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Gapers Cheat Summer! Another Wild Photo Adventure

Summer began last Saturday and many of you probably gardened,  went to a farmer’s market or festival. I did what any Wild Rider would do on the first day of summer. I skied! My husband, Danny, and I wore “gaper” … Continue reading

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On Top of the World! A Photo Essay

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone can bring about personal growth and build confidence. It can be scary. You may become hesitant and cautious. There’s a point in the process when there’s no turning back.  The last few steps are the … Continue reading

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I Had a Little Adventure While You Were Dancing! A Photo Essay

Last week, my breast reconstruction doctor joined my radiologist in giving me the thumb’s up. I had been told I had no restrictions over the phone, but this appointment made it official. I won’t see either of them until next … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Blog Party – Use Me and Abuse Me Days!

Welcome to all of the new followers of the Wild Ride!  Here’s your chance to meet some of my friends. This virtual blog party always lasts for days. Bring a link from ONE of your blog posts and paste it in … Continue reading

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Why I Love Colorado – A Photo Essay

Although Colorado has only been nicked by the Polar Vortex, it has been a record year for snow in Breckenridge. This has created deep powder conditions. I am under doctor’s orders not to fall, so it’s groomed runs for me. … Continue reading

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When Form Meets Function and Mustaches Win

There was a time when I couldn’t handle any extra attention. I know. It’s hard to believe. I hid behind my friends in high school, self-conscious about my looks. I used makeup and a curling iron in order to fit … Continue reading

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Very Few Words Wednesday and a Photo

Although the Colorado ski season has been in full swing for a few weeks, Danny and I started ours last Saturday with a couple of runs at Breckenridge. Cue gratuitous cheesy ski photo…

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Favorite Friday Photo

This is one of my favorite autumn photographs, taken with my Nikon Coolpix Camera in early October. While the East continues to get pummeled with rain and snow, the West has remained warm and dry. Forecasters are finally predicting snow … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Kill You… Helicopter Skiing in Canada

In the shelter of a Quonset hut in Kootenay, British Columbia, our guide John instructed my husband Danny, myself and 8 others on the fundamentals of helicopter skiing and how to stay alive over the next three days. I had … Continue reading

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Panic! At the Driscoll’s: 150 Word Flash Fiction

The cabin door blew open sending a stack of papers flying along with a flurry of wet snowflakes. Jacob stood in snowshoes. “We need you now!” “I’ll be right out.” Phillip buttoned his gray wool overcoat, pulled on a red … Continue reading

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