Into the Light – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Katrina didn’t have much time before the doctor returned. Finding the secret had changed her life forever.  She crept out of the darkness into the shaft of light risking everything. He had hidden it in a drawer of his black enamel desk.

The vial lay among others, but only one held the azure liquid. She snatched the concoction and unscrewed the stopper. She squeezed two of the precious drops under her tongue. It felt warm and alive as it hit her bloodstream. She replaced the bottle before the weightless sensation took over.

Katrina slipped through the prismatic plane and into his arms.

Where would you escape to if you could go anywhere?

Photo by Madison Woods

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32 thoughts on “Into the Light – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. Dear Susie,

    So many questions remain in Katrina’s absence, the answers to which we’ll never know, but what is certain is the joy we feel as she “steps through the prismatic plane and into his arms.”

    I want what she had but imagine that reading good writing like yours is the closest I’ll ever get to it.

    (Loved the Magical Mystery Tour, too. Thanks.)




    1. Thanks so much Craig! I was going for a mystery. Was she escaping in her mind or with her body too? If I expanded on this I would go with the whole supernatural experience and have her disappear!


  2. Ooh. I felt myself slipping away with Katrina. And if I could slip away to anywhere, it would certainly be to a beach, where the ocean whispered sweet nothings to me. Good post, Susie!


  3. If I could slip away anywhere, it would be into a living manifestation of my own imagination, kinda like that Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell, only not creepy or pretentious. I’ve had only one brief experience with lucid dreaming, but it was such a cool experience and left me wanting more. If that’s where Katrina is, I envy her.


  4. I am so sorry I missed your comment!
    I never saw that movie, but it sounds amazing! The ending was left open for interpretation, but I think of Katrina as landing in a very happy place!
    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. This was before my time… but, you can always tell a Madison Photo… It looks like you took this one. Intriguing story, begging lots of questions. Liked the description of the desk…


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