Slipped Away – 125 Word Flash Fiction

What began as a random thought soon became an obsession. Even the under-painting of the affair seemed like more than Christine could bear. She allowed her soul to suck into the madness of it knowing that she lost a little bit of herself with every indulgence.

She dipped a large brush into the crimson paint. The frenzied strokes seemed to heighten her vision. Expressing it on canvas satisfied her hunger. She felt her body tingle.


No one had seen her. The detective entered the empty studio. A large painting rested on an easel. It depicted a lifelike self-portrait of Christine gazing out with lustful eyes while reclining naked on red satin sheets alongside another lover. As he stepped closer, his fiancée turned her head away.


Have you ever seen a painting that you wanted to jump right into?


Photo by Susie Lindau

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  1. I enjoyed your mysterious story–you packed a lot of clues very succinctly into the number count. It reminded me of the “Picture of Dorian Gray” movie——–somewhat. 🙂


    1. Thanks Doug!
      This one was a riddle and the key words were “empty room”, “fiancee” and the ultimate heart wrencher, (once she was literally inside the painting), “turned her head away…”


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