Who’s in Your Corner?

Do you have a super fan? Someone who encourages you when you want to quit because you feel like a no-talent nobody? Someone who is always in your corner to support you when you have been punched and are down for the count? Someone who will ask you, “How many fingers do you see?” and then will tell you, “You’re fine! Get back in the ring and fight!” Someone who can see that you’ve been pounded, but not completely out as they hand you an ice pack and rub your sore shoulders?  Someone who can point you back in the direction of your dream when your eyes have swollen shut causing momentary blindness?

Maybe this person is a co-worker, or a fellow writer, or a family member. Maybe they have been a friend for years or someone new in your life, but they always have your back. Everyone stumbles and has those truly hideous moments where they scream, “I suck!” Your super fan will get you a glass of water and calm you down. They will tell you that you do have talent, that it is worth the dedication, and most of all, they will remind you to be patient.

Jack Dempsey’s wife was a super fan

I am thankful to have several super fans; my family, old and new friends and lots of virtual friends. These are the people who encourage me and give me the confidence to get back into the ring and continue writing.

My husband Danny is also a super fan. He has been in my corner every day rooting me on since I began writing in February of 2011. One night he came home after work with a large gift bag . My mind raced to what occasion I could have missed. I reached inside and pulled out a 3-ring binder. I set it on the kitchen counter and opened it up. To my surprise he had filled it with all of my blog posts. He said, “I’ll add new ones to it every week. Some of these comments are great, Susie.”

After a few weeks the binder was filled, so he bought me another. When I mentioned I would like to bring some copies of my posts to my parents, he printed some at his office. My mom and dad are my original super fans.

When I was bummed a couple of weeks ago, Danny pointed out some of the amazing remarks left on my blog and suggested printing them so I could read them when I begin to question my myself. “Focus on those people and what they have said. There’ll always be people out there that will want to hold you back,” he said and gave me a hug. I think this is a great suggestion for everyone. Even if you are not a writer, when someone reassures you, write it down in a journal or create a word document on your computer. Then you can look back on that positive feedback when you are on the ropes and need to motivate for the next round.

Remember you can be a super fan too! You can offer your help, assurance, encouragement, and time. Everyone can use an occasional, “I love it! This is great!” along with an explanation of what struck you as brilliant. There are many talented people out there. I admit to being the exclamation point queen!

So next time you are face down on the mat after someone delivers a knockout punch and you hear a voice above you as they count to ten, remember your super fans. They may not be right there in the ring with you, but they want you to get back up on your feet, take a deep breath, and continue on with the endurance match of a lifetime. They will never throw in the towel because they believe you can do it and you can!

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel? Has someone helped you back on your feet?

Who is in your corner

Rocky Marciano had a lot of super fans in his corner

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  1. What an encouraging post! I do have super fans in my life, and I know how lucky I am. One of the greatest things that has come out of my blogging is to realize what amazing friends I have. They are being so supportive and encouraging and asking nothing in return. I also like your idea of writing down compliments, or good things, about ourselves that we can look at when we need a pick-me-up. What a smart and supportive husband you have. I am going to try his idea!


  2. Susie, this is a great reminder and your words have meaning for those who enjoy giving encouragement and those in need of it. It is fitting that you shared these words. Your bright sunny attitude is encouragement in its own right.

    I have to agree that blog feedback tends to be uplifting. The same this true of most virtual friends in our virtual worlds. May well all be reminded to share kind and caring words to others. They do mean so much. Let’s all get on this bandwagon.


  3. A couple of months ago, in preparation for a cross country move, I was going through old boxes and found letters from readers of a newspaper column I used to write. I was shocked that they were such a pick me up so long after the fact!

    Thanks for the reminder to save positive feedback!

    Ginger, The Beach Writer


  4. I don’t write but am a voracious reader and hereby offer my services as a superfan….one thing only, those exclamation marks are mine!!
    Keep up the good work!


  5. Your husband sounds like a sweetie, and I love what he did with the notebooks. What a great keepsake to look back on someday!

    Loved the post! I’m going to have to locate some of those super fans. 🙂


      1. I should have elaborated a little more. My Thanksgiving tradition is to come down with a cold a few days before the holiday. When I said I need to locate some of the super fans, I meant the kind who will bring me a cup of hot soup (instead of the glass of water) and rub my shoulders. But my brain is half asleep…along with the rest of me.

        I do have some super fans and super comments! And I appreciate all of them. I also promise not to cough on you and share the germs. 🙂


  6. This probably says a lot about me (including that I need a therapist), but I’ve learned over the years that I have to be my own super-fan. My wife is fantastic and my friends and family are very proud, but they also don’t understand how I can do everything I do (yet that doesn’t step family and co-workers for asking for more).

    When times get rough and the twitch in my eye becomes unbearable, they tell me to slow down or take a break. It’s a nice idea, but nobody’s ever achieved their goals by taking a break from them.

    So for me, when somebody tells me to relax or take it easy I know that I have to work harder to break through whatever wall is in my way. It applies to every facet of life, from writing to the day job to power lifting.


    1. Jason I know what you are talking about and I get that same twitch! Hahaha! My mother has been saying, “slow down,” my whole life! Somehow my husband knows better.
      I agree that being your own super fan is important and it is nice to know that others support you too!


  7. Great post with great advise. I have a bunch of super fans: my children (all grown now) who are great readers, critiquers and copy editors; my best friends, my reader/critique group.

    Now I can add all my blog followers.

    I feel like Taylor Swift accepting a music award.

    Thank you …

    What a blessing to have those in my corner.


  8. Great post, Susie! Knowing someone believes in you is so important. Your husband sounds wonderful!
    What works for me is a document with a copy of every email I’ve ever received from a reader who has told me they loved my characters or how much they enjoyed a book. Like your binder, it’s a reminder that we can touch somebody with our words. And that counts for a lot.


  9. oh my gosh, I just love what you say here. Again. I could say that about all your posts.
    My little sister, Eden, is my super fan. She’s read everything I’ve done and begs me to let her read even my unfinished MS. Whenever I tell her an agent rejected my work she says, “they’re stupid,” and if I’m discouraged about my story she’ll tell me it’s the best she’s ever read.
    I know that she’s biased but it honestly means the world to me. She’s 14 yrs old, the age of my intended audience, so I’m just so thankful to have her.
    Great post, Susie!


  10. I’ve been fortunate all my life to come from a loving and supportive family – not just parents and siblings, but cousins who seem like siblings and aunts and uncles who seem like parents. I try not to take any of them for granted, but I probably do at times, since they’ve always been there.

    What’s been an eye-opener for me this past year is the love and support I receive constantly from my tweeps and subscribers. It’s overwhelming. I’m particularly humbled by the love, acceptance and support I receive from my fellow Life List Club members.

    Thanks for the reminder to be thankful, Susie.


    1. David I am overwhelmed as well. It seems as though whenever I am going through a temporary set-back someone here posts a comment that blows me away!
      It sounds like you have an amazing support system as well!
      Thanks for reading~


  11. Wow, we do tend to forget about the people who encourage us, don’t we? I’ve been blessed with so many: my original group of online friends who I met thru the Outreach International chapter contest, Linda Style, Ann Voss Peterson, Susan Vaughan, Virginia Kelly; my entire local RWA chapter, and critique partners. I never think anything of encouraging them — it just comes naturally — and boy, do they all know how to pick me up when I’m in a funk.

    Great post, Susie. Thanks!


  12. My husband is definitely my super fan and my youngest sister too. Once in the middle of a week of rejections, she sent me an email with the subject ‘my query response’ and wrote why she loves my stories, etc.


  13. Thank you for a great post. I too have done that – saved some of the positive comments/feedback people have given me via blog/books and they are so helpful to read thru when there’s a rejection letter, or a negative review or a book setback. Right now, there are several great book fans who were complete strangers to me – but now thanks to Twitter and FB, I can count them as some of my greatest encouragers and supporters. I look forward to ‘chatting’ with them every day and appreciate their positivity. For me, this is a reminder how I need to be that positive voice and support for others as well, particularly those who are starting out on their own writing journeys.


    1. I actually really love introducing myself to new bloggers and seeing if there is anything I can do to help. There is so much to learn at first and it can be overwhelming. WordPress and Blogspot users have to go out and get noticed on FB and Twitter in order to be read. Often times they don’t have share buttons on their blogs. It took me a long time to get set up on this site and I will upgrade to a another new theme at some point! It’s a process!
      Thank you so much!


  14. Susie, your’re talking my language girl! Great post!

    We all need to be in each others corners. We all get those gloomy days and need a pick-me-up from either our family or friends or our wana community.

    My husband is my greatest fan. He’s not a writer, but he’s right in the trenches with me. Love that!

    Thank you Susie for this. 🙂


  15. You are so lucky that your husband is your number one fan. His gift of that first binder speaks to his faith in you.

    I don’t really have that. I have a best friend, but she doesn’t get it.

    I’ve come to rely on bloggers who support me. Leanne Shirtliffe is a wonderful support. But it would be nice to have someone in my corner. For real. Writing can get lonely — especially when I am stuck trying to express something difficult and need help.


    1. I am just as real as your next door neighbor and you probably “talk” to me more often.
      I have said many times to Danny that if I was ever in the towns of my new blogger friends I would definitely try to get together! In some ways I am closer since as writers we are more open to each other through the words that we type!
      Definitely look me up if you ever come to the Boulder/Denver area!


    1. I know what you mean! I consider the friends I have made here as real as any in real life. We are real people after all. I think it is great that you are forging ahead with your writing!


  16. Hey Susie,

    Haven’t been facebooking much these days, but I caught your piece today. Writing can be the loneliest, most frustrating job, but when all the planets align and your writing takes flight…well, how beautiful is that? You are persistent, prolific, productive, all those “p” words, and I find that impressive. You could try my technique – avoidance – but I’m not sure that’s the answer!!! Chin up, my dear. Keep it flowing…


  17. “No-talent nobody”?

    Talent is overrated, Ms. Lindau. Literature is learned.

    And you have more people in your corner than you’ll probably ever know. Why? Because your enthusiasm is infectious.

    Peter Germany, how could you with your excellent name not have someone in your corner?

    Let me tell you something: even if you think you don’t have anyone in your corner, there is someone, and I’d like to introduce you to him — a dear friend of mine, actually, who’s been in my corner for a very long time. I swear, he’ll (almost) never let you down. Mr. Germany, meet my good friend Mr. Walker.


    1. Thanks Ray. I am glad for that!
      I wouldn’t count on “Mr. Walker” since he may get in the way of your obvious talent although I realize you make a living serving him. Hahaha!


    2. Thanks man 🙂 just from my blog post I’ve had a couple people who read it via Facebook that have given me a boost 🙂 its been great having people voicing their support 🙂 thanx 😀


  18. My family encourages me no matter what else os going on. Although my wife wants me to write a “real book” as she puts it and abandon the blogs altogether!
    She supports the notion of a book BASED on the blog material, but not the blog itself! Weird, right?
    That’s marriage for you….


  19. Actually I had a non-fiction book all ready to go and was told by an editor and others that I had to blog and build an author’s platform. You have a huge following which helps and you want to keep building it. You want a ton of Twitter followers and Facebook too.
    Then when your book is done, you can roll it out to everyone!


  20. Great post. I have a few fans, and I’m also a super fan of some of my writer friends. Your husband is amazing! What a wonderful, supportive spouse!


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