My Top 10 Inexplicable Idiosyncrasies

Do you have some ridiculous habits that no matter how hard you try to break, you just can’t? You are not alone. My idiosyncrasies are inexplicable. Since my list is long and time is short, I have listed my top ten. They are in no particular order.

If you look closely, you will find two of these plastic ties

#1. Saying “um, ah, or like,” as I tell a story

Is there some reason why I must keep vocalizing while visualizing? And why “like?” I like hate that expression! I am not like 16 years old anymore. Am I like going into my second childhood?

#2. Forgetting to cut off the plastic tie that holds the price tag of a purchased item

Sometimes the plastic is really strong and if I can’t break it with my bare hands, it stays on the item for eternity or until my husband clips it off. He informed me that he found one hanging on a decorative basket yesterday. I purchased it over 10 years ago. I know. Now, do you feel my pain? Tennis shoes are notorious for these kryptonite-strength ties and I own a few pairs of shoes that still sport them.

#3.  Procrastinating appointments

How hard is it to pick up the phone and dial? I am not sure why I don’t do it right away. I wait until my hair looks like I put my finger in an electrical socket or my car’s check oil light has been on for weeks before I make a phone call. I feel tremendous relief after finally scheduling so I can’t believe it takes such a long time!

#4. Not redeeming gift cards

I have a couple massages, a facial, and one for downloading books to my Nook. I love all of these activities so why not use them. Duh!

#5. Not finishing projects

I tend to be very enthusiastic and have a lot of energy. Once I get an idea in my head, I can’t wait to start. The problem arises when one tiny decision gets in my way. I brought up several family photos to hang in the hallway and then I thought, “Do I really want them up here?” So here they are after almost a year!

#6. The elephant in the room

Do you ever get so used to seeing something you meant to put away a long time ago that it becomes part of the décor? I am a neat and tidy person, but my Christmas card project is still on my desk. I wonder if the box will stay on it until spring or summer.

#7. Chewing the inside of my mouth when I am nervous

I have no idea where this habit came from. It is not pretty when I have noticed others exhibiting the same behavior. That is usually when I realize I am doing the same thing! Why not just buy gum?

#8. Crossing my legs

I am crossing them now. In Catholic grade school, one of my teachers insisted that all 7th-grade girls cross their legs because it was ladylike. I can’t think of a worse thing for my leg circulation since I sometimes sit for hours. I think it has contributed to my left knee problem as well. Thanks, Sister Mary Whatever-your-name-was! Which brings me to…

#9. Forgetting names

And speaking of remembering my teacher’s name, it is such a bummer when I run into someone I have met before, but can’t introduce them to my friend or family member. This is especially embarrassing when I recall asking their names the last time I saw them. Many times it is because they have a version of my name. Why can’t I remember other Susies, Susans, or Sues?

#10. Not purchasing everything I need at the grocery store

I stroll in and just like a shot has rung out, I begin racing down the aisles. It always seems like I can’t get out of there fast enough. If I sprint out and remember a forgotten item, I say to myself, “I’ll pick it up next time.” What’s up with that?  There isn’t a record to break for the fastest time in and out of a grocery store, so why not just go back inside and buy the tin of cinnamon for God’s sake!

On a side note, I often lose my list between my house and the store. Then I usually forget to buy the critical ingredient I originally went there for.  The list always miraculously appears at the bottom of my purse later in the week. WHY?

When I think about it, now that I have written about these ridiculous peculiarities, maybe this will be the end of them. That would be like so awesome!


Can you relate to any of my quirky conduct? 

Do you have any weird habits you would like to break?

I challenge you to come up with your own list!

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104 thoughts on “My Top 10 Inexplicable Idiosyncrasies

Add yours

    1. Well, I avoid facilities where the toilet tissue pulls from the bottom instead of the top, and I would not accept the Nobel Prize for Literature if I had to wear a tie. Is that odd enough?


      1. Okay! Now you’re talkin’!!
        Those are great examples. No tie no matter what? Wow! I can’t stand anything tight around my neck either. Just talking about it makes my throat close up! Hahaha!

        Thanks so much for stopping back!!


        1. I have no idea who “JJ” is. I will wear a tie to a wedding or funeral. When my wants to go to a formal event I put on whatever she sets out for me and it always includes a tie.

          I’ve been to places with no toilet paper so I don’t get excited about how it rolls I’m just grateful to not be in a place without it.

          My wife reports the following odd behaviors that I supposedly engage in:

          When I am hungry and distracted at the same time I chew far too loudly.
          I supposedly forget to return things to the refrigerator but I don’t remember doing that. She doesn’t lie so I assume it’s true. When I am concentrating I might look right at her when she asks me a question, then without answering return to what i was doing.


  1. I can help you with some of this. When your husband next walks by look him in the eyes seductively (he’s a man so all eye contact is seductive) and uncross your legs. As you are napping laugh at the nuns. Give your husband your gift cards. Tell your spouse to please do all the shopping from now on because you have suddenly developed a buying compulsion and you don’t want to bankrupt the family. Tell him to please bring back some chewing gum from the store. After a warm loving morning together even though he knows that your story is absurd he will gladly comply. Having a sweetheart to share stuff with makes it all much easier.

    Take two jelly beans and don’t call me in the morning because I intend to sleep late.

    I’m not licensed so no charge.


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  3. Wow, I have the same problem with #2 and #3. I have the most absurd problem calling people to fix appointments. Interesting list, all in all 🙂


  4. What a great post idea! I’m not going to post my top ten here of course 😉 but I applaud you for being so brave! I might write about it in the future though, hmmm…


  5. I crossed my legs from ages eight to twenty-five–I had to stop when it gave me back problems! I couldn’t figure out what was causing me so much pain, and then my chiropractor caught me crossing my legs. When he said that was the problem, I couldn’t believe it! But I gave it up and the pain went away.

    Of course, I’ve gotten so…ah…”voluptuous” (cackle)…that now I couldn’t cross my legs if I tried!


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