It Ain’t the Easy Way… 100 Word Flash

Jacob knew he should destroy the photograph as he grasped it in his trembling hand. Her gold spun hair seemed to radiate with intensity. Her soft blue eyes that had dazzled him had changed to grey flint. The soft curves he had clung to had become taut muscle. She had fended off many a lone gunman and had helped him escape more than once, until last night.

He blinked back tears as he glanced up at threatening thunderclouds. While the biting wind struck his weathered face, he tossed the photograph on top of the shallow grave, then shoveled dirt upon her hooves.

The second line in the title is, “but it’s the Cowboy Way.”

Did I surprise you with who the subject was?

What’s your favorite Western movie or series?


Photo by Madison Woods

48 thoughts on “It Ain’t the Easy Way… 100 Word Flash

Add yours

  1. Beautiful short story — I love how well you captured longing in there.
    I figured it was a horse right before the end. Really well done.
    As for the westerns — I’ve always liked them. There are too many on my list of favorites to mention here, but one is definitely on the very top: “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” 🙂


  2. I wonder if the red herring should have had more reason than to throw the reader off track. Perhaps he wanted her grave honored, but didn’t want the ones honoring to know the grave belonged to a horse? or ?


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