So Close and Yet – 100 Word Flash Fiction

For the beginning of Traxin’s adventures read Into the Vortex.

His second adventure is Crashing.


“What’s that crazy-looking thing?” Tom plucked the insect-like space ship out of Josiah’s dreads and then flicked it away.

Traxin, still rattled from the impact, regained control and shifted gear. One long strand of hair, tangled in the wing, created drag. He slammed the zevot into forward thrust. The powerful vessel gained altitude.

He peered through the portal and blinked his yellow eye. The mother ship (invisible to humans), had returned for him!

Then darkness swallowed the craft. Traxin sailed downward.

“NO! I want to get off this disgusting planet!”

The black crow spat the spacecraft into a hungry beak.


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Photo by Susie Lindau

99 thoughts on “So Close and Yet – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. Before I went into comics a used to write short stories. I keep meaning to start again, but something always seems to come up and I loose my drive. Maybe a few 100 word stories would be a good way to get back in the game, as it were.

    Re: this story, I’m enjoying it so far. It’s weird, and I like weird. But if Traxin’s bugship is anything like the one from Lexx, I pity that poor crow.


  2. Jump in and write one! Post it on Friday and add the link to blog’s comment section. You are always welcome to post the link here in my comments on Fridays too!

    Thank you!
    I am glad to hear you are enjoying the little alien’s adventures! They are totally weird. I have been channeling old Mad Magazines! When Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was on TV they did a whole series of take-offs with little people and their own voyages!


  3. Such a nice piece! I do feel for Traxin… crows are no fun. I cannot help thinking also that it means it’s not over though, the lovely adventure for us to join. 🙂

    Thank you for making my day with the cute grey alien adventures.


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