hour. We biked from town into … Continue reading

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To Hell You Ride – A Photo Essay that Ends in Whoa!

Danny and I took a trip to Telluride, Colorado last weekend. It had been warm in Southern Colorado and the fall color hadn’t hit its peak. A light dusting of snow on the mountains made a nice contrasting backdrop. There … Continue reading

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Want More Followers? Use Me and Abuse Me – Colorful Colorado Edition

Hello Wild Riders! If you would like more blog followers, here’s your chance. Every writer loves to watch their blog grow. But it’s tough when bloggers we have followed for a while take a break or stop posting. Comments and … Continue reading

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Heads Up for Another Wild Party!

Welcome wild riders! I’ve been up in the mountains taking loads of photographs. The contrast is amazing this time of year and I look forward to sharing a virtual hike or two with you before the end of the month. … Continue reading

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Discovering Blurred Lines and Booty Calls

Everyone has sung the wrong lyrics to songs, but I shouted the lyrics to a particular hit all summer at clubs in New Orleans, two weddings and fund-raiser not knowing why I got such strange looks. First of all, I thought … Continue reading

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Wild West Weekend Photo

I took this photograph from the balcony in the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles with my Sony Nex 3N. This is not a place where I would have expected to see a scene from an old Western. Apparently, the guy … Continue reading

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Disaster Area in My Rear View

Decades ago, I played with a three-way mirror while my mother tried on dresses. It seemed magical to study my profile and the  curly back of my head. While standing in my Mary Janes and appraising my rear view, I … Continue reading

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