Crashing – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Traxin retracted his periscopic neck and braced himself for impact as his insect-like ship spiraled through the atmosphere. He strained his yellow eye while staring through the portal desperate to stabilize the shaking craft. It rose to the peak of ascension, hesitating for a split second before plummeting towards Earth.

Above the engine’s roar Traxin shouted, “That is the other thing I hate about this horrid planet – Gravity!” They were his last words before slamming into a dense primeval-looking forest.


“Ouch!” Josiah stopped and rubbed his head full of dreadlocks then continued to push the grocery cart jam-packed with his life’s possessions.

To read the beginning of Traxin’s adventure click on Part One

Where was your last adventure?

Where would go next if you could go anywhere?

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65 thoughts on “Crashing – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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    1. As soon as John sent him flying through the air (in the first episode), I knew he had to land in dreadlocks! Hahaha!
      Josiah is one of my son’s favorite names…
      Thanks for reading~


  1. Very funny piece. Combines brevity, fantasy, and humor, and has a “kick” at the end! Reminds me of the old “Through Times and Space With Ferdinant Feghoot” short-short stories that used to appear in the SF mags of the 60s and 70s. (See ‘The Collected Feghoot” at

    My latest short-short can be found here:


  2. Dear Susie,

    Loved your story, periscopic neck and all. When I read ‘peak of ascension’ I immediately substituted the word ‘apogee’. How do I find out more about Traxin?




    1. I will probably switch to something else next week since Jan Morrill is hosting the Fiction group unless…… Then I host the week after and have to provide a photo!! It will be fun!
      The little guy may reappear….


  3. I get it…Traxin is a metaphor for Big Pharma and Josiah represents Everyman. Dreds represent Everyman’s wallet, Periscopic neck represents Big Pharma’s R&D divisions, and the insect like craft their marketing divisions. How am I doing? When the craft crashes into the Dreds, Everyman cries, “Ouch!”

    I just started putting some flash on my blog if you care to peruse. My wife thinks its scary, but I just think its delectable. M.A.B.


  4. “That is the other thing I hate about this horrid planet – Gravity!”
    Very funny!

    In the words of Sheldon Cooper ( Big Bang Theory TV Series) – “Oh Gravity, Thou art a heartless Bitch!” lol!

    Love the way you kept the connect between the posts! Good work!


  5. Ah, Susie. So good to be reading your work again. It never, ever disappoints! I was creeped out one second, laughing the next. Only great ones can do that! And you are a great one! 🙂


  6. Hope Traxin is equipped with GPS to navigate out form the dreadlocks of primeval forest.
    Depending upon what landing gears Traxin is equipped with I can suggest two alternatives for future safe landings…
    1) My History teacher’s shiny scalp, if runway if required …
    2) If an air sac like structure is required for a soft plunge down landing, nothing’s better than air headed politicians.


  7. I’m really enjoying the adventures of Traxil, Susie, LOL. It makes me laugh that their tragedies go fairly unnoticed in the world where they’ve crashed!


  8. This is fantastic! Only a very talented writer with a vivid imagination could string something like this together. Great job and I look forward to more of Traxin’s adventures! Even though this piece leaves me itchy 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by the other day!


    1. Thanks Charlotte! You are so nice to say that. I am actually thinking of using your name for one of my characters in the book I am writing. I look forward to reading your work too!


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