What’s In Your Future?

When I discovered that the Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Whoa! Another new year, another chance for a do-over!” The second was, “We should go out for a Chinese dinner Monday night.” The third was, “Oh wow! I should check out my Chinese horoscope!” Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t even checked my astrological horoscope for 2012.horoscopes Astrological signs

My fascination with astrology started in the 7th grade when a group of my friends and I walked from school to the neighborhood drug store. The glass display case we dashed to was filled with penny candy. After gazing at the myriad of choices, we each selected our favorite sweets. Then we discovered a cup on top of the counter filled with colored scrolls printed with astrological signs and horoscopes. They prophesied the future for the whole month! One of my friends knew all about them and we deciphered which sign we were. As an Aries, I was pretty excited about being a ram and a leader, but I wasn’t so crazy about the whole head-butting thing.

I began flipping through the Wisconsin State Journal for my daily fix of fate. There was something so thrilling about checking to see if today would be that very special day when something wonderful would happen. Most of the time, they were warnings or totally irrelevant since I was twelve years old. I would roll my eyes and disregard most of those messages from the great beyond.

For years I relied on magazines for my monthly prognostication. One time, I read a Mademoiselle magazine during the month of my birthday which forecast a year full of changes. It said something like, “Be ready to relocate and take a leap of faith.” Well I did both a few months later when my husband Danny and I began dating which only lasted a short time. By October we were married and I found myself towing a U-haul trailer out to Colorado. I always regretted not keeping that horoscope. It was the first one in 29 years that was dead on!

Later, my interest in horoscopes waned. My husband and two children became the focal point of my life. To be honest, I was really happy and didn’t see a reason for any prophecies.

Chinese HoroscopesA couple of years ago while getting my hair colored, the stylist told me I should check out Chinese horoscopes. She found that many of her prophesies came true. I looked up my sign and realized I was born during the year of the dog. Ha! Now I knew why I was so loyal. Even when a relationship wasn’t healthy, I would still find myself wagging my tail, anxious to be included. Loyalty can be a good thing too.

Now that my kids are in college, I have finally found time for myself and have begun writing. Once again I am wondering about my future. I decided to check both astrological and Chinese horoscopes to see how they compared.

After Googling Aries prediction 2012, a list of forecasters appeared. The top horoscope provider seemed to be the most reliable since it was first on the list and had the name Ask Ganesha. I just knew with a name like Ganesha, I would be in very good hands.

I was sold by the first line of my forecast: “Aries is the first zodiac sign and the year 2012 is coming up to be an exceptional year for personal growth.” Yes! I knew Ganesha would come through for me! My year will be golden! After doing a happy dance around my kitchen, I sat down to see what else she had to say.

– It will be a year of learning and idea exchange. Procrastination should be avoided. I’ll try to get around to that one.

– My profit is supposed to multiply. Note to self – Work on making a profit this year so it can multiply.

– Be tactful when dealing with loved ones. I can do that once in a while.

– My love life is supposed to rock! I am already married so all those relationships I am supposed to have from July to September are not going to happen. My husband concurs.

I am sure the rest of the predictions are accurate! Thanks Ganesha!

Next I checked my Chinese horoscope. I Googled Chinese Horoscope 2012 and the top provider was Fengshuidiy. The site seemed pretty legit to me so I clicked on Dog.

What a downer; a doggie downer to be exact! The opening line was, “The 2012 Chinese zodiac horoscope predictions for Dog are not so good.” What? Did I have the right creature? Yes, unfortunately I did.

“Due to a few bad stars, you have obstacles in the working place.” Dang stars! “You also may lose money in the speculative market and have some big expenditures.” Well that is the total opposite of my astrological forecast! The prophecy went downhill from there and included warnings such as, “beware when using sharp tools,” and “mind your personal hygiene.” Geez!

That left me with no alternative. I will only focus on my astrological horoscope this year…

Happy Chinese New Year anyway!


Do you believe in horoscopes?

Have you ever gone to a psychic?

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434 thoughts on “What’s In Your Future?

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  1. Thank you for a very entertaining post! I got into astrology probably in the fifth grade or so when my sister gave me a massive book about it. I’ve never been into horoscopes, though; the predictions always seem so shallow, they’re hard to believe. However, I am a firm believer that–somehow–astrology describes us well.

    I’ll definitely take a look at the sites you linked to. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year I finally believe my horoscopes!


  2. I don’t necessary believe but i do love to see what my horoscope says! its fun and over in china if you say the animal of the year you where born they instantly know how old you are, and in fact I think thats how they actually tell each other how old they are or it could be in the old days but anyway im year of the snake and a libra!


  3. Sorry, not a believer in Star Signs as there’s no basis to it, there has been many moons and stars found by Science since Astrology was made up. I also think of twins! does their life end up on the same path as one another being they are of the same star sign? Nope!


    1. Twins??? How about 1/12 of the population!!! It is still fun to check out once in a while….Actually now that I think about it, there was a great show called, “Nature vs. Nurture where twins had been divided at birth. When they were reunited, it was freakin’ amazing how many similarities there were!


      1. Yes a bit of fun is how I see it, with the twins we all can look and find evidence for what we believe in, it’s cherry picking as our brains connect the dots, check out confirmation bias. Thanks for your reply and i respect your opinion, you sound like a positive person.


  4. Hi Susie,
    I can understand the world’s fascination with wanting to know the future but it’s actually a lot more than just “harmless fun”. I know because my mom was a “white witch” and did tarot cards, palm readings and crystal ball sessions with countless people before she became a Christian many years later and there were very dark forces at work in the different houses we lived in. I wrote about this on my blog and thought you might want to take a look at it. The reason I suggest this is only because I noticed that you mentioned that you believe in God and that you have had personal paranormal experiences. http://andyinoman.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/horoscopes-tarot-cards-more-than-just-harmless-entertainment/
    Just something for you to consider. God bless! 🙂


      1. Yes, we have some very scary experiences talking with spirits (which I now believe were demons) and the ouija board is like inviting them in. Spooky stuff indeed! Take care & congrats on being freshly pressed. You are SO good with getting back to all the commenters! 🙂


        1. Thanks again!
          I read A LOT of blogs and usually comment so I know how important it is to feel like you have been heard. Otherwise I feel like “one hand clapping,” or “testing, testing, is this mike on?” or “Helloooooooooooo is anybody home?”
          Give me another minute, I am sure I can think of some more analogies….Hahaha!


  5. Great read. I am also a Dog too 🙂 and frankly from what I’ve been told that the year of the Dragon is a ‘challenging’ year for us Dogs. Nonetheless, wag our tails, be happy and stay positive! 🙂


  6. I believe that horoscopes can be accurate some of the time, however I think it depends how one does it and interprets them. I wouldn’t say I believe full on horoscopes, but I keep an open mind and like to learn new things. I have not looked into much about Astrology and Horoscopes, but who knows I may do so one day. I have been to about 4 psychics, each experience was worth it. About 2 of the psychics were fantastic in my eyes, as they answered my questions or told me what I needed to hear, but didn’t want to hear. I am a believer in psychics and also have had my own experiences.


    1. I agree about the horoscopes. They can be pretty broad. Someone in the comments made a good point about how they are really about timing and not predictions….
      Going to a psychic can be pretty intense. I went once and that was enough for me to digest for a lifetime! Hahaha!
      Thank for coming to my blog to hang out for a while!


  7. The Chinese and the Indian horoscopes predict opposite things, eh? Naturally, given the way the two countries stand, profit for one would mean loss for the other. Makes sense? No? 😀 (I’m a non-believer btw)


  8. This is almost scary, I too am an Aries and I just started a blog due to my recent mood improvement and need to exchange ideas. I’ve also started working out again and concentrating more on my health again. I take it back, this IS scary– thanks for the post/links.


  9. Hi Susie,first up-nice post! might be a coincidence-just read one of the comments about how a fellow Arian has begun blogging recently. I am an Arian and I have just begun blogging myself -haha,blame it on the star sign! I am one of those people who like to believe all the positive things written and ignore all the negatives , take what I want to believe and leave the rest out..convenient huh?! 🙂 I remember reading on some astrology site about how I should be ready for someone special to walk into my life btw July-Sept this year,,I’m single so lets see..should be fun! 😉
    All the luck and happiness to you this year!


  10. Hello. I was trying to navigate wordpress when my eye caught a glimpse of my favorite science and subject;Astrology! I decided that I would see what you had to say about this subject as it is near and dear to my heart. I was expecting an Astrological analysis but was surprised to see that you were merely making a correlation between your life events and Astrolological prognostication. I enjoyed reading it nontheless.
    Reading the comments has compelled me to add my two cents. I hope that you do not mind.
    First, and foremost, I would like to state that Astrology is a valid Science and Art and takes years of studying to understand ( it has nothing to do with a system of “belief” ) as so many people…well, “believe”.
    This is a fundamental problem here on Earth as it blocks the pathways for understanding. Mainstream Astrological sites do not do this branch of Science any favors by touching on the superficial ( mainly physical ) aspects of a person’s/soul’s current life.
    Some of the commenters have implied that Astrology is a “dark force” but this is also incorrect and stems from a lack of understanding. My mother was a closet Astrologer and was extremely talented in reading the mathematics of Astrology and interpreting these factors, but, she was a damaged soul in need of spiritual and psychological help. Needless to say, in her present unevolved condition, she used this Science for her benefit as well as using it against others. Information ( which is what Astrology provides ) can be used against another if it is the desire and intention of the soul.
    I could go into depth and detail about the veracity and relevancy of an Astrological reading but I do not want to bore you.
    If you would like to understand Astrology…and perhaps help others to understand this Science as well I would be happy to volunteer my time and service. Using Astrology is profoundly life altering and could cause immense healing and growth.
    Thanks for mentioning this subject . Every opportunity to open the hearts and minds of mankind is an evolutionary leap!
    Jamie S


    1. i enjoy reading this peace about how future is predicted. The parallel message between two elements was used in a good way the explain.


    2. Thank you so much for the input. I have found the wide array of comments really fascinating. I too am glad that I wrote this since it opened up such an interesting discussion!
      Thank you!


  11. Thanks for this post! I usually don’t pay attention to horoscope and whatnot, but today you reminded me to look at it! I’m an Aries and a Goat and I like how both fortunes are similar to each other. Thanks for sharing those links, I really never would have bothered to check.

    Here’s to a good year for us Arians!


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