Oprah and Me

When I was in my late twenties and living in Madison, Wisconsin, I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I shuddered at the thought of  having my gums sliced open and impacted molars removed, but looked forward to a couple of days off from work as a medical illustrator at the VA Hospital. The day after... Continue Reading →

If Looks Could Kill

Felicity snatched her overfilled red leather backpack and flew out of the loft, with silver bangles jangling on her suntanned wrists. She flipped the bolt lock and ran to the stairwell. There was no time for the elevator. She bounced down two steps at a time knowing her embellished ballet flats had been the right... Continue Reading →

Hi Mom! I’m Home!

  My children tore my heart out when my they left for college last fall. I would walk by their empty bedrooms and sigh. The pit in my stomach took up permanent residence. I cleaned my house and organized. My husband and I took a few trips. I kept up with the books I wanted... Continue Reading →

Into the Wind

I still have the determination I had in high school tennis and unfortunately the same smirk when I serve! Monday night I played a United States Tennis Association match in the Devil’s Thumb neighborhood in Boulder. Although I had been warned, I was late for warm up since I didn't anticipate the severity of the clogged rush hour... Continue Reading →

The Night that Shattered

“I will see you tomorrow.” Samantha said to her roommate Jack as she grabbed her loaded green frame pack. She bounced towards the door of the small apartment and pulled her blonde ponytail through the back of her pale blue ball cap. “Have fun and remember safety first,” Jack replied in his good natured way,... Continue Reading →

To Live Another Day

She woke from a deep sleep and looked around the strange space. “Where am I?” she thought. Long shadows streaked across in random patterns. She tried to turn her head to roll over but couldn’t. The restriction caused her blood to rush to her head. Her heart fluttered in her chest. Butterflies sprang to action in... Continue Reading →

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