A Warm Welcome – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Jane’s special day had come again and she bounced through the house with renewed vigor.  It seemed like a lifetime had passed since she felt this strong. Her illness had dissipated. An old memory skittered back to her like flipping to a page in her blue velvet album. “Where is everyone? No matter. I’ll make my own birthday cake.” Jane hummed as she opened and shut the painted cupboard doors searching for the familiar ingredients.



Chelsea glanced towards the sound in the empty kitchen of the old Victorian home and asked her real estate agent, “Do you smell cake?”


 It is a big birthday month for our family so I thought I would give all of my loved ones a big shout-out with a paranormal twist!

Happy Birthday Danny, Kelly, Patty and Marilyn from your twisted wife, mother, sister and daughter-in-law!

There are more birthdays this month than any other during the year.

Are you celebrating any November birthdays?

Homemade Birthday Cake by S. Lindau

35 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. I smell cake! Chocolate cake! We have all our birthdays in Dec & January so just keep the party going! Happy Birthday to your family members!


  2. Wonderful birthday story. My grandson turns 4 on Tuesday and mine is on Wednesday. I’ll have to show him that Three Stooges clip–he’ll get a bang out it!


    1. Thank you!
      Happy almost birthday! I just got back from celebrating with my sister.
      Scorpio is a great sign and I seem to get along really well with them~
      Mine isn’t until April and would love to be 44 again! Hahaha!


  3. Another scorpio here 🙂 Mine’s next week, too, on the 15th. Are you a November gal, too?

    Loved how subtle your paranormal was – felt normal until the last sentences!


  4. Mmm… Now I want cake! 😉 Thanks for the story, Susie! And happy birthday to all.

    My dad, brother-in-law, two friends and 2 nieces had their birthdays this past week. Whew! And my youngest sister had her first baby. Lots to celebrate indeed. Cake…here I come!


    1. Thanks for stopping by for a slice August! You know what I mean then because from here we go right into Christmas~ My daughter’s birthday is December 28th! Off to make another cake!


  5. Susie,

    I love flash fiction, such a great way to get the creativity flowing! And what better way to start than with Birthday Cake! I enjoyed your post and wanted to eat your cake. 🙂 Happy Birthday to all the folks in your world who are celebrating! And, happy writing!


  6. That’s the best piece of flash fiction i’ve ever read – Wow!

    By the way you’ve won a book in my giveaway. Daniel Silva is spoken for you and have next pick, which would you like? 🙂


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