Wild Hair Wednesday – The Truth in False Advertising

When does providing false information cross the line from slight exaggeration to an outright lie? Before heading to the mountains, I check out the snow totals from the ski resorts. Sometimes the differences are negligible and other times it is like a huge storm just squatted on one ski area for the day leaving all the others high and dry. Rumors swirl like snowflakes and soon, through word of mouth, the inches of snow can pile up to feet.

Last weekend, I heard a lot of buzz about one ski resort retracting their snow totals after it was reported they received a mere 4 inches instead of the 22 inches in 2 days. Could it be that a ski patrol took the measurement in a snow drift?

This snafu got me thinking about what else is greatly exaggerated.

● Job Resumes. I often wonder with the economy being in the toilet and so many out of work how many new employees have found themselves the hot seat. “Well I did say that I knew how to build a website. How hard can it be? What is HTML? I have no idea what all those little letters stand for. It’s like another language.”

● Boobalicious Bras and Swimsuits. Talk about false advertising! Okay, I sucked into this one. I bought a swimsuit from a Victoria’s Secret catalog knowing that their bras have always fit me well. After I received the suit in the mail, the cups were so padded I started laughing. When I put it on, my cleavage was enormous. I wore it once and was afraid the rumor mill would start about a boob job I did NOT get, so I never wore it in public again. Since then, I have only brought out “boobalicious” to wear in the hot tub on my husband’s birthday.

Movies. Have you ever watched a movie trailer 6 months before it came out and it is already critically acclaimed? What critics? Their  Moms and Aunt Ednas? And how much were they paid?

New and Improved Anything. When was the last time you went to the store to buy your favorite product only to find that they had completely changed the formula, destroying it in the process? I recently bought my favorite skin cream and discovered that the company must have replaced it with paint stripper because afterward, it felt like 6 of my 7 skin layers had been removed.


Zero Cholesterol. A couple of years ago, the FDA changed the regulations to allow small amounts of cholesterol and trans fats to be classified as zero. Packages were redesigned to include their reduced their serving sizes so they could say that their product was cholesterol free!

Gas Mileage. If you have ever been sold a bill of goods this is it. Whatever the miles per gallon your car manufacturer promises will only be attained by going downhill for two hours with the wind at your vehicle’s back.

Commercials.  A very long time ago, commercials had to include disclaimers for anything their product couldn’t do, but that was back when food didn’t have to be food. Advertisers shellacked ham and used white glue for milk. Not anymore my friends. Now all of the food is real, but they would have you believe that if you drink Crystal Light, you can single-handedly take down the muggers that steal your purse. Or your neighbors will be jealous if you crack a window when you fry Farmland bacon. Okay, maybe they will be, but don’t get me started on miracle skin creams. Yes, snake oil is still being sold today.

Weather. When was the last time the forecaster in your area got the prediction dead on from a couple of days out? I would say about 50% of the time which would be the same as flipping a coin. I always wanted to keep track of the 5 to 7 day forecast just to prove it. My daughter took a meteorology class and the professor said no super Doppler anything can predict Mother Nature more than 24 hours in advance. I just look out the window.

Hey, it’s snowing again, but I don’t remember the forecaster predicting any precipitation today. I wonder how much the ski resorts are getting?

Where have you seen false advertising?

Have you falsely advertised or exaggerated something?

Click on Victoria’s Secret model for link to catalog

Nutrition label by Wikimedia

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  1. Love the swim suit statement…. Guess I need to get me a bobbalicious bathing suit to bring out on my hubbys bday too….:D


      1. Yeah I’m gonna take a look and see about ordering one 😀 And as for the re-blog… you write some really fantastic stuff so of course I just HAD to share this.


  2. *whispering in your ear* They tell us what we want to hear. We don’t want to hear about how racism still exists or how the economy is in the tank. And we can’t talk about religion or politics. So we get skin creams. Awesome post. I don’t believe anything I see or read. Seriously. Except for blogs. 😉


    1. So true! I have been sucked into so many products that I believed would be “The One,” only to find that they were horrible. I have 2 organic tub and tile cleaners that I swear are filled with perfumed water!


  3. Your comment about the weather made me laugh. Here in Toronto, we don’t get a lot of snow. Last year a huge storm was found to be heading our way. Networks had ‘Stormagedden” news reports running around the clock. Schools sent home information about closures. Kids were sooooo excited. Well, the day came. There was no storm. No one knew what to do. I’m assuming that so much work went into planning for the school closure that they decided to close them anyways. My kids had their first snow day ever. Too bad there wasn’t any actual snow to play in.


  4. What a wonderful post but then every post of yours is so interesting 🙂
    ..can’t agree with you more on every point you mentioned…marketing gimmicks nothing else…
    i see them everyday every where on bilboards,Television,newspapers
    from advertisments about house to a bag of chips


  5. Our news reporters are notorious for getting the weather wrong. I think I want boobalicious swimsuit, though! That would be so nice to have the girls up where they belong instead of partying with my belly button.


    1. I agree Jared! That is so true! Meteorologists rely so much on the super Doppler 60,000 that it seems like they don’t use their own expertise. My daughter was taught that there are many factors to include in making predictions especially here where the storms just swirl around in the mountains.


  6. Fun post! We’re of the same mind. I have a similar themed post in the works. 🙂 Loved the Boobalicious suit and especially Tameri’s comment. haha!

    We must be lucky because our forecasters are almost always smack on. In fact, down to the hour it should rain or whatever. Maybe only in Texas!


    1. We must have the hardest weather to predict because the wind changes constantly and the storms can stall out or dry up as they hit the front range. We are always hoping for big storms in the mountains whereas the meteorologists are hoping for them down here! They get to interrupt all the shows on TV to give us the latest reports…
      Thanks Ginger!


  7. Fantastic post Susie. LOL! I’ve totally been duped before…I am a total sucker for infomercials etc so it’s my own fault really. I get a real kick watching some commercials that makes such outlandish claims. The insanity of it…one can only laugh!


  8. It’s everywhere – you’re right. I’m trying to eat an organic and gluten-free diet and labels always throw me for a ringer, you have to read EVERYTHING. It can get pretty confusing… 🙂


  9. Such a cynic (but true.) Of course, I could use the padding, sigh. 😉

    We’ve got snow coming, the first significant snowfall since Halloween eve, which is crazy with spring in sight. Such a far cry from the 120 inches of four years ago. And to make it worse, for three weeks my mother has predicted a 1 March snowstorm. I was feeling pretty smug nine days ago, what with predictions of partly cloudy on 1 March. Grrrrrr, now I have to listen to her gloat.

    …what, you don’t believe every Oil of… product visibly improves your skin in five days? If only.


  10. Oh this is so great Susie. I have had this in the back of my mind to write something like this (minus the swimsuit for me- male) but You have pretty much covered it. Now you could follow up with a request for additional comments and have folks add their particular pet BS- i mean Great Advertising Expectations.!
    All you ladies talking about the swimsuit so much makes me kind of anxious for my wife to get home – (OH HE DIDN’T SAY THAT DID HE?) ” so I can show her the post– that’s all I meant!”


    1. Hahaha! Help yourself to the link! I am going to notify VS to let them know that I have made a lot of sales for them today. I actually have gotten a hold of them with another post I wrote called, “Do You Believe in VS Angels?”


  11. I’m afraid I can add LOTS to your false advertising in commercials and print ads, Susie… If you could see what they do to make models’ clothing look and seem perfect, you’d be amazed. Or relieved or horrified, depending on how you look at it. 😉

    A few tidbits: Most hair models wear wigs—I’ve been one and trust me, my hair isn’t anywhere near as thick, long or glossy as the pics. Many of the guys’ abs in photos are enhanced with make up, and their…um, manhood? In at least one shoot I was in, the guy stuffed his. As for boobage, three words: padding, pushing and tape. (OUCH, but true!)


  12. Well said, Susie! I am embarrassed to admit I’m a sucker for false advertising when it comes to new and improved skin creams that promise a face-lift and ten years of wrinkle vanishing… I keep thinking that science has to have discovered a youth serum by now and buy the latest. I think I could put coconut oil on my skin and be the healthier for it!


  13. Great post Susie. Anything that seems too good to be true I’m immediately suspicious of and cvs, we’ll my sister is great at embellishing, I wouldn’t dare, but she had to work so hard in the job to live up to it. Doing really well now though, sometimes it pays off.


    1. I will never get new boobs! It is like the Sneeches with the star-on machine…
      I think the whole cleavage look is really toned down this year anyway. The only one I noticed that was falling out of her dress this year at the Oscars was J-Lo. Was she advertising her new single status????


  14. I feel myself inexorably drawn to those Shopping Channel items “pure diamante”, “steam cleaned precision” and of course “use this blow up spoon for just five minutes a day and you will have a stomach like a God.” I can’t help myself and forget about the costs of post and packaging. Loved it!


  15. Science is constantly coming out with products that will take 40 pounds off my waistline. No, wait a minute – that was everyone else’s waistline. They never work for me. I’m sure it’s just me – they wouldn’t lie.


  16. I’m laughing at Tameri’s comment. I have a suit like that I’m always afraid they might decide to make a sudden appearance. LOL I can attest to everything August said, too. It’s all fake.


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