Crashing – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Traxin retracted his periscopic neck and braced himself for impact as his insect-like ship spiraled through the atmosphere. He strained his yellow eye while staring through the portal desperate to stabilize the shaking craft. It rose to the peak of ascension, hesitating for a split second before plummeting towards Earth.

Above the engine’s roar Traxin shouted, “That is the other thing I hate about this horrid planet – Gravity!” They were his last words before slamming into a dense primeval-looking forest.


“Ouch!” Josiah stopped and rubbed his head full of dreadlocks then continued to push the grocery cart jam-packed with his life’s possessions.

To read the beginning of Traxin’s adventure click on Part One

Where was your last adventure?

Where would go next if you could go anywhere?

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65 thoughts on “Crashing – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. I loved this! I have no idea whether the alliteration was purposeful, but it worked. The words clicked and hissed through my head as I read so that I started whispering them to myself to hear the satisfying sounds.


  2. Susie, I really like this piece!
    My last adventure was when I started to blog a few short months ago, and it’s my coming adventure as well. It’s been a blast.
    I actually thought I was following you already, and see that I haven’t been. I love your blog. I’m baaaaaack!


  3. Heh heh – nice piece! Maybe “insectoid” for “insect-like” and just “primeval” (without the “-looking”) would give you another two words to play with…


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