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My Secrets Revealed on Podcast

Recently, I played tennis with friends. One of them mentioned, she and her husband would be celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I chimed in that Danny and I would be celebrating our twenty-seventh this October. “Not bad after dating for … Continue reading

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Why blog? And what the heck is a writer’s platform?

A few years ago, a friend made a comment which changed my life. “You really should write these stories down,” she said after laughing at one of my wild tales. This began a whole new adventure. The germ of an … Continue reading

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Another Birthday. Thank God!

It’s my birthday! Last year, I looked forward to being a year older. I couldn’t understand why so many people loathe them when we all want to live a long life. That’s the goal, right? We all want to live … Continue reading

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Do You Want More Followers?

When we receive an email alerting us that someone has subscribed to our blog, it’s exciting. Later when publishing a post, we hope to see the see those new friendly little gravatars pop up in “likes” or “comments.” Most are … Continue reading

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The Boob Report – A Sticky Situation

I bet the photograph of me with the tubes coming out of my body is forever etched in your memory. Sorry about that. I had hoped to get the drains out on Friday, but I had to go into the doctor three … Continue reading

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If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

The relationship with our mothers is the most powerful bond we’ll experience. They have the ability to lift us up from the ground or to put us in our place. It doesn’t matter how old we are, we as children … Continue reading

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The Secret to Living a Long and Happy Life

This is a photograph of my parents at their breakfast table. After being married for 56 years and weathering all kinds of storms, they sit quietly and enjoy each other’s company. My father celebrated his 87th birthday two weeks ago … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Chat

ACT I While my husband Danny drives us down the highway after our Valentine date, I wax philosophical. Philosophy is not one of Danny’s strong suits.   Me: I wish I could get over the whole, “I want everyone to … Continue reading

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Leaping for Love, Lust and Lulu on Valentine’s Day

Along with bushy eyebrows, Lulu had been burdened with helicopter parents. She never had a moment alone with little Harold. They had dated for two years without a single kiss. Towering over him had been a turnoff. Sitting down put … Continue reading

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From Virtual to Reality

My illustration of the virtual people who read my blog for the first time. When I began blogging, I remember getting the jitters. I had worried about using my real name. Since I was blogging for a writer’s platform, it … Continue reading

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