Madness in the Middle of the Night – 100 Words

The MoonTimmy came up with the plan while his cousins slept in sleeping bags on the carpeted floor of the basement. A gusty breeze buffeted the old ranch-style home. Timmy listened to the clock chime from the living room.

When the clock struck six, Timmy crept upstairs and then slipped out the front door. After he released them to the wind, he came back into the house and told his waking cousins, “Now you can stay with us tonight.”

“That is so strange,” Timmy’s mother said to her sister Judy, “The Black Friday Midnight Madness ads are missing from the newspaper.”

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t go mad at midnight!

Are you hitting any Black Friday sales?

If you are not from the US, have any early sales started in your country?

Have you seen my wife Mr. Jones?

28 thoughts on “Madness in the Middle of the Night – 100 Words

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  1. Thanks, Susie – while this has an element of humor, I like to think there’s an important message therein.

    With family gathered, having enjoyed fun, laughter and some reflection, how much is it to simply savor the joy of togetherness?

    There’s lots more time for shopping. Maybe this is only a guy thing :=)


    1. I totally agree and think it is insane that some will be running off at midnight. There is too much stress already. Why does shopping have to take precedence over a good night sleep after eating too much? My daughter will be one of the midnight shoppers this year, but is used to being up late. My son’s girlfriend is working Midnight Madness at Ross!


  2. I can only think of three good reasons to set foot in a store between the hours of midnight and nine a.m…

    1. If one of my kids needed medicine
    2. If we ran out of bathroom tissue.
    3. If you wait to start your Thanksgiving pies until MIDNIGHT, and discover you’re out of nutmeg and brown sugar, like some STUPID person who shall remain nameless.

    Other than that, I can’t think of one good reason to go into a store on Black Friday (or the rest of the weekend for that matter). Can’t get into crowds.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Susie! Loved your story! 🙂


  3. This made me grin. I was thinking “what, WHAT has Timmy released?” Such a cute ending and resolution. As an Aussie, I couldn’t believe my eyes that first Black Friday in NYC, walking the dog at 7am and seeing people walking down the streets laden with new flat screen TVs.


  4. As a Canadian I didn’t get it either, I wondered what he’d released outside and being a little boy you know where my mind went. midnight madness? who would have thought? our thanksgiving is in october, so it’s not the experience of that in the US


  5. Thank you!
    We put up our Christmas lights… We do them ourselves and they look like we threw some of them up there (which we did) but we always get into the top 20 in Boulder! Hahaha!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t go mad at midnight!
    Here in Canada, the Black Friday madness isn’t as deadly – yet! We are seeing more three-day sales, though.


  7. Thanks Hook!
    This year was insane! My daughter went out at midnight with a friend, but I didn’t even make it out during regular hours!
    Just wait. It only takes one store to start the “madness” and then they all follow…


  8. Gorgeous title, Susie.

    And I love that Bee Gees song (“Have you seen my wife, Mr Jones”). My mother used to listen to it on a eight track, when I was a kid.


    1. Thanks Ray! I laughed pretty hard when I found that song!

      I may be working backwards in seasons with my header. I used a ski photo all summer and now changed to a biking photo! What do you think? Should I use it in the spring instead or does it better describe “my wild ride?”


  9. Busted! It is so weird because I thought that I did. I had a friend who commented on an old post and I started checking to see if I had missed commenting on any when I found this!!!


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