Wild Hair Wednesday – My Most Mortifying Moments, Just for You!

I decided to share my most embarrassing moments. They are guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself. We have all had those times when our cheeks burned and we wanted to use an invisibility cloak or move to another country. If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know that I have no shame.  I have the ability to laugh at myself and see the humor in many awkward situations…..a few days later.

Here are some of mine in no particular order:

The time when I took a shower while my house was being remodeled. After stepping out, I began rubbing lotion on my naked body. Then I realized that a painter perched on a ladder was touching up the trim right outside my curtainless window.

The time when I skied the moguls under a chairlift. As my knees pumped up and down while navigating a mine field of bumps, I felt a sudden looseness and a draft. My ski pants had dropped down to my knees. I wear a belt now…

The time when my boss (back when I worked retail a million years ago) retracted my commission because I made too much money in her opinion. I said, “But Mom!”

The time when I first babysat at a neighbor’s house. I was too young and had a vivid imagination. I thought a burglar had broken in, so I ran up the street to my house and my parents called 911. Did I mention that I left the kids alone?

The time when I was late in picking up my five-year-old daughter from ballet.  I sped down the road in my car until some idiot walked right out into the middle of the street. I waved my arms and yelled, “Move out of the way!” and then realized it was a cop with a radar gun. I was driving 22 MPH over the speed limit.

The time when I decided to go skinny dipping. A bunch of fraternity boys found out, walked onto the pier and took my clothes.

The time when I was walked in on by a window repair man while reclining in the guest bedroom. I had pulled a muscle on the inside of my thigh and was massaging it while talking to my mother on the phone. He may have thought I was massaging something else. He gasped and ran out of the room. He couldn’t get out of the house fast enough and never came back.

The time when I finally got my nerve up to ask a guy out in college. I never did it again since he told everyone. He was still talking about it when he ended up being my brother-in-law’s best friend and ran the video at our wedding and every time we have seen him since. By the way, he said, “No.”

Don’t you feel so much better about your own embarrassing moments? I know. Your welcome. 

Do you have an embarrassing moment you would share?

Do you feel mortified afterward or can you laugh about it?

I double dog dare you to make your own list and blog it…

84 thoughts on “Wild Hair Wednesday – My Most Mortifying Moments, Just for You!

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  1. OMG! You really are crazy, Susie. You know that? I would have taken some of these stories to my grave. *laughs* Not you! You’ve got to be one of the bravest I know. I can’t believe the paranormal-like events that happen to you.

    When I have that glass of wine after dinner tonight, I’m raising it high in your honor. 😉



    1. Thanks Jimmy! I do have the adventurous streak! Hahaha!
      We still have a “banger” in the house. “It” hits ceilings, dressers, and walls. I haven’t seen anything for a couple of weeks which means I am sleeping very well!


    1. I don’t know what I was thinking except “Save yourself!!!!!!!” I never read anymore scary mystery stories while babysitting. I am amazed anyone hired me after that.
      Thanks Leanne!


  2. OMG Susie they are so damn funny..can’t stop laughing..I must tell you i am a strong contender fot the tittle
    Once on the way to a shop me and my hubby were engaged deep in conversation about the amount of money we were going to spend on buying gifts for some of our friends and we were still talking when we entered the shop..the shop keeper asked what we wanted and i said do you have money 😮
    oh only you had seen the expressions on the face of people around


  3. I am just appalled… LOL
    Actually, I can’t even think of any of my embarrassing moments right off the top of my head…Hmmm, Do you think they could have been so bad I’ve repressed them all? Probably…


  4. Oh man, I love this! I’m ALWAYS trying to bring out the shamelessness in other bloggers, and people are usually so shy!

    The window repairman and cop/ballet ones really made me laugh!

    I have so many of these. Everything from getting stuck in a ditch while skiing, to toilet paper on the shoe, to being fake-asked to dance at a middle school dance… Also, I think I like to write so much because my mouth is closed, keeping me from putting my foot in it.


    1. So true and we can edit ourselves before sending our comments! Hahaha! I didn’t even go into the foot in mouth disease embarrassments.. The list would have been too long!
      Yours are funny too! You just gotta laugh!
      Thanks for stopping by Jules!


    1. I would LOVE that!
      I guess I do have a thing! I don’t know if you read my story about getting my zipper stuck, but that didn’t even embarrass me and I couldn’t include it! Hahaha!
      Thanks Renee!


  5. sharing my writing with others. it has been very scary. it getting easier and almost fun. I have also taken your advise: i am beginning a novel this week. Thank you so much for the support.


  6. I love all of these. And yes, I can share a very embarrassing moment since it would only be fair.
    Back when I was married, I used to borrow my wife’s lip gloss. It might have been Maybelline, I don’t remember. It was clear lip gloss, and it always worked for my chapped lips.
    Until the time a repairman came over to fix our washing machine, that is. From the time he arrived until he left, he was giving me these looks as if I was a complete lunatic. Only after he left did I realize I had put on ORANGE lip gloss.
    Needless to say, I told my wife we had to move.


    1. That is so funny! Hahaha!
      I swear one of our newscasters was wearing lipstick for a while or maybe he was making out right before he went on camera. It did match the meteorologist’s shade perfectly! Thanks for reading and laughing with me! Dang repairmen…


  7. About 20 years ago I was walking past a playground where children were playing. Someone hit a ball into the street. I ordered everyone to “stay put” for I, the responsible adult, would retrieve the ball for them. As they waited and watched, I stepped into the street, bent down to pick up the ball and narrowly avoided getting hit by a car right in front of them.


  8. These are hilarious. My favorite is the window repair man that walked in on you. I bet he couldn’t wait to tell his friends what he “saw”.
    I have lots & lots of embarrassing moments. I just might have to take you up on the blogging challenge. 🙂


    1. It is a lot of fun to think about them again and more of them keep happening! I guess it’s a part of being human. or Susie Lindau. Hahaha!
      Thanks so much Kaivasworld!


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