Getting into Character

Dressing up in costume makes Halloween super special. Here are my top reasons why you should dress up this year! Holidays, Halloween stories, Lifestyle, celebrations #Halloween #costumes #addamsfamily

I anticipate Halloween more than any other holiday because I can be a kid again. As a child, I loved playing dress-up and remember the lovely gowns in our costume box. When trying on these voluptuous dresses with the crinoline skirts, I felt utterly transformed like Cinderella going to the ball – even if it took 5 safety pins to get the top to stay up!

On Halloween night, my friends wore sheets to become ghosts or were superheroes complete with a tablecloth cape. My mother was a seamstress so my sister, brother, and I wore get-ups she sewed after dinner on weeknights. One of my favorites was a witch costume she made from a McCall’s pattern. My mother sent the cape, dress, and hat with red braids to my daughter Courtney who ran around the house in it for months before the holiday. Soon it was worn in shreds as she cast spells with the words, “Spit, spat, wallerstat.” (I still have no idea where those words came from!)

My sister’s favorite was a big black cape with a humongous hood. My mother made my brother a silver and black suit one year. He painted his face, glued on pointy ears and became The Metallic Alien. We proudly wore our costumes to beg for treats on frighteningly cold All Hallow’s Eve.

Decades later I still enjoy dressing up. Now instead of one box, we have a storage room in our basement full of unusual clothing collected through the years. Some hang on makeshift racks.  Costumes I sewed for my own children along with many others fill containers to the brim.

The year the movie Titanic was releasedDanny and I were invited to a costume party. We dressed as dead floaters. I bought Christmas icicles and tied them into our hair, then went to work on our makeup. I have always found it somewhat of a relief to be dead for Halloween since the worse I look the better! Our costumes were a hit and we made many wonderful new friends that night. Back at home, when I looked in the mirror I scared myself since a ghastly creature stared back at me. I had forgotten how awful I looked!

Last year I went as Lady Gaga (who is my ultimate alter-ego), making an outfit which included lots of clear cellophane. – Hey now, I wore a pink sequined dress underneath. Danny went as MC Hammer. Oh yes, there was a bit of Hammer-time that evening!

I look forward to the one night out of the year when I can be someone I am not. I know you are thinking I am a little old for trick-or-treating and you are right. Traditionally my husband Danny and I dress-up to greet the little goblins who dare ring our doorbell. In recent years we have been The Addams Family with Thing (the creeping hand) and Cousin It (their furry relative, complete with top hat and round sunglasses).

morticia and gomez and dog

Sometimes trick-or-treaters are from the local high school. I love that they still stop by since it is so much better than alternative shenanigans. One year some rang the doorbell at noon while I carved pumpkins. They said they had too much homework to go out that evening, but didn’t want to miss Halloween at our house since it had been a tradition for them since they were young children. I gave them each a handful of candy and told them to study hard!

At sundown on Halloween, we light candles in carved pumpkins and then filter haunting music through outdoor speakers. Danny and I turn the TV to Turner Classic Movies and watch reruns of some of the greatest Gothic horror of our time as we sip a glass of wine and wait for the doorbell to ring. When our first guests arrive, Danny pushes a button and a hidden fog machine sends out an unsuspecting blast. After hearing gasps and giggles, he slowly opens our door and says, “Welcome!”

“Gomez darling, get the little creatures some treats.” I continue by complimenting them on their costumes.

This year on Halloween night, I will head to the basement and search for our Addams Family costumes, convert the stool into Cousin It, and will anticipate the ringing of the doorbell. I look forward to donning the long black wig, powdering my skin, lining my eyes, and then applying red lipstick transforming into Morticia Addams. I will slip into character as I slip on my dress. After all, it is the one night out of the year I can be someone else.

Who would you like to be this year?

To really get you in the mood this Halloween you may want to read about the night I was haunted at the Stanley Hotel and my strange experience at the Winchester House.

Photo by S. Lindau 

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  1. Recovering from an ischias nerve inflammation, I took time to tune into wordpress(long time since I last checked in)…Your entry had me in stitches. Oh, my…. Halloween! I swear the kids in this French village thought I was a witch at first when we moved here in 1992..( Not one soul celebrated Halloween back then) has caught on since then.
    Our daughter is now out of the house, but at Halloween, young kids still drop to see what I have concocted in the driveway, at the front door and for the sweets and chocolate chip cookies. Two years before, someone took my fabulous Halloween pumpkin and left the cutest rubber Halloween pumpkin. I laughed for days!
    By the time Halloween swings around this time, my pain will have subsided. You have inspired me to come up with something SPLENDIHALLOWISCH!Thanks!


    1. Thank you!
      I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend and will be able to celebrate the holiday this year.
      It sounds like you live in a wonderful French village with much Halloween hijinx a foot!! Hahaha!


  2. “I will slip into character as I slip on my dress.”

    Good line. And it is neat — being able to forget who you are and pretend to be whatever you want to be.

    Aun Aqui


  3. I love when people get involved in holidays. The Addams Family is always a good costume choice. I was actually Wednesday two different years, complete with my headless doll.


  4. Halloween is my favorite holiday, too, for the same reason. I am a bit too old for trick-or-treat, but to me this simply means my costumes can be even more elaborate. Last year I was the Lady of Shalott and made myself a cardboard boat to sit in. This year I’m going to be Alice Paul, suffragette, making people promise to support votes for women before I give them any candy. 😉
    Keep up the great traditions!


  5. I ❤ Halloween! I get to BE a character instead of just writing about one. This year, I'm going to be a gypsy! I've been practicing with Tarot cards to do readings as my party trick! ^_^


  6. I’ll be dressing as a zombie and dancing in a performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. So excited. Adults need to show kids that life is fun and full of surprises. Not all serious just because you (supposedly)grew up.


  7. Ahh I LOVE Halloween…brings back memories of my youth. I enjoy seeing the little ones running around in their cute outfits.

    It’s a lot of fun to dress up and pretend to be someone else. Thanks for posting:)


    1. Thank you so much Clay. I am still pinching myself! I go a bit nuts for this holiday, but you should see my house at Christmas! You can see the glow via satellite! Hahaha!
      Thank you also for the Twitter shout out~


  8. That’s a really cool costume idea! I’m trying to think of something really quick and easy to go as this year – really really busy at the minute but I can’t bear to neglect my favourite holiday!

    Happy Halloween! x


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