Prevent Beer Belly Fat – Watch Sports this Way!

My husband Danny had been on the edge of his seat for hours. “Get him! Get him! Ohhh…” First he watched the CU Football team go down in flames against Stanford 7-48. Later he watched the Avalanche season opener. Surely our Colorado hockey team could pull off a win, but they were skunked by the Detroit Redwings 0-3.


The next day I could hear him cheering from the other room when the Broncos put in Tim Tebow and they began catching up to the San Diego Chargers. “Woohoo!”

I sat down with him for a few minutes while he writhed on the couch in agony as we watched the nail-biter together. My own heart quickened and my gut clenched thinking we could win this one.

But a Bronco personal foul, a San Diego field goal, and an incomplete pass to the end zone squelched our victory. Afterward, I looked at him as he caught his breath, with his shoulders sagging in response to yet another loss.couple watching sports man excited woman bored

“I hate this feeling. This can’t be good for you,” I said, “You are so stressed out after watching 3 losses this weekend. ‘Stress kills’ you know.”

“Oh, I’m okay,” Danny replied, “I just can’t believe they blew it like that!”

“I’ve heard that adrenaline races your heart just like you’ve been running; only you’ve been sitting so your body doesn’t know what to do with all the extra hormones. It builds up cortisol which is supposed to cause belly fat. I’ve heard that coffee does the same thing.”

“I went running this morning,” he said.

“I’m talking about now when all that crap is coursing through your veins,” I said, “Hey! I wonder if that’s why guys get beer bellies. They sit around freaking out about some stupid sporting event while their body explodes with cortisol. By the end of the season their waistlines have grown inches.”

“So we can drink all the beer we want and if we just try to stay relaxed, we won’t get fat?”

“Well I am not saying that.”

“No, I like it!”

“I think the way to prevent cortisol from producing belly fat is to exercise right after stressing out,” I replied.

“Whoa! That’s the way everyone should watch sports. Then we could drink beer, get totally stressed out, and still stay thin!” Danny said as he stood up to get another beer.


Do you like the feeling of excitement while watching a sporting event, even if your team loses?

If your team is losing, do you continue watching or is it too painful?

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  1. Whoa…time to get a handle on some of the stress in my life, lol! And NONE of it is sports-related. I tend to believe that theory though, having read quite a bit of information about the negative effects of stress. Which leads me to this conclusion…guys take sports too seriously, guys get too stressed out by sports, therefore guys should relax and watch knitting bowls, cooking playoffs, and Mr. Rogers marathons instead. 🙂


    1. Oh! Hahahaha! You are so right!! -especially the knitting bowls! I can imagine a race with someone who is designated to wipe the sweat from the knitters brow~
      Your imagination rocks!


  2. If the Flames are losing by the middle of the third period the game usually goes off (but hubby still changes back every once in a while with hope).

    I miss the days of going to the local sports team when I was a teenager and cheering on people I knew (okay I had the biggest crush on the goalie).


    1. Hahaha! We have had season tickets to CU football games since we moved here (now our daughter dances at halftime with the band) and have 6 tickets a year for Avs games. Danny won season tix for the CU basketball games so I think my husband will be in heaven and up to his eyeballs in sports!
      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!


  3. Susie,

    I watch football midway through the playoffs, baseball starting somewhere int he World Series and basketball never. (I think that all basketball games should start at 100 to 100 with two minutes left in the game. That way you get 20 minutes of basketball and you can get on with your life.)

    I never get too wrapped up in team sports, knowing that even the lowest paid player on the worst team still makes more in one year than I will in ten.

    You want to know what gets me stressed out? What has me standing and cheering and through the roof with vicarious tension and joy? Olympic women’s gymnastics. Talk about intensity. These girls have given most of their lives to be on the stage at the Olympics and their future hangs by a thread on each performance. When it comes time to watch the top contenders, if I have a favorite that I’m pulling for I will record the event and then watch each routine in slow motion just so my heart won’t explode if there is a mishap. If they make it through without a hitch I will then watch it at normal speed.

    Good thing for me that the Olympics only comes around every four years.




    1. Thanks Doug!
      I know what you mean about pro athletes and I am not a fan of pro basketball either, but I can watch football and baseball.
      College sports are the best because anything can happen!

      I love gymnastics and look forward to watching the girls. Figure skating can be as crazy when they try those triple toe loops. They are probably up to quadruples by now!


  4. Great post and hilarious commercial! Everyone in my family are big sports fans and there is nothing better than college football. Besides, there is nothing else to do in Oklahoma. We attend all the home games and enjoy hoping around to all the tailgate parties while drinking beer. I always figured we were getting a good work out all the while doing the 12 oz curl routine.


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