It Ain’t the Easy Way… 100 Word Flash

Jacob knew he should destroy the photograph as he grasped it in his trembling hand. Her gold spun hair seemed to radiate with intensity. Her soft blue eyes that had dazzled him had changed to grey flint. The soft curves he had clung to had become taut muscle. She had fended off many a lone gunman and had helped him escape more than once, until last night.

He blinked back tears as he glanced up at threatening thunderclouds. While the biting wind struck his weathered face, he tossed the photograph on top of the shallow grave, then shoveled dirt upon her hooves.

The second line in the title is, “but it’s the Cowboy Way.”

Did I surprise you with who the subject was?

What’s your favorite Western movie or series?


Photo by Madison Woods

48 thoughts on “It Ain’t the Easy Way… 100 Word Flash

Add yours

    1. I think that he chastised himself for having too much feeling for his horse; he was a cowboy after all.
      Destroying the photo was also a red herring to make you think there was evidence of foul play involved in trying to set up a twist.
      Thank you!


  1. I liked this story! You led us into it being the horse in the photograph gradually, but each line after the hair made it more and more clear. I liked it as a twist on what you might expect though.

    Mine’s at if you want to stop by


  2. I grew up watching Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Death Valley. I loved all the Clint Eastwood westerns featuring “The Man with no Name.” I wish they still made quality western for the big screen. I did enjoy the remake of True Grit.
    Great story, you had me fooled!


    1. I loved all of those and remember Lucas McCane in The Rifleman!!
      I did also like the new True Grit and think that little girl should have gotten an Academy Award for her performance.
      Thank you! I am so glad I fooled you!


  3. This gave me goosebumps. At first I did think it was the girl he’d been worrying over. But I’ve shoveled dirt like that over hooves once, and I wish I’d buried the photograph of him with him. Great story and great twist!


  4. For the love of a good horse. Nice twist at the end, Susie. I think my all time favorite western is Silverado with Scott Glenn, Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Brian Dennehy and Helen Hunt. I loved the smartaleck remarks and the horses. 🙂


  5. Happy trails to you, until we meet again!

    Love that Susie! You’re a stinker! You got me.

    Chuck Conners was a neighbor once and my husband built a house for him. Used to watch the Rifleman and all the other cowboy shows.

    This was fun. Thanks Susie! And thank you for all your support!


  6. lovely post. I think you do not need much words to express, what you want to express. I wonder how can you describe something like this with this much of words. great job!


  7. Really liked this, Susie…brought back a flood of emotions from when I buried my dog when I was a teenager. I can only imagine the bond between a horse and its owner. My favorite western movie is Open Range because it seems more authentic than most Hollywood fare.


  8. I am sorry to have caused a painful flash back. We get a photo prompt every week and I decided to go Western with twist. I usually write paranormal fiction and have been having fun with these 100 word flashes.
    I don’t think I saw Open Range. I will check that one out. I love Westerns!
    Thanks for reading!


  9. I guess I’m the lone bandit here. “Her soft blue eyes” had me think of a woman, but as soon as I read “She had fended off many a lone gunman” I immediately knew you were talking about the horse and thought you made a mistake by giving a horse blue eyes. This being flash fiction also made it much easier to expect a twist early on. After all, you have less than 100 words to create any impact. Glad you were able to fool everyone else though. Great piece of fiction! I enjoyed it.


  10. Awesome!
    My daughter was around when I wrote it and looked up horse’s eye color for me. They can have blue eyes!
    Aha! You found the clue with the lone gunman. You just need to read faster next time! Hahaha! Thanks for stopping by to read!


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