Vanished – 100 Word Flash Fiction

huge-spider-web-flash-fictionTricia had wasted time choosing a costume, and now darkness swallowed the winding country road. The party ended long ago. She had lost her way. Fog enshrouded cornfields came to life as aged stalks resembled zombies. The paved road narrowed then changed to gravel. Turning around, she spun the car too fast and rolled it over. After climbing from the crumpled wreck, she rubbed her aching head.

Incandescent light beckoned from a farmhouse. Entranced, she stumbled through the corn.

Tricia banged on the door.

It opened on rusted hinges. The woman looked right through her and asked, “Who’s there?”

Have you ever panicked when you were lost?

What is your favorite Vincent Price movie?

Photo by S. Lindau

38 thoughts on “Vanished – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. Susie!

    Happy Halloween! You’re really into the spirit (no pun intended) of All Saint’s Day aren’t you? I loved your story and hope my passing is that painless.




  2. Loved the surprise ending! That sure was a lot of story for 100 words. Very nice job 🙂

    Oh, I watched the video, but my computer’s sound doesn’t work. I’ll try to watch it again from home. And I really liked your photo – is that a real web? Beautiful.


  3. So many good things in only a 100 words! It was the setting that drug me in—the image of the fog enshrouded cornfields gave me that chill and I was hooked and made the perfect candidate for the smack down surprise at the end.

    Very nice work!


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