So Close and Yet – 100 Word Flash Fiction

For the beginning of Traxin’s adventures read Into the Vortex.

His second adventure is Crashing.


“What’s that crazy-looking thing?” Tom plucked the insect-like space ship out of Josiah’s dreads and then flicked it away.

Traxin, still rattled from the impact, regained control and shifted gear. One long strand of hair, tangled in the wing, created drag. He slammed the zevot into forward thrust. The powerful vessel gained altitude.

He peered through the portal and blinked his yellow eye. The mother ship (invisible to humans), had returned for him!

Then darkness swallowed the craft. Traxin sailed downward.

“NO! I want to get off this disgusting planet!”

The black crow spat the spacecraft into a hungry beak.


Welcome #FridayFictioneers!

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Photo by Susie Lindau

99 thoughts on “So Close and Yet – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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    1. It’s up! I wasn’t able to leave a comment. If you activate the name/url it takes WordPress users comments.

      Here was my comment:
      Great conversation! I loved your post. I do agree, it could be worse! Hahaha!


  1. Haha! You’re not tricking me into finding him in the picture this time. I love your Traxin stories! Flash fiction scares the jeepers out of me. 100 words? Are you kidding me? I’m good with 300,000, thanks.


    1. Tameri, come on and take a walk on the wild side! Maybe one day, I’ll write a novel. For now, to me, it’s just WAY to much space in which to wander aimlessly.

      Baby steps; baby steps. 🙂


  2. Invisible to humans? Well, how come I can see it..? Never mind, don’t answer that. I have a flower for you to post onto your wonderfully entertaining site if you would accept the “Reader Appreciation Award” you can read about, and collect the image @ my latest post. The rules are rather simple…pass it along to 6 of your faves( those whom have not previously received it) Link the image back to the conferrer, (that would be me)…list and link to the 6 recipients…Just in case you miss my latest post…you can pick the flower from my sidebar anytime. Bless You


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