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Shopping Made Easy! DIY

Have you ever lost your grocery list? I have. Last year it must have dropped out of my cart in the produce section and then someone tossed it out. I searched everywhere. It was a total nightmare to shop without … Continue reading

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The Big Reveal, DIY and a Message

After almost sixty hours, my annual Christmas cards are done. Whew! I smiled while dropping them into the mailbox and imagined my friends and family opening up my little art project. Time is at a premium and many don’t even … Continue reading

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We’ll Be Waiting for You…

Why do I love Halloween? As an artist, this holiday serves as a canvas for my creative imagination. Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” My stage is a little creepier than most. This year’s setting evokes a dark theme. … Continue reading

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All Done!

First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone out there in the blogosphere! After all the drawing, printing, folding, cutting, and pasting, I am happy to say that my Christmas cards are finished. Whew! They are a little different this year. … Continue reading

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Guess What? A Contest

One of my annual holiday traditions is creating our family Christmas card. In the last couple of days, I have drawn and copied, cut, folded and stacked all of the parts that will be ready to glue and assemble. With … Continue reading

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How I Became a Mass Murderer

When I was a little girl, ants mesmerized me. While outside in the hot summer sun, I watched as they carried crumbs, leaves, and small twigs back to their coffee ground-like hills. I imagined the tunnels underneath like catacombs spread … Continue reading

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Cutting Up at Christmas

One of my favorite  holiday traditions is illustrating a family Christmas card. Over the years it has often included skiing and snowboarding off cliffs and roof tops. Some represented traditional themes like baking cookies together as a family and others … Continue reading

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