Just Another Day – 100 Word Flash Fiction

He felt as if he’d been frozen in time.


“I’ve always had feelings for you Alfred, but…” Sophie pulled her soft hand from his. Her long blue skirt swished as she turned and strode away.

He stood from bended knee and bolted out of the Victorian homestead, then sprinted to the tracks.

There was nothing left for him now.  Alfred heard the rumble of an approaching train. He stepped onto the wooden platform as snowflakes fell in silent flurries soaking the shoulders of his gray wool coat.


“Dude! Do you feel that cold spot? It’s about a hundred degrees today!”


Have you ever felt an unexplained cold spot?

Have you ever gotten a vibe from a place you visited?


When I found this video two weeks ago  it had 34,000 views. Now it has over 37,000,000!

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87 thoughts on “Just Another Day – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. Oh I felt so bad for him. Did he just get rejected after he proposed to her? Great story! I loved the imagery you gave us, too.

    I have felt cold spots before and they always give me pause.

    And, I loved that music video.


  2. Absolutely! A long time ago I had taken a new job managing a property (there was an apartment attached to the office). As soon as I walked into that apartment I could feel a vibe. A couple days later I determined it had to be a bad vibe. I was restless. I couldnt get comfortable to save my life. I had nightmares constantly. Turns out that one of the previous women working there was raped. 😦 Ugh. How horrible. I didn’t stay there long. I couldnt handle the feeling because it was so intense. *sigh*


  3. It was a hot day in Boston when my friends and I felt a cool breeze coming from the side of a building. As we all fought for the sweet air, some guys walked by and hit on us. We all had a good laugh.


  4. It’s not the first time I stumble upon this story, but it was a pleasure to read as before. It’s like every word in it finds the perfect spot and builds the scene, it’s just right, and impressive.
    Thank you.


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