So Close and Yet – 100 Word Flash Fiction

For the beginning of Traxin’s adventures read Into the Vortex.

His second adventure is Crashing.


“What’s that crazy-looking thing?” Tom plucked the insect-like space ship out of Josiah’s dreads and then flicked it away.

Traxin, still rattled from the impact, regained control and shifted gear. One long strand of hair, tangled in the wing, created drag. He slammed the zevot into forward thrust. The powerful vessel gained altitude.

He peered through the portal and blinked his yellow eye. The mother ship (invisible to humans), had returned for him!

Then darkness swallowed the craft. Traxin sailed downward.

“NO! I want to get off this disgusting planet!”

The black crow spat the spacecraft into a hungry beak.


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Photo by Susie Lindau

99 thoughts on “So Close and Yet – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Add yours

    1. hello Joe,

      Liked the details in your piece, the dinner, and loved the last line – but don’t really understand how the narrator feel asleep while cooking dinner? or did I miss something?


    1. Hey there Russell,

      I don’t know why – but I have a real hard time leaving comments on blogspot – might be the security here at work. so here’s mine:

      It does read like a cartoon, and I laughed, although maybe I worry about the choice of villain name, hahahha. Nicely done sir.


    2. In your story, is his cape made from a paper napkin? 😉

      As with other WordPress users, it is impossible for me to leave a comment on your site unless you enable the “Username/URL” option. The OpenID/WordPress option of Blogger just doesn’t function correctly. Then again, it’s pretty well known that Blogger doesn’t play well with others. 😦


  1. I love your premise of a tiny alien space ship and the humour inherent in the idea. There was a film 20 or so years ago, called Liquid Sky, that had the same premise, but a very, very different story, having a great deal to with sex and drugs. Your story, Like Lindaura’s is part of a larger whole and interesting because of it. I only wondered about the last line “The black crow spat the spacecraft into a hungry beak.” Whose beak? Is she feeding it to her young? It’s just a little bit of a leap to understand there, otherwise, perfect.
    And thanks for depping for Madison; it must be very time-consuming!


    1. Thanks Russell!
      I will have to check out that film. It sounds really intriguing.
      As far as the last line I knew that birds feed their young that way and yet my husband didn’t get it either so you are not alone!


  2. Poor Traxin! you certainly give him his fair share of adventures, but not necessarily pleasant ones. I didn’t have a problem with the hungry beak line – that worked for me fine, although I did have a few queries in my head about the mother ship. If you had more space I’m sure you’d explain that better though, so given that this is part of a larger story, I think it’s fine!


  3. Thanks for hosting this week, Susie. Great job with the story! The adventures of Traxin continue! I look forward to reading more.

    Here is the link to mine. This week you get two stories for the price of one: the original flash and a second one in the comments section with an ‘alternate’ ending. Hope you enjoy at least one of them! 🙂


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