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80’s Halloween – Throwback Thursday

I had to share a photo of one of my favorite ghoulish costumes. I was going for ghostly bride and my sister, Patty, was the Grim Reaper. The funny thing about costumes, you forget you’re wearing tons of makeup! It’s … Continue reading

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It Was A-Maizing!

My obsession with mazes began as a child. I remember trying to find my way through them on paper and having a difficult time. I’ve always been directionally challenged. When I discovered a great corn maze was located down the road … Continue reading

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Getting My Creepy On!

Desiccated leaves, dismembered from branches, rot in the dying light and crunch like brittle bones under my boots. The wind whispers ghostly verses of songs sung long ago. Halloween is approaching. It’s time to get your creepy on. “How do … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – 27th Anniversary!

It’s been a Wild adventure. We fell in love in Telluride and this shot was taken there twenty-seven years later. Life has its stormy weather, but sunshine always follows. Having someone to share a glorious rainbow makes the moment super … Continue reading

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Bike Hike to Bridal Veil Falls – Photo Essay with Altitude

Danny and I fell in love at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival twenty-seven years ago. We hadn’t been back. It takes seven hours to drive to this very special Colorado locale. It was worth every hour. We biked from town into … Continue reading

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Discovering Blurred Lines and Booty Calls

Everyone has sung the wrong lyrics to songs, but I shouted the lyrics to a particular hit all summer at clubs in New Orleans, two weddings and fund-raiser not knowing why I got such strange looks. First of all, I thought … Continue reading

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Traveling North by Plane, Car, Boat, Bike, Foot, and Hooves

My husband, Danny, and I wrapped up a wild summer filled with travel by heading to Michigan for a wedding. Knowing this would entail a variety of transportation, our children opted out. They couldn’t take the vacation time. After an … Continue reading

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Unplug 4 Hours – It works!

I bet you’re addicted. Come on. Admit it. How many times an hour do you check stats, emails, social media or text messages? Is it hard to unplug? How long do you procrastinate before settling down to do real work? … Continue reading

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My Secrets Revealed on Podcast

Recently, I played tennis with friends. One of them mentioned, she and her husband would be celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I chimed in that Danny and I would be celebrating our twenty-seventh this October. “Not bad after dating for … Continue reading

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Meeting Susie Lindau

Originally posted on David N Walker:
In last Friday’s post, I talked about meeting Lara Schiffbauer and her family. Another writer I’d wanted to meet for a long time is Susie Lindau. I followed Susie’s blog long before she had…

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