Well, There’s Some Good News and Some Bad News…

The good news is it stopped raining and I finally went outside to get my gardening done.

The bad news is after getting a solid month of rain it looked more like a jungle.

stepping on thorny branches

The good news is all the rain has made everything grow like crazy.

The bad news is so did all the weeds.

The good news is it has been a year since I had to prune, weed, and deadhead.

The bad news is it feels like yesterday.

The good news is now that I pruned my roses I can get a ladder close to the windows so I can wash them.

The bad news is now I can wash the windows.

The good news is I am still limber enough to climb into the top of the garbage can and stomp down the rose branches with my rubber boots.

The bad news is they’re not hip waders so I still get gouged by diabolical thorns from the knees up.

The good news is this year I wore leather gloves while I pruned the roses.

The bad news is the leather is only on the palm of my hands.

The good news is I am done with shredding the moguls in the mountain for the year and for that my body is grateful.

The bad news is my body is now being shredded by rose bushes.

The good news is I have made the decision to finally rip out the honeysuckle which the Colorado high winds have demolished.

The bad news is I am replacing them with more climbing roses.

The good news is with every branch I cut, I bit down hard making a grimace Jennifer Anniston calls “facial yoga” which can ultimately prevent wrinkles.

The bad news is with the profuse amount of branches pruned, I pulled a muscle in my jaw.

The good news is all the annuals I had to buy were cheaper this year.

The bad news is I splurged with the savings and I bought twice as many, doubling the amount of work I have to do.

The good news is I took a day off from blogging.

The bad news is I caught the neighbors gawking as they drove by, since I thought I was writing this in my head, but was really muttering to myself the whole time; apparently not taking a day off at all.

The good news is my kids are home to help this summer.

The bad news is, well, I can’t think of any bad news with that one!

 The good news is Courtney doesn’t have to mow again for a week!

Photographs by S. Lindau

5 thoughts on “Well, There’s Some Good News and Some Bad News…

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  1. I think all the bad news is good news because they make the person more powerful & looking for some think make him happy his search for the best This is good news and thank you to broach the subject.

    Best Regards
    ahmed shadid
    from jordan


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