An Evening Swim – 100 Word Flash Fiction

swamp New OrleansShe dipped her toe into the placid lake, then stepped in and submerged herself. Her body slid through the water like oil. The cold penetrated her bones the farther out she swam. Storm clouds gathered overhead and rain began to patter. She turned around while slicing through the tranquil surface. Her stomach rumbled. Something moved along the edge of the forest. She sunk back down into the lake and waited.

She lunged at the unsuspecting creature and snapped. After thrashing for a short time, it went limp. As the water turned crimson, she seemed to smile with a toothy grin.


Can you guess which animal took the evening swim?

Have you ever been afraid to go into the water?


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89 thoughts on “An Evening Swim – 100 Word Flash Fiction

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  1. That’s a great piece of flash fiction, Susie. Alligator or crock? I saw Jaws when it first came out, and it really spooked me! Still does!


    1. Thank you so much Lynn! Take your pick.
      I got a huge bruise on my leg from kicking the seat ahead of me when I saw Jaws in the theater. Hahaha! The guy ahead of me wasn’t too happy….


    1. Oh that is so nice of you to say Words! I appreciate that. I love writing these since I never know how they are going to end until the last sentence just pops into my head!
      Thank you for coming by to read.


  2. I would be reluctant to venture into uncharted waters. Thanks for using “she” to narrate the creature. 🙂 “As the water turned crimson, she seemed to smile with a toothy grin.” Like that. I guess another shade of beauty, I am sure August will appreciate that too!


  3. I guessed wrong…didn’t think Croc, as the cypress knee swamp picture you posted looks like my back yard…or very close proximity, anyway, and we have gators round here.
    Bless You


    1. Either one is right! I wasn’t specific in my mind when I wrote it and I found the photo afterward. If you would have guessed little bunny, then I would have to say, “WRONG!” Hahaha!


      1. We’re…. Okay, I have this term ‘crack song’, which is a song that, as soon as you have listened to it, you want to listen to it again. This is a crack song.

        Not to take anything from your writing! That is good too. Better than Stephen King! Even if that’s not remotely an appropriate comparison!


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