To Live Another Day


She woke from a deep sleep and looked around the strange space. “Where am I?” she thought. Long shadows streaked across in random patterns. She tried to turn her head to roll over but couldn’t. The restriction caused her blood to rush to her head. Her heart fluttered in her chest. Butterflies sprang to action in her stomach as panic spread through her body like fire. With all her strength she tried to lift her legs, but couldn’t. It was as if liquid lead had filled each one while she slept. She opened her mouth to speak, and tried to contract her lungs to force out a scream, but could only manage to move her lips. Barely audible muffled sounds reverberated from the next room.

To calm herself, she desperately tried to recall what she had dreamt about. It came back to her in flashes. The ocean broke in warm waves on a creamy white sandy beach. Her feet squelched as she sauntered along.

Interrupted by an acute shock of pain across her forehead, she attempted to reach up and touch her temples. She strained her constricted arms, but they seemed paralyzed.  “Oh God! Help me!” she thought. She squinted her eyes until it subsided.

“Concentrate on the dream.” The sound of thundering waves clamored back to her. Roaring and crashing. Roaring and crashing.  As she walked along, she reached out her hand to someone. “Yes! A blonde haired little girl on one side and a boy wearing a baseball cap in the other.” Their similar blue eyes reflected the sun like sea glass. An old feeling rose in her heart and she somehow knew they had been important to her once.

Another round wracked her body from her head down to her toes. It seemed as though the walls had come to life and would crush her. “Oh make it stop.” She found herself engulfed in inky black darkness, the essense of which was like the beginning of time.

As one ended, another began. And another.

She felt her confined body stir ever so slightly. Would I be able to move again? Another round of pain like an earthquake rumbled through her. Now she was convinced she had moved.

All at once a crushing violent spasm enveloped her. With all her strength she resisted the compression. Her heart pounded in her ears. She thought she would explode. When she felt she could bear no more, her body burst into the most glorious blinding light!

“It’s a girl!”


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