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Disaster Area in My Rear View

Decades ago, I played with a three-way mirror while my mother tried on dresses. It seemed magical to study my profile and the  curly back of my head. While standing in my Mary Janes and appraising my rear view, I … Continue reading

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A bad cold is just like this…

We’re all in denial when experiencing the first sneeze. We’re still feeling great. We go about our day and brush off that first little tickle in our throats. Then we notice something just isn’t right. Drinking coffee doesn’t snap us … Continue reading

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“It’s Time to Vote!” said Roxy with a cramp in her paw

Thanks to everyone who competed. I’ll have another contest in March. These captions are hysterical. Some of them got Roxy rolling on the floor laughing. She hasn’t laughed that hard since our family jumped for joy! My daughter Courtney and … Continue reading

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How to Survive the Polar Vortex

In case you haven’t heard, half the US is in a cyclonic weather pattern. It seems the center of the Polar Ice Cap has relocated somewhere between Madison, Wisconsin and Cleveland. The Polar Vortex is threatening to stick around and … Continue reading

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Christmas Stalkings

One year, I took extreme measures to find the perfect Christmas gift. We used to own a wholesale toy and school supply business. On Christmas Eve, my husband Danny would come home with a trash bag full of toys. We … Continue reading

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The Boob Report – A Sticky Situation

I bet the photograph of me with the tubes coming out of my body is forever etched in your memory. Sorry about that. I had hoped to get the drains out on Friday, but I had to go into the doctor three … Continue reading

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The Boob Report – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Thank you so much for the support, positive thoughts and prayers. I have been overwhelmed by your kind comments and blog shout outs and appreciate every one of them! For the first Boob Report, click here. When it finally sunk … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Prince Harry

Dear Prince Harry, It has come to my attention that you will be visiting our fair state this weekend. As your motorcade drives to Colorado Springs from DIA, I am sure you will be struck by the impressive beauty of … Continue reading

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Leaping for Love, Lust and Lulu on Valentine’s Day

Along with bushy eyebrows, Lulu had been burdened with helicopter parents. She never had a moment alone with little Harold. They had dated for two years without a single kiss. Towering over him had been a turnoff. Sitting down put … Continue reading

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The Visit – A Photo Essay

Hanging out with the California girls – Debra Kristi, Debra Eve, Lynn Kelley, August McLaughlin and me. We can’t keep our hands off Thor. I found Debra Kristi’s blog through her Immortal Mondays where she covers many different types of … Continue reading

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