Guest Posting Today at EduClaytion!

When I received the email from my new friend Clay Morgan to guest post over at his hilarious site EduClaytion, I realized this was an amazing opportunity to make some new friends. I got my first inkling that he had a lot of them when I was first introduced to his blog through his Freshly Pressed post, The Worst Dressed Cities in America. I signed up for comment notifications and my email was full for weeks! But as the fateful day approached, I began getting very nervous about what his readers would think of me. I threw myself into research for the Danny Elfman post he requested by drinking gallons of coffee while rocking out to my favorite Oingo Boingo tunes. I finished and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Then it hit me. The all important question of what to wear began looming over my head. First impressions are so important! I decided on Victoria’s Secret, after all they know women’s bodies better than anyone, a t-shirt and yoga pants since they are elastic. They would conform to my body after hours of sitting at the computer while writing comments and my next humorous true story about the love/hate relationship I have with a certain tool. Now that I think about it, I will probably go straight to Hell for stealing Clay’s idea and writing about Boulder’s worst dressed ranking.

I hope you will read my post over at Clay’s today and while you are there check out his blog and get EdumaClayted! His popularity brought him pink lemonade chills at Teen Madness and maybe he will become one of your favorites too!

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