The Cutting Edge – 3 – 100 Word Flash Fictions

creepy parking garage


Joanne finished typing the last line of tomorrow’s post, saved it, and closed her laptop. She rose from her desk in the empty office. So seldom was she ever there alone with only the quiet humming of the overhead air filtration system to keep her company.

The lighting seemed queer tonight, shining a pale shade of green. She nervously looked over her shoulder while waiting at the elevator. When it arrived, she entered. As the doors began to close, a hand gripped one side of the door and it reopened. The blonde handsome man towered over her with a knife and lunged.


Springing up from her sound sleep, the rolling chair banged the cubicle wall behind her. “What a nightmare!” She gazed around the empty office, grabbed her laptop, and headed for the elevator. She took a deep breath when the door closed behind her.  She entered the basement parking lot and sprinted to her car. Once inside she locked the doors and drove home.

Her black Labrador Rex laid down outside the shower while she soaped up. She heard him growl and then bolt out of the bathroom. “Is someone there?” Searching for a weapon, only shampoo bottles lined the shelf.


He crept up the stairs, hearing the water pounding in the shower. He smiled knowing she wouldn’t see him enter. He took care of the dog and then stepped onto the tile floor.

Her mind flashed to the movie Psycho. She tried to keep looking through the glass shower door as she rinsed off and couldn’t help visualizing Rex lying in a pool of blood. She stepped out of the shower, swung around, and gasped.

Her husband Richard handed her a bouquet of white roses. “Congratulations! Sliced made the bestseller list! We’re celebrating!”

“I need a vacation,” thought Joanne.

Have you ever woken up from a dream that completely unhinged you?

Have you ever dreamt you were running away, but your legs felt as though they were underwater?

Photo by S. Lindau

29 thoughts on “The Cutting Edge – 3 – 100 Word Flash Fictions

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  1. Hi Susie,

    Your use of the dream taps an experience common to us all. How many times have we ignored one only to have it come true down the road?

    And were I to look, would I find a stilletto among your shampoo bottles from this point on?

    Nice story. Loved the roses.

    Aloha, D.


    1. Thanks Doug! Yep I have a red stiletto at the ready!
      Now that I see the Aloha I make the connection! Welcome to WP! I really enjoyed your flash fiction too!

      My story is really based in fact. The other night I got completely creeped out in the shower when my dog ran out of the bathroom. My husband was out. Of course my imagination went wild!!!


  2. Haha, as soon as I saw the shower photo, I thought ‘Psycho’. I’d have to start locking my bathroom doors if that ever happened to me.

    Great story! I like how you do various viewpoints of the same scene like that.


  3. Heh, wasn’t expecting a man with a knife to be in the elevator!

    “He took care of the dog…”

    I was both sad and worried for a second, haha. Nice twist ending.


  4. Very good, you had me fooled there! I liked the way you split the flash up into 3 100 word section, it worked very well. Great twist at the end that had me laughing out loud.


  5. Thanks Helen!
    My mind works just like that. I hear a noise at night and if I am home alone I start freaking out. Especially f I have seen a scary movie or have been writing a scary scene! Hahaha!


  6. The only thing that may be scarier than this story is the real-life ‘Psycho’ moment that inspired it! Yikes!

    Great story (as usual)!


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