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My Project Unveiled For All To See. Yikes!

I’ve sent out all of my greeting cards, so it’s time to unveil my project. I’m so nervous. I hope you like it. Every year an idea comes to mind which becomes a sketch and then transforms into some kind … Continue reading

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Leave a Comment and Win!

I’ve been busy drawing, cutting, pasting and folding this year’s Christmas card. I think I’ve listened to almost every corny holiday movie between the Lifetime and Hallmark channel. Every year has its challenges. In the past, I sent out my … Continue reading

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The Big Reveal, DIY and a Message

After almost sixty hours, my annual Christmas cards are done. Whew! I smiled while dropping them into the mailbox and imagined my friends and family opening up my little art project. Time is at a premium and many don’t even … Continue reading

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Guess What’s Spinning Out of Control – A Contest!

While growing up, my sister and I kept busy by creating all kinds of art projects. Accustomed to drawing, I chose an art degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Science. I worked at a hospital as a medical illustrator … Continue reading

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Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays **wink**

Finding time for everything in daily life can be a challenge. The holidays add an extra burden to the growing list of things to do. This year marks the shortest amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Think you can do … Continue reading

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All Done!

First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone out there in the blogosphere! After all the drawing, printing, folding, cutting, and pasting, I am happy to say that my Christmas cards are finished. Whew! They are a little different this year. … Continue reading

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Guess What? A Contest

One of my annual holiday traditions is creating our family Christmas card. In the last couple of days, I have drawn and copied, cut, folded and stacked all of the parts that will be ready to glue and assemble. With … Continue reading

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What Will You Do with the Bonus?

Thanksgiving is a few days away. Can I help you up from the floor? There is a reason why it has crept up so fast. November 22nd is the earliest date possible. The holiday is always celebrated on the fourth … Continue reading

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